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A Great Read About Star Wars/Disney Deal
By: Richard Harrington on Mar 17, 2013 at 6:18:28 am

For a great article about the business behind the Star Wars/Disney deal take a look at the video and article from Bloomberg. An inspired read for those working in the creative fields and interested in the value of intellectual property. At first Lucas wouldn t even turn over his rough sketches of the next three Star Wars films. When Disney executives asked to see them, he assured them they would be great and said they should just trust him. Ultimately you have to say, Look, I know what I m doing. Buying my stories is part of what the deal...


Cloud Computing Confusion
By: Richard Harrington on Sep 1, 2012 at 8:57:00 pm

A new survey by Citrix find that most folks have little to no understanding of cloud computing . For those reading, the cloud in this case refers to a network that allows for data to be accessed from a variety of devices. Here are some highlights of the survey. 95% of those who think they re not using the cloud, actually are 3 in 5 (59%) believe the workplace of the future will exist entirely in the cloud 40% believe accessing work information at home in their birthday suit would be an advantage More than 1/3 agree that the cloud...


Getting the InBox Under Control
By: Richard Harrington on Aug 22, 2012 at 5:16:09 pm

Missed messages, slow responses, lack of courtesy. All of these lead to a loss of business and a hit on our professionalism. But the deluge of email is overwhelming and keeping up on it (plus all the social media messages) seems like a full-time job. Here s a few tricks I use to keep things manageable. Make Rules Your email application should have a function called rules. You can now have messages flagged, colored, bolded etc. Add your best clients and existing business to a rule and make sure you see it. While you re at it make a rule...


Progress Billing for Creative Projects
By: Richard Harrington on Feb 22, 2012 at 8:15:18 pm

Image by iStockphoto Save 10% Billing is one of those subjects that can often be an uncomfortable conversation. While you may not be comfortable talking about money, your client will be a lot happier if there are clear expectations that define the business terms. Every video or photo project should be split into progress payments. The benefits of progress payments are many. First, it gives your client confidence that you have motivation to complete the work and show progress. Second, by splitting the financial payments across progress you ensure protection for your financial security. Typically, I recommend the use up...


Know Your Oponent
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 5, 2011 at 9:15:00 pm

There are several reasons you might not be paid by a client (and most have little to do with a dissatisfied client, aggressive behavior, or conspiracy). Here are a few practical strategies I employ at my office. Use s systems of deposits . We will bill incrementally for work. An initial deposit, another if substantial pre-production is required. A bill upon initiation of shooting. Another after post-production. By spreading out your payments, you aren t serving as a bank to your client. You can also catch a flaky client before you ve handed over assets and lost power. Take credit...


Interview with Editor Eric Brodeur
By: Glen Montgomery on Oct 12, 2011 at 9:39:50 am

The Human in the Machine is a continuing series of interviews with industry professionals focused on the relational aspects of the editorial process. Blog pages and bookshelves everywhere are flooded with technical information on the craft of editing, but there seems to be little out there on the human side of it all. Even though much of our work is technical based, what is at the heart of it all is spending 10-15 hours a day locked in a room, usually with other people, creating stuff. What makes those other people come back to your edit suite instead of walking...


Interview with Editor Agustin Rexach
By: Glen Montgomery on Aug 8, 2011 at 8:51:03 am

The Human in the Machine is a continuing series of interviews with industry professionals focused on the relational aspects of the editorial process. Blog pages and bookshelves everywhere are flooded with technical information on the craft of editing, but there seems to be little out there on the human side of it all. Even though much of our work is technical based, what is at the heart of it all is spending 10-15 hours a day locked in a room, usually with other people, creating stuff. What makes those other people come back to your edit suite instead of walking...


This American Land Interview with Co-Host Caroline Raville
By: walter biscardi on Jun 4, 2011 at 5:02:13 am

A new behind the scene interview has been posted on the website for the new PBS series, This American Land, being cut at Biscardi Creative Media. This time with Co-Host Caroline Raville. An 8th grade teacher for Gwinnett County Georgia Schools, she's making her national television Interview with Caroline Raville...

Final Cut Pro

This American Land Interview with Exec. Producer Gary Strieker
By: walter biscardi on Jun 4, 2011 at 5:00:26 am

A new behind the scene interview has been posted on the website for the new PBS series, This American Land , being cut at Biscardi Creative Media. This time with Executive Producer, Gary Strieker, a longtime CNN correspondent / bureau chief. Gary and Walter Biscardi, Jr. have been working together for many years now on environmental and global health projects. Interview with Gary Strieker...

Final Cut Pro

Comfort Zones and Other Musings
By: Mike Cohen on May 3, 2011 at 5:43:23 pm

Make a list of what you do well, what you could do better and what you need to learn how to do from scratch. Do what you do well and keep doing it. Find something you need to get better at and do more of it. Do things that are outside your comfort zone - at first you will struggle, but then you will become better and better and eventually be willing to take on tasks that you used to avoid. Divide and Conquer. To do lists are daunting. Write things on a white board or back of an envelope,...


Scope Creep
By: Mike Cohen on Apr 15, 2011 at 9:30:02 am

I am not referring to the weird neighbor who stands in his front yard on starry nights looking at constellations, but scope creep can be just as much trouble! When starting a project, be it a 30 second spot, a promo video, a long-form video or a multimedia program, one must set out some expectations with the client, as well as define the limits of the project. Let's look at some examples: 30 second spot A common theme on the Business and Marketing Forum is "how much do I charge for X?" Obviously, one must not only define what "X"...


Completing and Beginning
By: Mike Cohen on Mar 25, 2011 at 4:22:22 pm

This week just finished is the week before a big medical convention. In fact, we built and launched a web-based meeting guide, complete with mobile versions: Attendees will have access to the meeting agenda, maps and abstracts and posters for the hundreds of presentations. Another project in the hopper is a textbook on cancer surgery with accompanying videos. We have shot about 100 hours of video so far. This week the author was in the office to review the initial edits and give some direction. We'll be aiming for 10-15 minutes for each procedure with narration and illustrations down...


The Importance of Making a Budget
By: Mike Cohen on Feb 10, 2011 at 8:10:52 pm

Budgets are important not only when bidding on a project but also for creating your own self-funded work. In fact, more so. When a client or prospect asks for a proposal, one of the first things to do once you know the scope, is to make an estimated budget. Some clients want line items while others want a total figure with more detail only if they ask for it. So you calculate your labor, your materials, your overhead and the amount of profit you want to make. Of course you don't give the client this breakdown - these numbers are...


Essential Questions to Ask at the Beginning of a Project
By: Richard Harrington on Jan 31, 2011 at 11:05:00 pm

Through the years, we ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way. While every project is unique, it often seems that the problems remain the same. Here are a few questions we always encourage asking at the start of any video project: Who is our customer? Projects often have many parties involved. Be sure that you know who you re responsible to keep happy. What is the purpose? You need to know what the video is trying to accomplish. How will we measure success? Determine which factors will be used to judge the success of the project. What do...


Don't Miss the ASMP Strictly Business Conference
By: Richard Harrington on Jan 26, 2011 at 10:52:00 pm

I'm speaking at ASMP's Strictly Business Conference. There are two stops left for this great show on business for photographers. REGISTER HERE FOR PHILADELPHIA or CHICAGO The American Society of Media Photographers invites you to the Strictly Business 3 Conferences, the newest generation of this highly acclaimed series. FULL CONFERENCE DETAILS Your registration includes 4 meals, 2 receptions, 2 keynote presentations, 6 workshops and bonus evening sessions. This packed schedule will inspire you and direct your career! When and Where February 25-27 in Philadelphia April 1-3 in Chicago Don't Miss the ASMP Strictly Business Conference Republished by Richard Harrington...


Progress Payments – Get Paid for Creative Work
By: Richard Harrington on Jan 14, 2011 at 3:40:00 pm

I wanted to just share a thought with those of you who are doing creative work for hire. Make sure you are getting progress payments along the way. The last time we hit an economic rough patch (back in 2001) I remember getting stiffed by a client who went bankrupt. This client of course had paid their bills consistently for 2 years... but then the doors closed and I was out nearly $5,000. Let's just say... lesson learned. The basic tenet is progressive billing. Make sure you are invoicing the client throughout the life of a project. This way you...


Writing Proposals
By: Mike Cohen on Nov 1, 2010 at 6:19:03 pm

There have been numerous threads on the Business and Marketing Forum about how to write a good proposal. Do you do a treatment, a storyboard, use a cover sheet, a spiral binding, or simply make it a one-pager? The answer is YES! Do what the client needs or expects to see. If this is a new client, or soon to be new client, put your best foot forward, but within the scope they have specified. If the prospect has given you an RFP - request for proposal - you may have all the details you need. If this is a...


Multi-cam Shooting - Bad Choices
By: David Roth Weiss on Oct 14, 2010 at 9:15:45 pm

I've often advised producers on both the FCP Forum and the Indie Film and Documentary Forum that shooting mismatched cameras in multi-cam situations, just because you have access to one or more cameras for free, does not save money at all. Post typically eats up 60% of a budget as compared to production's 40%, so fixing things in post typically costs considerably more, and it usually leads to something else getting chopped from the project. I'm now on my second day fixing just such a situation, and I'm not happy. I've spent two days transcoding material just to setup a...


Sales, Marketing, Networking and Audiovisual Support - A Winning Combination - Now with Video!
By: Mike Cohen on Oct 4, 2010 at 7:31:30 pm

A lot of what goes on around this website has to do with media production. However, to do media production you need one of two things - work coming in to fund the media production, or back end funds coming in in exchange for the produced media. We do both. This week we are attending a major surgical meeting - a gathering of 5,000 surgeons and a like number from industry. We do work for numerous companies, as well as for the meeting itself, as discussed in my previous entry, Just in Time Delivery. We have 4 new textbooks making...


Creative COW Magazine: It'll be five years, come December 19th
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Sep 30, 2010 at 8:00:29 am

It seems like only yesterday but on December 19th it will be five years since we first officially and publicly announced our plans to launch Creative COW Magazine. Five years already? Time flies. At the time, it was an insane gamble but the last five years have proven it to be a risk worth taking. When I first came up with the idea for Creative COW Magazine, Creative COW was struggling and barely making it month to month. I was handling much of the site design and maintenance, was our only salesman, and added to these duties were a myriad...


Trade Shows Revisited
By: Mike Cohen on Sep 27, 2010 at 3:19:26 pm

Most talk of trade shows on the COW is related to NAB, CineExpo, IBC and the like - trade shows for our trade - media production tools and techniques. Attending these shows helps media professionals do their jobs better and offer their clients excellent services. I am in a unique position at Cine-Med, in that I occasionally attend such an industry trade show. However I regularly attend trade shows in the industry in which Cine-Med does business - healthcare. You see, we do work for clients in the medical industry. There is not better place to network with current and...

trade show

Meeting Invitations via Apple Mail
By: Richard Harrington on Sep 27, 2010 at 6:46:00 am

If you re using Apple iCal, you can easily invite people to attend an event. Your Mac can tie together iCal, Mac OS X Mail, and your Address Book for a cohesive event invitation system. Guests can receive invitations via email or right inside of iCal. Set up a card for yourself in Address Book (in your Applications folder). Launch Address Book and click the Add (+) button. Enter your business contact information (including email address), and then choose Card > Make This My Card. 2 Switch back to iCal and create a new event or double-click an existing event....


Playing Fair in the Video Business in the Video Industry
By: Richard Harrington on Sep 20, 2010 at 8:26:00 pm

The world of video is going through a revolution when it comes to pricing. When I started my career, tape decks were more expensive than cars and a complete editing system cost more than my townhouse. Oh how the world has changed. The video industry is experiencing a race to the bottom. Gear keeps getting cheaper, which is a good thing in many ways. The problem lies in the cost barrier. Just as you ve been frustrated by every schmo who buys a DSLR thinking he or she is a pro photographer, so have video professionals felt about photographers thinking...


It's 1AM - do you know where your clients are?
By: Mike Cohen on Sep 8, 2010 at 7:00:20 pm

It's 1AM - do you know where your clients are? Hopefully in bed dreaming of the latest hernia surgery DVD - but what if the client is: A) On the opposite coast and it is only 10pm. B) In Europe or China and it is...well...some time in the near future. C) In a crisis I. Crisis = Something that is a matter of life and death II. Crisis = Someone has lost their USB thumb drive and has a 7am presentation III. Crisis = Something in between I & II. D) Working on the same project as you and assumes...


Doing What's Right for Clients - A Business Lesson
By: walter biscardi on Sep 2, 2010 at 5:46:51 am

If you have followed my career at all and especially my business articles and postings on the Creative Cow Business and Marketing Forum you know that I preach that you always have to do what's right for the client. In today's economy, this is more important than ever, even if it hurts the bottom line for a job or two. A few days ago I posted how I had to scramble to order a new DVD Burner for a quick turnaround of 400 DVDs to be delivered in just 7 days across the country in Arizona. This all happened because...


Biscardi Creative Media new facility announced
By: walter biscardi on Jul 19, 2010 at 6:37:57 am

Thanks to our friends from the Gwinnett Chamber for this press release. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT Lisa Sherman, Marketing & Public Relations Director Economic Development Department Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Phone: 678-584-2267 Digital Media Firm Expands in Metro Atlanta Biscardi Creative to open new 6,000 sq-ft office in Gwinnett Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Georgia (July 1, 2010) – In partnership with Gwinnett Chamber economic development, Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) recently announced it will break ground on its new state-of-the-art-media-ready facility. After almost 20 years in the business, the company is expanding to a brand new 6,000 square foot facility...

Biscardi creative media

Musical Cameras
By: Mike Cohen on Jun 16, 2010 at 8:51:43 pm

No Steve Jobs, this is not some new gadget you can sell us, just a play on words. Sometimes we have almost had to keep a separate calendar to keep track of who has which gear and when. For example, we recently had 6 shoots in about 10 days. A shoot that is out of state, which many are, means that a camera and associated kit will leave the office at 5pm and not return until approximately 10am 2-3 days later(a person goes too). Multiply this scenario by two kits and three people and you had better make sure you...


Making Spam Work For You
By: David Braswell on Mar 4, 2010 at 8:31:03 pm

It's not that I don't appreciate flatbed hauling professionals or the transportation industry in general. But a recent unsolicited email offering these services came from a company five states away! Isn't the "impulse buy" one of spam's bigger selling points? I suppose this strategy was part of their company's market diversity efforts. I don't blame businesses for reaching out to potential new customers. This economy has adversely affected many of us. With the end goal of turning potential clients into profitable clients, I've rolled out a new initiative. Dubbed SpamBack(TM), implementation is elementary. With select spam messages (the "medical" stuff...


What a year it's been...another record breaker for Creative COW
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Dec 15, 2009 at 10:07:29 am

Last year, around this time, we posted that in late November of 2008, the COW passed the Google Analytics ONE MILLION unique visitors a month marker. This year, as we wind down to year's end, we have passed the Google Analytics 2.2 MILLION unique visitors a month threshold. In fact, Q3 of 2009 sustained growth that saw the COW growing by adding another 100,000 visitors every 10 days or so. Against this backdrop, the other day I read a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that said: " First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then...


The greatest book you will read all year -- or next
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Nov 16, 2009 at 8:21:31 am

Those of you who read some of my posts may have bumped into my enthusiasm for Philip Kotler's " Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence ." If I had to pick the single most important business book that I read during all of 2008 (when I started it) or 2009 (when I finished it), it would be Chaotics. To be honest, people that read this book don't really finish it, they keep referring back to ideas and bits of it -- flashing through its pages so as to rekindle points raised within the book....


A lesson in Poor Customer Service (aka Charter Communications)
By: walter biscardi on Nov 10, 2009 at 5:11:11 am

So here in this section of the Atlanta area, our cable provider is Charter Communications. About 4 months ago we dropped their TV service that we’ve had since about 1998 because their HD picture left a lot to be desired. Specifically, we had about 12 HD channels and of those, only 2 were sharp on any given day. The others were a mess of very obvious compression artifacts. And at one point we had Charter install what was supposedly an HD DVR but it was obviously some really REALLY bad analog DVR that did some horrible upscaling of SD material...


By popular demand: Creative COW Magazine print edition available worldwide
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Oct 31, 2009 at 10:40:10 am

Since the introduction of Creative COW Magazine back in early 2006, we have been asked repeatedly to make the print edition available to our friends and members around the world. Unfortunately, we were not set-up to accommodate international mailings and we had no way to bill them and maintain the record keeping -- well, unless our small team wanted to work around the clock! ;o) But recently we have added the means to allow our friends worldwide to receive the print edition and we are delighted that the response has been beyond our expectations, with orders arriving quite regularly. It...

creative cow magazine

Back in the Saddle
By: Mike Cohen on Oct 19, 2009 at 6:00:18 pm

After a week of travel, which was more like 3 weeks due to the preparation and focus on nothing but the end goal, it is like returning from a long journey. Amazingly, the voicemail was empty and there were no packages piled on my chair. Why? Because nearly everyone I work with on a regular basis was in the same place as I was, many of them at the same hotel. So it was like I was at a high school reunion, assuming that I was part of a class that took 20 years to graduate. So here I am...


Do What you Do Best
By: Mike Cohen on Oct 13, 2009 at 5:19:27 am

In other words, don't try to be something you're not. We all want to grow, and we creative professionals should always be learning new things: skills and practices. It is the practices that I will focus on in this entry. First skills. There is an abundance on the web and in the real world of opportunities to get new skills. Training classes for Final Cut, graphic design, using the RED camera or whatever. I get the Maine Workshops catalog every year listing everything from an intro to lighting week course to a 6 month live in sabbatical where you write...


The Other Mike Cohen
By: Mike Cohen on Sep 14, 2009 at 1:53:31 pm

In other words, this is a blog where I talk about nothing to do with Media Production or Project Management. But maybe there are still some business and/or creative lessons to be inferred from what I do to unwind... You see, a few weeks ago, my wife reminded me that I had not taken a vacation yet in 2009. So I did what all husbands should do..I listened to my wife and took the week off. Business lesson 1: Listen to those you care about, as they likely care about you too. I set out an ambitious agenda for myself....


MBA? We don't need no stinkin' MBA.
By: Mike Cohen on Sep 5, 2009 at 3:57:12 pm

As soon as I get a GANTT chart as an e-mail attachment, that is a sure sign there is an MBA degree holder on the other end. Now don't get me wrong, an MBA is a great accomplishment, and those who use their knowledge to start successful businesses are to be commended. But for those of us in business, who got here in a roundabout way, such as by starting in a creative job...well we learn as we go. What are some examples of learning business knowledge from creative efforts? Example 1 - Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth (ok,...


Maintaining astronomical growth in stagnant market conditions
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Sep 4, 2009 at 12:33:03 pm

In December of 2008, we hit the venerable Google Analytics 1,000,000 totally unique users a month threshold. In January 2009, we crossed over the 1.1 million marker. February found us hitting the 1.2 million level. Then, in March, the 1.3 million level was passed. And so on and so forth until, today, in September of 2009, we have reached the 1.7 million totally unique users a month marker. (Being that we serve a professional audience, we always drop during the Summer months but bounce back fast in mid-August or so, as vacation season ends and people get back to work.)...


Rock 'n' Roll
By: Mike Cohen on Aug 6, 2009 at 7:02:49 pm

Do you like to Rock and Roll? In other words, do you thrive on one big event after another, or more likely, one success after another. Anyone who creates media for a living has to make every effort to do the very best job they can every time. We take pride in our work. We enjoy doing even the most mundane tasks. Duping a tape is like selling a song. Authoring a DVD is like selling an album. Producing a live event is like doing a concert. See the parallels? Social media is all the rage these days. Whether you...


How to Go Green without Spending All of Yours.
By: Hawke Taylore on Apr 3, 2009 at 11:28:26 am

Today everyone is either doing the earth-friendly program or is looking to see if you are doing your part. Sometimes, going green can be costly. Here at Taylore Studios we have made some of those changes and we have actually saved some money doing it. Here are a few tips on how we did it. Maybe you can benefit from it as well. 1. Those crazy swirly bulbs. At some point I noticed that we were using a lot of incandescent light bulbs. 100, 60 & 40 watt varieties were all over the studio for just the general lighting. I...


Creative COW Magazine: The Games Issue.
By: Tim Wilson on Mar 23, 2009 at 7:52:13 pm

Bigger than The Beatles. Big opportunity. (This is an expanded version of my column at the beginning of The Games Issue.) Normally, Creative COW Magazine is heavily production-oriented. We typically talk about high-end cameras and other cutting-edge hardware. So why a games issue, and why now? Because while other parts of our business may be cooling down, games are hot. If you've ever tried to pry your kid (or your boss) away from video games long enough to eat supper (or sign your paycheck), then you know how compelling video games are. Re: hot, here are some numbers. Best opening...

creative cow magazine

Customer Service
By: Mike Cohen on Jan 10, 2009 at 1:43:09 pm

This is a well-used phrase, but in my experience, an underused skill. Any business or website should have a level of customer service - that is, showing signs that the customer's needs are most important. A happy customer is a repeat customer. In my daily life, I am a stickler for expecting good, or at least adequate customer service. I have learned not to expect much from the youth dominated retail industry. Aside from the odd store manager who is of legal drinking age, most of the retail clerks and sales people you encounter are very young and clearly not...


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Sep 19, 2008 at 5:20:08 pm

Well, it s been an incredible ride so far this year: the COW has grown remarkably, with many wonderful new additions to the site, both in the infrstructure of the site itself and the people who now make this site a part of their online home — sadly, there have also been some horrible tragedies on the personal front that have brought solemnity along with the great joy that we find in building the COW. THE GOOD... According to Google Analytics , we will soon exceed 900,000 totally unique users a month — a staggering number when we remember that...

creative cow

PowerPoint Video Backgrounds: 7 Tips for Using Eye Catching Video Backgrounds in PowerPoint
By: David Matthews on Sep 18, 2008 at 1:45:56 pm

As more and more PowerPoint users incorporate video and video backgrounds into presentations, it’s more important than ever that it’s done in a way that produces eye-catching and effective results. Adding video and video backgrounds to PowerPoint can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated, so this article gives seven quick and simple tips for using video backgrounds successfully in a PowerPoint presentation. 1. Be Sure the Video Background Motion Isn’t Too Fast One of the biggest issues with poorly executed PowerPoint presentations that incorporate video backgrounds is the speed of the video background itself. It’s easy to over design...


10 Tips for Picking a Great Stock Footage Clip
By: David Matthews on Sep 17, 2008 at 4:47:45 pm

There are more stock footage video clips than ever before but that doesn't mean there is consistent quality with each stock footage clip you search for. There is a vast array of options and choices when hunting for the perfect stock footage clip to use in a video, advertising or PowerPoint presentation project. Searching for a stock footage clip that fits the bill in terms of subject matter and quality of execution can often times be tedious and frustrating. Below is a list of ten tips for picking a great stock footage clip for your next project. 1. Composition Every...


Justification for Video Productions
By: Cesar Vera on Aug 25, 2008 at 3:51:48 pm

Hello, Does anybody know of any study, report, research that explains or outlines the benefits of using videos for training, marketing, outreaching and/or promotional purposes?...

business, dumb ad of the week
By: walter biscardi on Jul 11, 2008 at 6:53:08 pm

Ok, my dumb advertisement of the week.  I m seeing an ad for show up again and again on cable channels.  They promise to get your computer running fast again by removing spyware and all those nasty little things that can slow down a computer on the internet. A disclaimer on screen points out this only works on PC Computers.  (this is funny too, but more on that in a moment).  So why is this ad so dumb?  They prominently feature an iMac an an iBook.  Yes, an iBook.   In fact, the computer shown more than any other...


Festival Laurels for your award-winning movie
By: Noah Kadner on Jun 27, 2008 at 2:08:39 pm

Ok so first you have to win some festival awards or at least be an official selection. Then you have to be on Windows. That said here's a very cool application that will make the creation of festival laurels for your movie's poster, DVD box, etc very simple. EZLeaves is a FREE application that allows to quickly and easily generate custom festival laurel leave images. Features include: Choose from four different laurel leave styles Use any system-defined font Export to JPG or BMP Define up to 10 lines of custom text Full control over the height and font settings of...


How to Label DVD-Rs 2008 Edition
By: Noah Kadner on Jun 9, 2008 at 9:18:42 am

This question comes up a lot- how does one label a DVD-R? I would never use a print on inkjet disc- because they smear with just a droplet of moisture nor stick on labels because they peel and jam. Instead- I'd go for one of three technologies- depending on budget and how professional the labels need to look: 1. Sharpie. This is cheap as dirt and works like a charm for sending to replication houses and for internal backups. But not so much given to clients- looks decidely ghetto for that... 2. LightScribe - this is a type of DVD...

mac os Gives New Home for Funny on the Internet
By: Jacki Schklar on Jun 2, 2008 at 8:58:42 pm

 Press release for my new site. It s going quite well. Be warned, the comedy on this site has some adult content. If you are offended by Southpark, you won t want to go there... Gives New Home for Funny on the Internet   Southern Jewish Princess Media Launches Alternative Comedy Site for the Fairer Sex   Atlanta, GA, May 19, 2008 - Finding increased exposure for her comedy web series, The Retributioners , is a mountainous battle for Stephanie Scott. The producer is always hunting for sites beyond the youth-drenched YouTube and male-dominated comedy sites for an outlet...


Biscardi Creative gets "unplugged" for Red Warrior Records
By: walter biscardi on May 30, 2008 at 10:54:04 am

5/30/2008 SUGAR HILL, GA Biscardi Creative Media is proud to announce the completion of Jayne s Café featuring Jayne Olderman, owner of Red Warrior Records. Looking for a unique way to present her songs to a wide audience, Jayne created the concept of an unplugged café. Jayne and I have been working together for a long time and when she mentioned this project, I immediately jumped in and said we d like to produce it at BCM, notes Walter Biscardi, Jr., Principal Biscardi Creative Media. Our challenge was to be able to shoot it well in a very small studio...


Mexico Goes to China - Part 1 of 2
By: Noah Kadner on Apr 22, 2008 at 12:00:43 pm

I wrote two articles for the Final Cut Pro Supermeet at NAB this year. Here's part one of the first article looking at an Apple SAN network system that is being used at the Beijing Olympics this summer in China: Last NAB, we visited Simplemente, a production/post-production house and Apple Authorized Training Center/Dealer based in Mexico City. They’ve been working hard alongside one of their biggest clients, Televisa, the world’s largest Latin American broadcaster. This year Simplemente embarked on its most ambitious project yet, a complete post-production solution for Televisa’s coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Televisa’s...

mac os

Your Own Business, Part 3; Running & Building Your Business
By: walter biscardi on Mar 24, 2008 at 8:29:18 pm

In Part 2 of this series, I gave you some thoughts on setting up your shop. If you missed that part or Part 1, links are at the bottom of this article. Now that the doors are open, the furniture and equipment is in, we need to get the word out so you can really get your company running and building. Just because you’re open, doesn’t mean people are just going to find you. Congratulations! Hopefully by now you’ve finished off that bottle of champagne, grape juice, coffee, or whatever it was you used to toast your new company. The...


Your Own Business, Part 1: Are You Ready?
By: walter biscardi on Mar 20, 2008 at 4:43:38 am

This is Part 1 of a 4 Part series on Starting and Running your own business in the creative industry. We start out this week by asking, Are You Ready? Are you really ready to step out on your own and become your own boss? Before you say yes, consider these thoughts. Recently I posted a blog entry detailing the wonderful experience we had upgrading our facility with fellow Creative COW leader Bob Zelin. An unexpected response to that entry was someone who found the setup of our facility somewhat overwhelming. He was questioning what would he need to start...


By: Shane Ross on Mar 6, 2008 at 11:22:20 pm

Last December I was asked to edit a trailer for a documentary.  This trailer would be used to solicit finishing funds.  And while they couldn t pay much, they could pay.  Since I wasn t doing anything in January and halfway thru Febuary, I took the job.  The client asked how they should deal with the payment  I said that I would like half up front, and half when I deliver the final.  That sounded fine to them, so I received half the payment and the tapes to begin editing.I worked on the project for about 3 weeks, and delivered...


Some businesses suffer from "welfare mindedness"
By: Ronald Lindeboom on Jan 28, 2008 at 9:04:19 pm

Someone sent me a link to a blog written by a writer named Karen who has her own blog at In it, she uses my article Clients or Grinders: The Choice Is Yours as the jumping-off point to show how some businesses suffer what she calls welfare mindedness. Her article is quite insightful and I am honored and flattered that my piece inspired her to write her own ideas, found in the article you can read here . In the article, she says: Many small business owners are standing in the welfare line and not sure how they got...


Macworld 2008
By: Shane Ross on Jan 14, 2008 at 4:49:01 am

MACWORLD Yup...I m going. And I will be working for the same company I have been all year...CalDigit. And they will have new and exciting products they will be announcing. Pretty cool ones. I ll talk more about them after the show, or during the show AFTER the announcement. So I ll be at the booth. Not in my NEON ORANGE shirt they made me wear last year. Ugh. Nope...Navy Blue. Whew. Much better. And I ll be giving two demos while working the booth. The P2 workflow with FCP 6 and a field package...and utilizing an I/O HD in...


Internet Killed the Video Star
By: Aharon Rabinowitz on Jan 10, 2008 at 7:41:48 am

Hi everyone - I ve been pretty silent for the last few months because I ve been hard at work on a new Creative Cow Master Series DVD - Internet Killed the Video Star: A guide to Creating Video for the Web. The 4.5 hour DVD will be available very shortly. Feel free to spread the word. Here s the basic description of the DVD: Whether you’re posting video for a client, putting your demo reel on-line, creating a video podcast, or building video training for the web, the Internet is conspiring to keep your work from looking its best....

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Your Own Business, Part 2: Setting Up Shop
By: walter biscardi on Jan 10, 2008 at 7:40:20 am

This is Part 2 of a 4 Part series on Starting and Running your own business in the creative industry. In Part 1 of this series, I posed the question, "Are You Ready?" A link to Part 1 is at the end of this article in case you missed it. If you've thought long and hard on this and your answer is "Yes," then let's proceed with Part 2 of this 4-part trilogy. Here we'll explore a lot of questions on setting up your company and getting ready to open those doors! (Only in Hollywood could we make a 4-part...


By: Shane Ross on Dec 14, 2007 at 12:53:08 pm

For in case you are ever in Hollywood and need to know the industry lingo, here is the Hollywood Dictionary. VERBS:to schmooze = befriend scumto pitch = grovel shamelesslyto brainstorm = feign preparednessto research = procrastinate indefinitelyto network = spread disinformationto collaborate = argue incessantlyto freelance = collect unemploymentNOUNS:agent = frustrated lawyerlawyer = frustrated producerproducer = frustrated writerwriter = frustrated directordirector = frustrated actoractor = frustrated humanCOMPOUND WORDS:high-concept = low browproduction value = goreentry-level = pays nothinghighly qualified = knows the producernetwork approved = had made them moneyFINANCIAL TERMS:net = something that apparently doesn t existgross = Michael Eisner s salaryback-end...


What's in a Name? Plenty when people try to take it.
By: walter biscardi on Dec 9, 2007 at 7:20:46 am

In business you re all about your name. Keep a good name and business flows to your door. Get a bad name and you re looking for a new career. Get a really REALLY good name and from my own personal experience, some people will try and use your name for their own gain. Now if you re reading this blog, then you re already aware of the Creative COW forums and the really REALLY good thing we have going here. During a recent thread in the Apple Color forum, a user pointed out that a production facility in Los...

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DRM: Updates from Apple, EMI, Microsoft and more
By: Tim Wilson on Sep 13, 2007 at 2:21:53 am

I ll be honest, I thought Steve Jobs was blowing smoke when he encouraged the end of DRM. I still think the timing around the unfair business practices investigations in the EU is way, way too convenient to be a coincidence. It really did have all the hallmarks of a diversion and little more. So I ll give him all the credit in the world for actually making it happen. You ve heard the news by now of course, but I have to tell you, reading the transcript from the press conference with Steve and the guy from EMI is...


Art for Art's Sake?
By: Julia Camenisch on Jul 17, 2007 at 12:47:56 pm

Talking to a fellow media professional recently, and they commented that the type of art they prefer to do now is simply for artistic expression rather than for communication. And that got me thinking about what the role of art in our (often) very utilitarian profession is and should be. I guess I default towards art only being a worthwhile investment when it clearly communicates. And yet I m beginning to feel that there may be value to self-expression that doesn t have as its primary goal communication. Exploring and discoveirng - that s how our craft is honed, and...


Video VS Still Images
By: Jacki Schklar on Jul 4, 2007 at 8:33:53 am

I have been thinking about this for a couple of years. My background is over ten years of still photography experience and only a couple in video/multimedia. After seeing all the assorted multimedia applications with so many bells and whistles, this kid with the camera , who had never put it down, did just that.  I moved from Tennessee to Maine and enrolled in a video/multimedia production Associates program because I felt behind and limited in technologies, which I was. Began an internship with a CBS affiliate two weeks into it. Was hired after my first semester. Hardly touched a still camera in Maine. Very...


Here we go!
By: Tim Rice on Jun 7, 2007 at 1:23:26 pm

Thank you for stopping by my blog! This is the first post so I guess an introduction is in order... My name is Tim Rice and I have been involved with video production for almost 20 years now. Hard to believe. I ve worked mostly in television and now am the Senior Producer in Creative Services at WLTX in Columbia, South Carolina. Love my job; great group of people there but more importantly (and reason for this blog), I have started my own media production company, Thrice Creative. I have never started a business or ran a business so I...


Great rights resources
By: Tim Wilson on May 13, 2007 at 5:58:59 am

Since the issues surrounding rights and fair use come up at The COW all the dang time, from various perspectives, here are some of my very favorite web resources. The Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center has a heavily scholarly orientation, maybe moreso than you ll find useful. But the coverage here is certainly exhaustive.One of the coolest things about it is a free, digitized version of Stanford s Lawrence Lessig, called Free Culture. He s been a pioneer on rights in the electronic age from pretty much the beginning, and has fought vigorously against the rapidly diminishing rights that...


By: Peter Berghammer on May 7, 2007 at 11:11:58 am

Before I begin my foray into the world of blogging I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Ron & Tim for their efforts in getting me situated with the Cow. I look forward to the many blogs ahead and hope that some of you may find the information at least useful, and at best challenging. Although I have a fairly broad portfolio in the areas I write about, and areas researched, I believe that there are always some common factors or themes that run throughout the electronics, entertainment, tech, legal and economic communities - and the way in which...

creative cow

Ask a Filmmaker
By: Julia Camenisch on May 3, 2007 at 11:16:05 am

I always thought IMDB was nothing more than a huge listing of people and movies, cross-referenced ad infinitum. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon +Ask a Filmmaker+ . Very cool feature....


There is such a thing as free quality music...
By: Julia Camenisch on May 1, 2007 at 12:22:26 pm

Wow. I just got done listening to music at , and was quite impressed with the quality/price ratio. Only seven bucks for these songs? I don t know how this company makes a profit, but if you need some music, get it from here before they raise their prices! In fact, if you use this address: , you get one free song for opening an account. Hey, don t be slow in clicking that link. Do it now! You can always come back and finish reading this blog later......


Demo Reel Design, Part 2
By: Julia Camenisch on Apr 26, 2007 at 11:12:14 am

Like I said earlier, your demo reel has a very short period of time in which to grab a prospective client s attention and convince them that you have what it takes to deliver the goods. So how can you maximize on that short span? 1) Put your best foot forward...ASAP! Make the first 15-30 seconds of your demo reel electric. Your best footage, the best spot you ve ever done, the best scenes from your short film - whatever you re putting in, make it, you guessed it, the best. 2) Customize your reel to match your strengths to...


What NOT to do & other bits of advice
By: Julia Camenisch on Apr 23, 2007 at 10:46:33 am

I m sure you ve read it, but it s so good (at least IMHO) that it bears repeating. Mike Curtis over at HD for Indies , has compiled a list of 10 don t do rules for indie filmmakers, based off his experience as a consultant. Since he wrote these as a frustrated rant, it s a bit long-winded, but here s a quick summary of 9 of those rules. Two of them are so similar I didn t bother repeating: 1. Don t use Cineframe mode on Sony HDV cameras - looks bad and isn t true 24p....


Giving back to the community
By: Aharon Rabinowitz on Apr 22, 2007 at 8:00:44 pm

Every once in a while you read about something that makes you want to be a better person. I just read that Peder Norby (of Trapcode) is giving an Award of Excellence, which includes $10,000, to Ken Perlin, inventor of the algorithm called Perlin Noise. Many of the effects we use utilize this algorithm - for example, in Maya there s a texture called Perlin Noise, which is used to generate noise textures and displacement maps, and can be used for highly realistic effects through the appearance   “randomness.”   It s my understanding that the Perlin Algorithm is also...

after effects

How's Yours? Demo Reel Design, Part 1
By: Julia Camenisch on Apr 19, 2007 at 12:34:54 pm

As the old saying goes, you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk...and that applies to video production skills. Even though you know your level of expertise and are convinced of your suitability for a particular job, how does the client or employer determine whether what you say matches what you do? Even quoting past experience and credits might not be enough to sway a skeptical opinion. No, the true key to recognition is in your demo reel. A demo reel allows a potential employer an opportunity to see your work in action and to judge for...


Can YouTube make YouRich?
By: Julia Camenisch on Apr 19, 2007 at 12:32:07 pm

+Here s a bit of news+ from Ars Technica about the unfolding opportunity to make money from YouTube. It ll be interesting to see what the terms of the deal are - I m sure the ad revenues won t be enough to allow you to quit your day job...unless of course you can come up with a really, really good video. When I get my current doc project finished, I might post to see if I can make any pocket change....


Clockwork: An Introduction
By: Sterling Glass on Apr 18, 2007 at 5:55:45 pm

[Verified for enough clarity]  When does awesome become a nightmare? So, there I was. Just over a year left to graduate with a Bachelor s in Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Most of my friends knew that I was really into the film classes and artist video classes I was/had taken. A friend and his bandmates asked me if I d be willing make a music video for them. Quick background info: at the time, I just turned 29; the youngest guy in the band was in his mid-30s; and, none of them had ever seen my...

after effects

Walter Biscardi's NAB 2007 Schedule
By: walter biscardi on Apr 13, 2007 at 5:25:41 pm

Well folks, NAB 2007 is upon us and I hope to be able to meet some of you. So if you re going to Las Vegas, here is where you ll definitely find me! Sunday April 15 - Apple Event AM, Panasonic Event PM Monday April 16 - AJA Booth all day, Booth SL6113 directly across from Apple. Tuesday April 17 - AJA Booth AM, Booth SL6113. Creative Cow booth PM, Booth SL2626. Between Adobe and Grass Valley (on your right as you walk to the Apple booth.) Wednesday, April 18 - Presenting HD Finishing in Final Cut Pro as...

after effects

The mobile/virtual office
By: Aharon Rabinowitz on Apr 2, 2007 at 11:33:23 am

I got a new webcam (beta testing software that requires one) and have been testing it out. I m on vacation, and wanted to touch base with a colleague in Canada about an upcoming project, and to catch up with him and what he s working on. I noticed in my skype list that his skype listing had a camera icon next to it. So I gave it a shot.  It changed the entire experience for me. I was talking to him about work, and we could see each other. It felt like I was really there with him. He even moved...


Taking 'user-generated' content a little too far
By: Aanarav Sareen on Mar 15, 2007 at 4:12:48 pm

Looks like McDonalds has an entirely different meaning about user-generated content. Take a look at this CNN report . As I have started writing about new-media and such similar topics, the following trends have always been apparent: Company is desparate to get into new-media marketing. Company thinks of a completely wacky idea. Company fails in marketing endavor. Want further proof? I posted this article on my blog a few weeks ago. - Aanarav...


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