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Final Cut Pro

COW Blogs : Final Cut Pro
Congrats to CHIFCPUG on it's 10th "official" anniversary and My 25th.
By: gary adcock on Aug 15, 2012 at 6:56:01 am

I wanted to send out a note to congratulate the Editing Community and specifically to Sue Lawson and the current board of what transformed from a group of 40 or so people people following my sessions on VIdeo Editing at the Apple Market Center Chicago, into what "officially" became the Chicago Final Cut Pro User's group on August 15th, 2002. The Group had been under my guidance for more than2 years at this time, but with assistance from Apple's Heather Lopez-Cepero, Matt Geller, David Sallak, Fred Pfeiffer, and Billy Sheehan for over 2 years. However, with the growing number of...


NAB 2012. The Mayans had it right. It's the year of the shift.
By: Jerry Hofmann on Apr 22, 2012 at 1:05:21 pm

This year I witnessed an honest world shaking shift. Yep, 2012 became the year of the world changing from the way we know it, and I could see it happening right before my eyes at NAB 2012 in AJA's booth. I worked in AJA's booth for the entire show, and heard from the whole post and production community there. The carpet was torn to pieces on the first day. I'm not kidding, by the end of the show on the first day, it was so balled up it looked as if it had suffered the hit of a tsunami. That...


Automatic Duck's Wes Plate joins Adobe Systems.
By: gary adcock on Sep 26, 2011 at 12:42:52 pm hot off the internet....


Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro "Gotchas" 1
By: walter biscardi on Sep 11, 2011 at 1:13:59 pm

At the urging of a friend, I got back to work on these Transitioning videos as he is now jumping into the Adobe Premiere Pro application. As I’ve noted in my blogs, for the Final Cut Pro editor migrating over to Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5, the transition really could not be much easier. I often refer to PPro as “Final Cut Pro 8″ because it feels like the natural progression from FCP 7. But there are a few quirks within the application that will drive you absolutely bonkers. So before you pull your hair out and start swearing up...

Final Cut Pro

AE/FCP plugins?
By: Ginny Landers on Aug 5, 2011 at 9:14:27 am

My company wants to know how I want to "trick" out a new machine. I currently have Sapphire plugins, which bog down my machine. Honestly, in TV news, I'm not using a majority of the plugins. So, what do you use? I look forward to some great ideas! OH! and I will be upgrading to FCPX very soon!...

plug ins

Small Tree Improves upon Ethernet SAN* foundation
By: walter biscardi on Jul 17, 2011 at 7:01:32 pm

As I reported a few weeks ago, Small Tree replaced our original ethernet SAN we've been running since December 2008 with a new system including an all new 48TB Granite Stor RAID II. I also reported that we discovered some things about the Macs that Steve and Chris wanted to go back and test even further. During the original install, the new Edge Core Switch turned out to have an issue which caused one of the 10Gig ports to fail. But we all expected that the system would work well for us while a solution was found to that issue....

Final Cut Pro

Why I’m not scared of FCP X
By: Ross Daly on Jul 14, 2011 at 11:16:10 am

I ve waited as long at I could to put in my two cents on this one. I m tired of hearing people moan about how they are switching from FCP to something else. I m tired of this being the reason why people dig up the age old saws about professionals use AVID. Lastly I m tired of hearing every wedding videographer and youtube-videoblogger try to make their statement about FCP X somehow solidify their position in the international brotherhood of people who do amazing work. If you have faith that Apple will fix things that need to be...

fcp x

Transitioning Part 1: Moving an FCP Project to Adobe Premiere Pro
By: walter biscardi on Jun 27, 2011 at 5:58:06 am

As we transition from Final Cut Pro to another NLE, I'm running a series of tests to determine which NLE will best suit our needs. Of paramount concern is to ensure that we can still access the 1,000+ Final Cut Pro projects we have on file dating back 10 years of production. We often have to do revisions and updates, particularly for news stories....

Final Cut Pro

OK, time to jump back into the fray my Macworld review is online.
By: gary adcock on Jun 24, 2011 at 12:23:34 pm

I was under contractual restrictions from posting any additional commentary until my Macworld review was released. I am sure that the slings and arrows of outrage will be flying, my commentary will stay here on the cow. Now on to finish the the next part of my cow article gary...


Igloo Post: producing Earth-Touch documentaries for the Eden Channel
By: Roger Thornton on Jun 22, 2011 at 3:24:42 am

Igloo Post is a boutique post house in London’s Soho, which during the last 18 months has been hard at work turning around sixteen nature and wildlife documentaries. Six of these documentaries have just had their UK broadcast premieres on the Eden Channel . We spoke to Igloo’s Online Editor and MD Brian Ainsworth about working crazy hours, dealing with different formats and running a business around a single Quantel system. “We’re very excited right now because we’ve just finished six 1-hour wildlife documentaries for Earth-Touch. UKTV’s Eden channel broadcast all six during the course of a single week –...


FCPX has landed at the App Store,
By: gary adcock on Jun 21, 2011 at 6:06:00 am

So all the hoopla aside, the New Version of Final Cut Pro X has landed at the Apple App store, this is without a doubt one of the single largest fundimental changes in Non-Linear editing since we starting working around the limitations in HD. This is a whole new Application, FCP X is not an upgade, upgrades allow you to open previous versions versions, something you cannot do with this app. Here is my FCPX preview on Macworld,com, my review will come later However, the really juicy stuff I have reserved for here on Creative Cow- look for my under...


Anatomy of an Edit Suite
By: walter biscardi on Jun 19, 2011 at 4:13:02 pm

Because so many folks have asked me "What's in your Edit Suite?" followed up by "Why do you have that?" I created a new blog entry to answer the hows and whys of what we install in our suites. I was originally going to re-create the blog here on the Cow site, but it would be so time consuming, forgive me for just linking to the original blog on my website. But feel free to post comments here. Anatomy of an Edit Suite...


Small Tree Ethernet SAN Installation with new ST RAID II
By: walter biscardi on Jun 7, 2011 at 4:24:11 am

DAY ONE: Sunday It was a very hot and sticky weekend here in Atlanta, but it was nice and cool inside the shop. A great time to install a brand new SAN. Steve Modica, Chris Duffy and I all met up bright and early at 8am to get a nice early jump on things. Turned out to be a good thing because we had to transfer almost 32TB of material from our original SAN. Chris and Steve get to work removing the original switch. First test was to ensure that everything still worked with just changing out the switch. That's...

final cut pro

This American Land Interview with Co-Host Caroline Raville
By: walter biscardi on Jun 4, 2011 at 5:02:13 am

A new behind the scene interview has been posted on the website for the new PBS series, This American Land, being cut at Biscardi Creative Media. This time with Co-Host Caroline Raville. An 8th grade teacher for Gwinnett County Georgia Schools, she's making her national television Interview with Caroline Raville...

Final Cut Pro

This American Land Interview with Exec. Producer Gary Strieker
By: walter biscardi on Jun 4, 2011 at 5:00:26 am

A new behind the scene interview has been posted on the website for the new PBS series, This American Land , being cut at Biscardi Creative Media. This time with Executive Producer, Gary Strieker, a longtime CNN correspondent / bureau chief. Gary and Walter Biscardi, Jr. have been working together for many years now on environmental and global health projects. Interview with Gary Strieker...

Final Cut Pro

Ethernet SAN - Taking the Next Step Forward
By: walter biscardi on Jun 2, 2011 at 5:14:00 pm

This week we’re finally going to be upgrading our ethernet based SAN, which as most of you know is a Maxx Digital Final Share system. And of course most of you also know is that Small Tree Communications came up with “secret sauce” to make editing HD video via Ethernet a stable reality. So Final Share SAN was really a hybrid between Small Tree technology and Maxx Digital RAIDs. Unfortunately since we moved into our new building the system has been under-performing. Many tweaks and changes have been made along the way, but nothing seemed to solve the problem of...

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro- Change Speed- Part 9
By: Stephen DeMaria on Jun 1, 2011 at 12:53:06 am

Click on Modify> Change Speed. A dialog box comes up. Go to rate and select the speed you want to play the clip. Any value that you set that is below 100% will be slower and any value set higher than 100% will be faster. I want mine set to 80%. If you want the clip to play in reverse, you can check the box next to the speed. Hit enter when you are all finished. Great, now we have a clip that is consistently playing at 80%. Select the clip and hit Command+R (ctrl+r with Windows) to render it...

Final Cut Pro

Apple Dropped the Ball....
By: walter biscardi on Apr 16, 2011 at 1:34:31 pm

I’m seeing this all over the various forums, blogs and twitter feeds in one variant or another in regards to the big Final Cut Pro X reveal at the FCPUG SuperMeet in Las Vegas last Tuesday. “Hey, don’t knock down this product when it was just a SNEAK PEEK people! Sure there’s some questions out there but we should all be happy that Apple has at least shown us something. You know they’re normally super secret so the fact that actually showed Final Cut Pro X is a big change in the company. I’m excited about these new changes! Now...

Final Cut Pro

Our Open House videos....
By: walter biscardi on Mar 11, 2011 at 6:08:46 am

We finally got a few videos up on Facebook. Not much, but at least it's something. My "Pre-Thoughts" before the open house. The Ribbon Cutting with the Gwinnett Chamber. Always wanted to do this! A little highlights of the event and some very kind words from folks including the one and only Bob Zelin.... "Like Us" over on Facebook to see some more photos and videos from all things BCM! What's not to like? :)

Final Cut Pro

Registration now open: Biscardi Creative Media Open House, March 5
By: walter biscardi on Jan 12, 2011 at 5:50:18 pm

Well I've been blogging about the new facility for the past six months. Now I am very pleased to announce our Open House Event! Saturday March 5th. More details to be announced as we finalize everything, but one of the exciting things I CAN tell you is that we will be featuring a showcase with many of the companies I love. You hear me talk about the Panasonic cameras, Canon 5D and lenses, the Flanders Scientific monitors, AJA Kona and converters, Maxx Digital Final Share SAN, Small Tree servers, TapeOnline’s incredible service and the folks who supply us with all...

Final Cut Pro

I would like to coin a phrase – “Litterboxed”
By: Ross Daly on Dec 15, 2010 at 11:17:59 am

Today a co-worker and I were discussing the need for a word to describe a video that is simultaneously letterboxed and pillarboxed. I dislike that particular lapse in effort so much that the word Litterboxed seemed to be the best fit. So there. Run wild with it, internets. I would like to coin a phrase – “Litterboxed” Republished by Ross Daly...

final cut pro

Compressor Repair to the rescue.
By: Ross Daly on Nov 30, 2010 at 1:00:57 pm

I have thankfully not needed to ever use compressor repair before. It has always lived in the back of my mind as one of those backup plans, like triple-a, or life insurance. At work my tower has somehow really tweaked itself and compressor was the hardest hit. This was the first sign that something was amiss. I got this error immediately after logging in. From there it got worse. FCP wouldn't open up, qmaster wouldn't/couldn't start, and compressor wouldn't let me submit any jobs. I was stopped dead. Multiple restarts, zapping the pram, and repairing permissions (remember doing that back...


edit from the beach, upload in the bay.
By: Ross Daly on Nov 15, 2010 at 7:23:05 am

I spend a lot of words here showing how to automate things so that editors can set it and forget it . The reason for that is that there is nothing worse than having to wait around for an hour watching your computer work. Well, there sometimes isn t any way to automate the next step , but this will enable you to hit render, go home and then do the rest from home! Here s how. The best thing about this whole operation is that you probably don t need any new software! We will be using a protocol...

final cut pro

New FCP plugin for canon 7d / 5d / 60d / 1d /
By: Ross Daly on Nov 10, 2010 at 5:55:02 pm

Canon recently updated their eos plugin for final cut pro to give it much better metadata reading capabilities. Now you have access to the Av, Tv, ISO, Lens, Focal Length, Camera Model name Camera Serial Number, and it give REAL timecode based off the cameras internal clock. They also say that it should be much faster on multi-core Macs! The one weird thing is that they haven t mentioned anything about it being usable with the lower end cameras such as the t2i, but if you have one you can always follow this link to enable the plugin to work...

final cut pro

2 more applescripts for final cut pro and after effects!
By: Ross Daly on Nov 10, 2010 at 2:13:40 pm

This is a follow up post to my original 2 applescripts for final cut editors post and boy is it a doozy! I didn t write these both scripts have been found elsewhere, but they are so useful I m putting them up here to spread the word! The first script is called Render Notification 1.0.2 by Josh Petok from the current cut. It is a nice little script that watches the processor usage of a few pre-selected apps and will email you when the load goes down. In other words it alerts you to your render finishing. This is...


How to change mpeg-1 export settings in compressor.
By: Ross Daly on Nov 4, 2010 at 11:13:16 am

I would like to start by saying that I don t know why anyone would ever want to use MPEG-1. I do get requests to make them, and sometimes I am unable to convince the person to go with another codec. It is a terribly outdated codec and most people requesting them are using terribly outdated spec sheets, or are just themselves outdated. Nonetheless the situation occurs where I am forced to make one and it was always fraught with problems. Compressor has a mpeg-1 preset, but it doesn t let you modify it at all. Unless I want to...

final cut pro

RIP Firewire
By: David Roth Weiss on Oct 15, 2010 at 4:11:36 pm

I'm not a big fan of firewire storage for video editing, especially pre-manufactured drives in sealed enclosures, such as those from LaCie. These types of drives are great for backup and for transporting files and projects, and they're certainly convenient, but for day to day editing they are a perfect example of what I like to call "false economy." Using these types of Firewire drives for editing is similar in many way to shooting with three or four mismatched cameras and convincing yourself that you've saved money. If you put a proper price tag on your post-production time and do...

Final Cut pro

When did video editors become prima donnas?
By: walter biscardi on Oct 12, 2010 at 2:34:44 pm

Two weeks ago "30 Rock" had a story arc involving the video editors of the show and how scary it was to go down to them. They controlled the video and you didn't want to piss them off or else you might not get your stories cut. Over the top humor that I love about 30 Rock and really made me laugh. And then it made me think, "Editors aren't really prima donnas, are we?" And then a few days later yet another Final Cut Pro rumor came out including a nugget that Apple might be considering some sort of...

final cut pro

Foul Water Fiery Serpent garners Best Documentary at LA Reel Film Festival
By: walter biscardi on Sep 29, 2010 at 6:31:27 pm

Today we received word that Foul Water, Fiery Serpent was honored with 5 awards at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival! Wow! We are truly humbled by the recognition for the entire team! Foul Water was honored with the following awards: Feature Documentary: 1st Place. Best Director: Gary Strieker Best Score / Soundtrack: Patrick Belden Best Voice Over: Sigourney Weaver Best Documentary Concept We’re especially excited for Patrick Belden. He not only did the score for the film, but created all the original music. I first met Patrick when working on “Good Eats with Alton Brown” and he’s been a...


VFX anthem “Gettin’ Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen”
By: Ross Daly on Sep 22, 2010 at 1:54:26 pm

At long last, our people have a voice! Money Money Money Gettin Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen (Fuck Comic Sans Fuck Papyrus, Too) from Brad Chmielewski on Vimeo . VFX anthem “Gettin’ Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen” Republished by ross daly...

After Effects

Producer Walter Biscardi, Jr. helps launch "The Test"
By: walter biscardi on Sep 17, 2010 at 8:34:07 pm

Really proud to announce the completion of our latest project produced in partnership with Cielo Productions and Producer Gary Strieker. Medical textile company, Vestergaard Frandsen was looking for a special way to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. They didn't just want to spend a lot of money on a party, a company trip, etc... They decided to put their money and their company efforts in creating an innovative event to promote HIV awareness and testing in Africa, specifically in Kenya. In order to be properly treated for HIV, you must first be tested. In Kenya, and throughout Africa, there has been...


No really, I’d love to hear about your workflow!
By: Ross Daly on Sep 11, 2010 at 6:49:29 am

During a recent double over-nighter I found myself thinking about workflows. And the nitty gritty stuff too, like how frequently people version their project files, how they name their assets, and how they arrange their folder structures. I would really love to hear from anyone about the nuts and bolts of how you go about going about your business I know this is probably boring stuff to most people, but it can make or break a workplace. Here s a list of other possible things to talk about. Do you use any ingest management software? (such as fcp loader or...

final cut pro

How stable is Final Cut Pro? Very.
By: walter biscardi on Sep 7, 2010 at 2:15:49 pm

As I've been on the Creative Cow Final Cut Pro forums about 9 years now, I have seen all manner of people whine and complain about stability issues with Final Cut Pro. Sometimes it's truly Apple breaking stuff or releasing versions of Quicktime or FCP before they're ready. But often, it's operator error / configuration error. Here's an example of just how stable Final Cut Pro is. Been running my current Mac Pro Octo 2.93 for about 18 months now. ATI 4870 and AJA Kona 3 are the graphics and video cards in there. On Sunday I pulled them both...

final cut pro

XSAN & Final Cut Server Update
By: Jeff Handy on Aug 16, 2010 at 10:56:08 am

I can't believe this much time has passed since my last blog entry here. But no one has bugged me about it for a while either, so the old adage rings true - out of sight, out of mind. That said, production has slowed up a bit so I'm back to working on our Final Cut Server implementation. Our network engineer and I have been working to get our SAN running properly before adding Final Cut Server to the mix. He set up a test bed and was hard at work for about six weeks working out the kinks in...

Final Cut Server

Assignment Earth and Science Nation Episodes posted
By: walter biscardi on Jun 7, 2010 at 6:25:46 pm

Just posted 15 new episodes of our continuing series Assignment Earth and Science Nation to our BCM Facebook page. These are two really great series that we’ve been posting at BCM for several years now. We’re heading into our fourth year of Assignment Earth and our 2nd year of Science Nation. R. John Becker is the current editor on the Assignment Earth series and Roger Mahr has edited all the Science Nation episodes. 91428...

Final Cut Pro

Color Grading is done on a Proper Monitor.
By: walter biscardi on May 6, 2010 at 4:09:32 pm

Last week there was a thread in the Apple Color forum asking about the Color Preview Window. You know that little video window that appears on the same screen as the scopes? Anyway, this person was asking if we all noticed that the Preview window can show a different image than the Final Cut Pro Canvas Window. In his case, the Color Preview window was more red than the Canvas. My response to this and all other queries about the Apple Color Preview window is as follows: "So What?" Seriously. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to even...

Apple Color

Uncompressed HD via Ethernet? It just might be!
By: walter biscardi on Apr 18, 2010 at 1:47:52 pm

Most of you know that we're running an ethernet based SAN here at BCM. It's the Maxx Digital Final Share SAN which runs a combination of their drive arrays with Small Tree ethernet wizardry and some stout Atto Host Bus Adapters. We generally get around 100 - 120MB/s to the 7 workstations that are connected to the SAN. More than enough speed to cut using Apple's ProRes codec all day long. At the moment we're cutting two feature documentaries (over 300 hours of material), 3 PBS series and a multitude of other projects all on the SAN simultaneously. It's been...

maxx digital

NAB and the Trade Show: Making a Resurgence?
By: walter biscardi on Apr 18, 2010 at 1:21:29 pm

In 2006, the National Association of Broadcasters Convention had over 108,000 attendees in Las Vegas. That dropped to 82,600 by 2009 amid cries that the big trade show is rendered useless in today's internet connected world. All you ever need to know about your business and “what to buy” and “how to do” can be found on the internet without all the hassles and expense of traveling. In 2010 attendance crept back up to 88,044 for one of the most dynamic shows I have ever experienced. I have to say, I’ve missed the last three shows myself. The first one...


The Three A's; Avid, Adobe and Apple
By: walter biscardi on Apr 18, 2010 at 7:27:50 am

The 2010 National Association of Broadcasters convention had the Post Production world buzzing about the Three A's of the industry.  Apple, Adobe and Avid.   Well, really more Adobe and Avid since they were actually at the show and had something to demonstrate. 
Adobe brought their CS5 creative suite to the show with some incredible announcements.  Not the least of which to me is the ease of integration with other NLEs like Final Cut Pro and Avid.  Adobe has decided to "play nice" with with their competitors to make it easier for Post Houses like mine to get projects into...


Avid Media Composer 5 looking like a game changer
By: walter biscardi on Apr 11, 2010 at 10:38:11 pm

So I haven't even seen it yet, but just reading the overview of Avid's new Media Composer 5 announced at NAB, this thing sounds like it could be a real game changer in the communication between it and Final Cut Pro. Especially when it comes to color grading projects. See right now when we get projects from Avid that need to be color graded in Apple's Color, we take the DnxHD files and use Media Manager in FCP to convert the files to Apple ProRes for Color. After the grade is done, we reverse the process to send an Avid...


Original Pilot in production this week.
By: walter biscardi on Apr 5, 2010 at 2:24:19 pm

Biscardi Creative Media is pleased to announce our first original Pilot goes into production this week. The new travel series starring Bobby Rivers and Widdi Turner will be in Atlanta and areas south of the city this week highlighting some great areas to explore. Bobby is a pop culture icon who is best known from VH-1 and "Top 5 with Bobby Rivers" on Food Network. Widdi is well known to the fans of "Good Eats" on the Food Network playing a multitude of memorable characters with host Alton Brown. Executive Producers Walter Biscardi, Jr. and Cheryl Collins head up the...

television production

i5 and i7 iMac Ethernet Controller Update
By: walter biscardi on Mar 2, 2010 at 5:41:10 am

We now have the actual product features page from the Broadcom 5764 Ethernet Controller that's now in the i7 and i5 iMacs. It's been said a photo tells a 1,000 words. I think this pretty much tells the story of the "i" line of iMacs. Jumbo Frame Support - NO. Without Jumbo Frame support, there's no way to connect to our Final Share SAN which is all ethernet based. No Jumbo Frame support, no professional video editing in our facility. I've had all sorts of people write to me with various theories and ideas as to why Apple would take...


Apple Cinema Displays - There is a difference
By: walter biscardi on Feb 27, 2010 at 7:38:54 am

I've been in the camp that the Dell 24" computer displays are every bit as good as the Apple displays so why spend the extra money to buy Apple? Well that was before I got up close and personal with the 27" iMac and their new LED backlight displays. The display is so sharp and so crisp that any other monitor we have in the facility looks blurry. I have found the 24" LED Cinema Display to be equally as good and am now considering changing over all the computer displays in our shop to these despite their cost. Why?...

apple cinema display

Apple i5 and i7 27" iMacs do NOT support high speed ethernet transfer
By: walter biscardi on Feb 25, 2010 at 3:52:58 pm

SEE UPDATES BELOW, I've updated this story twice since the original entry. We took delivery of the brand spankin' new 27" i7 iMac last week and connected it immediately to our Final Share SAN in about 5 minutes for video editing. Quick tests showed the SAN was connected and working fine. Then today I started really editing on it and I'm dropping frames every 10 to 30 seconds. Now it appears the ethernet controller that is in the new Mac cannot support the speeds necessary to edit video via the SAN. Our 2 year old iMacs can, but the brand...


Apple lays off 40 from FCP team, My Take.
By: walter biscardi on Feb 20, 2010 at 12:41:50 pm

“Apple lays off 40 people from the FCP development staff right before NAB 2010. Is it doomed?” “Apple has laid off many people involved in the development in FCP. Will FCP languish now?” If it’s getting close to NAB, it must be time for the new “Final Cut Pro is going away” rumor to start. By now, anyone who works with Apple’s Final Cut Pro software has probably seen the “tweet heard ’round the world” that Apple has apparently laid off 40 people from the Final Cut Pro development team. So of course we have to have multiple threads appear...

final cut pro

Ethernet SAN has limits - UPDATED
By: walter biscardi on Jan 11, 2010 at 2:18:00 am

In December of '08 we installed a Maxx Digital Final Share SAN system consisting of a 16TB array that is shared to 6 workstations via high speed ethernet connectivity. You can read a full article I wrote on the installations at the Creative Cow website. The primary purpose for this installation was to allow a shared editing environment for three feature length documentaries. We have in the neighborhood of 450 hours of footage (and growing) for all three and our first doc, Foul Water, Fiery Serpent is using around 100 or so hours. All footage is digitized at Apple ProRes...

maxx digital

Just one of those days.....
By: walter biscardi on Nov 30, 2009 at 4:51:51 pm

Today's just been one of those days where the Final Share SAN isn't working right, the AJA Kona 3 isn't working right and FCP isn't working right either. Just as we're about to finish our first feature documentary. It's one of those days where you wonder what the hell you invested all of this money for and if you should just switch over to something else.......

maxx digital

Apple Mini-DVI adapter not working with DVI Extenders - Fixed
By: walter biscardi on Aug 18, 2009 at 7:19:06 am

My edit suite runs two 25' DVI extenders, VERY heavy duty extenders that were about $120 each. This suite has run with the G5 Quad 2.5, the Mac Pro Quad 3.0 and the Mac Pro Octo 3.2 with zero issues running two DVI monitors and the extenders. Now I get the $7,000 top of the line Apple Octo Core machine with the ATI 4870 graphics card which of course Apple mandates with one regular DVI port and one Mini DVI port. I got the adapter that allows me to run two standard DVI monitors. The one connected to the Mini...

final cut pro

Apple Color and FCP deliver true Broadcast Safe for "the big boys"
By: walter biscardi on Jul 11, 2009 at 6:32:02 am

Recently a thread in the Apple Color forum had somebody remark that if you're delivering to the "Big Boys" such as Discovery and PBS you really should have external scopes in your shop. It's also been suggested that external legalizer boxes really should be used as well when delivering to the high end networks. The true fact of the matter is, the scopes in Color are very accurate, to the point that I don't see any differences on an external scope when we do have one. The Broadcast Safe in Color is good enough for "the big boys." We have...

apple color

New features for FSI monitors including EBU Gamma
By: walter biscardi on Jul 9, 2009 at 12:46:31 pm

As usual, the guys at FSI keep adding in more and more features based on user input and the latest round of updates have a couple of especially neat updates. And of course, these are free to all current owners of FSI monitors, just download the update from the website. EBU Gamma. True 2.35 EBU standard gamma setting for the monitor for anyone delivering material to european broadcasters. Yes, 2.4 is mighty darn close, but because of a request from a European user, they decided to make the monitors go exactly to the European gamma spec. Timecode Display. The monitors...


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Adam Spiel (80)
Mark A. Stuart (78)
Kylee Peña (78)
Shane Ross (66)
Steve Modica (54)
Ronald Lindeboom (43)
Paolo Ciccone (40)
Chris Blair (39)
Gary Bettan (32)
Arthur Aldrich (28)
Ross Daly (26)
Jiggy Gaton (22)
Chris Martin (22)
Lucy Moon (21)
Scott Freeman (18)
Frederic Baumann (17)


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