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Sonnyboo Podcast - Marie's Pizza
By: Peter John Ross on Jan 2, 2014 at 11:11:49 am


Becoming a Better Editor (but Mostly Human Being) in the New Year
By: Kylee Peña on Dec 26, 2013 at 12:33:10 pm

Somehow -- and they might be lying to me about this -- but somehow, the year is over. What I mean to say is that this desk calendar I have is practically useless and I'll be writing the wrong year on my checks until St. Patrick's Day. I know, right? And I hardly noticed the 31st approaching so rapidly except for the usual influx of "year in review" or "resolutions for the new year" posts. I've said before: I think resolutions are stupid. You're coming off a gluttonous couple of months where you've been feeding yourself whole pies and sitting...

video editing

Free Apps and Music
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 25, 2013 at 12:01:44 pm

If you have an iOS device, it's a great time to pick up the 12 Days of Gifts app from Apple. You can get It here – . Once a day, starting tomorrow, Apple will give folks one free goodie. Free stuff, what's not to like? Free Apps and Music Republished by Richard Harrington...

How to Create a film look with Final Cut Pro X
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 21, 2013 at 8:28:00 pm

Learn how to give your video footage a dramatic “film” look by diving into some color-correction and effect features of Final Cut Pro X in this week’s DSLR Video Tips with Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. You’ll learn: • The tools : Get to know the tools in Final Cut Pro X that can help you achieve a film look with your video footage. • The post-processing : Learn how to use those tools to create a stylized film look with Final Cut Pro X. Check out both the sample video above and this week’s complete episode on How...

DSLR VideoApple

Tayasui Sketches for iOS – Creative Digital Canvas for the Modern Artists
By: Nadia Hyeong on Dec 19, 2013 at 2:41:45 am

Tayasui Sketches by Tayasui is a free drawing app that will help artists create digital artworks on their iPad while on the go. Using a variety of virtual brushes and intuitive finger gestures, they can generate numerous contents ranging from simple doodles to intricate paintings. In addition, it has sharing capabilities to make it easier for you to share your work online. Here’s a review of its features and what makes it a must-have drawing device. Mobile-friendly interface The design is very minimalist to help you focus on the masterpiece you are working on. Upon opening the application, the only...

tayasui sketches

Boutique studio turns work into play with Adobe Creative Cloud
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 18, 2013 at 4:59:32 pm

Commercial video editor expands business with a wealth of new creative tools Jeff Patrick is passionate about his work. He owns Current Communications, an 11-year-old company that creates quality regional and local television commercials for everything from local construction companies to restaurants and schools. Since 2002, Current’s productions have aired on broadcast and cable TV networks throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Recently, Current began using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC through its Adobe Creative Cloud membership. The comprehensive software solution gives Patrick everything he needs to stay productive, meet deadlines, and keep clients happy. He quickly...

Creative Cloud

Archiving Data
By: walter biscardi on Dec 18, 2013 at 4:33:07 pm

In this digital media world, it's imperative to not only have enough media array space to do your work, but also to store and protect that media for the long term. We've been using a very simple method going on four years now and in response to a question I actually got today, here's how it works. We store everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, on bare hard drives. Yes, I know what you're saying. "Walt, hard drives die!" Yes, they absolutely 100% do. That's why everything is stored on both a Master and Clone with the clones stored off-site. When...


The Production Process Part 3: Post-Production & Deliver
By: walter biscardi on Dec 18, 2013 at 4:19:04 pm

In this series, Biscardi Creative Founder, Walter Biscardi, Jr. "demystifies" the video production process. Particularly for corporate clients the production process can be both confusing and overwhelming. We walk you through the four steps of video production so you can be better prepared for your next production project. In Part 3 we discuss the final 2 steps of the process, Post Production and Delivery. Editorial, Graphics, Sound, Color Grading and more make up the Post Production process and Walter explains what all of these elements are and how they come together to make your final project. It generally takes a...


Award-winning television commercial editor switches to all Adobe workflow
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 18, 2013 at 9:34:21 am

Captain Morgan and “got milk?” commercials cut with Adobe Premiere Pro software A study abroad program to London is what first sparked Adam Pertofsky’s interest in the film and television business. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he moved to London where he spent time as a production assistant on music videos and commercials. He moved up through the ranks before turning his attention to editing. A move to Los Angeles eventually led him to Rock Paper Scissors, where he’s been editing television commercials and working on the occasional music video for the past 17 years. He’s earned numerous...

Premiere Pro

The Production Process Part 2: Production
By: walter biscardi on Dec 17, 2013 at 12:19:55 pm

In this series, Biscardi Creative Founder, Walter Biscardi, Jr. "demystifies" the video production process. Particularly for corporate clients the production process can be both confusing and overwhelming. In this series we walk you through the four steps of video production so you can be better prepared for your next production project. In Part 2 we discuss the actual Production and all that it entails. Many people are familiar with the production process thanks to "Behind the Scenes" videos where you see the camera, lights, crew and actors. However, in this podcast we talk about often overlooked mistakes and choices that...


Memories of Peter O'Toole
By: Debra Kaufman on Dec 16, 2013 at 11:15:19 am

Lawrence of Arabia came out when I was a child. My parents took me to it, probably at one of the remaining Hollywood movie palaces. It's a long movie (it originally had an intermission, just like Gone with the Wind ), but I remember being riveted by the man with the blue, blue eyes, by the endless desert, by the drama of it all. Later on, I saw O'Toole -- and loved him -- in My Favorite Year , The Ruling Class , Becket , How to Steal a Million , Lord Jim , The Lion in Winter ...Maybe it...

Peter O'Toole

More Preparation for Multi-camera Shooting
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 14, 2013 at 8:37:00 pm

There’s a lot involved when setting up a shoot with multiple DSLR’s- preparation and planning are key. Finding the location that works for you is important, and lighting it for multiple cameras is a challenge. On this week’s show, Robbie Carman and Rich Harrington walk you through the key elements for a multiple DSLR camera shoot. They’re joined by Director of Photography Jim Ball for additional tips. You’ll learn the following: Preparing for a Multiple DSLR Camera Shoot. Learn what to think about before you shoot. Multi-camera is all about planning and preproduction. Scout the Location. Walk through a venue...

DSLR Video

Designer Brianne Gillen on Costume
By: Bob Gillen on Dec 13, 2013 at 11:19:00 pm

Designer Brianne Gillen (disclosure – Brianne is our daughter) talks about her costuming work. Most recently she costumed a stage performance of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses . COSTUME SUPPORTS THE STORY I wanted to know: whether in recorded media or live performance, how does costume design move the story forward? Costume designer Brianne Gillen “Costume design is hugely important for the story,” says Gillen. “Often, what a character is wearing tells the audience a lot about them before they even say a word of dialogue. You can tell a character’s socioeconomic status, sometimes their profession, the time of year, the city...

How to Go from Apple Pages to Dropbox on iOS
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 12, 2013 at 12:59:30 pm

A colleague recently asked how could they publish from Apple Pages on an iPad to Dropbox. Turns out the solution is pretty easy and actually opens up additional ways to share files. 1. Open the desired file and tape the tools button (wrench). 2. Choose Share and Print.     3. Choose Open in Another App. 4. Choose a File format. 5. Choose from a list of compatible apps. The same general method also works in Apple Numbers and Keynote.   How to Go from Apple Pages to Dropbox on iOS Republished by Richard Harrington...


December 2013 brings new Creative Cloud pro video releases
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 12, 2013 at 9:44:27 am

Fourth feature update this year for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud is always evolving and ongoing updates are one of the most popular benefits for users. In a fast-changing industry, Creative Cloud members always have the latest versions of the pro video tools as soon as they are available, including feature enhancements and optimized performance. This morning updates for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, SpeedGrade CC, Prelude CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC will begin rolling out. The new video updates will become available to Creative Cloud member over the next 24 hours. A new After Effects CC update will follow...

Creative Cloud

VFX pro produces short film with a Macbook Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 12, 2013 at 9:36:14 am

Adobe Creative Cloud offers virtual production hub for collaborative workflow Hasraf (HaZ) Dullul is a well-known visual effects supervisor in the motion picture industry. He began his career in video games and computer-generated sequences before moving into visual effects and compositing for feature films. As a visual effects supervisor and lead compositor, he’s worked on well-known films such as The Dark Knight and Hell Boy II , as well as several commercials and broadcast series for clients such as Discovery and The History Channel. He has also been nominated for several Visual Effects Society (VES) awards. In 2012, he released...

Creative Cloud

SILBERSALZ Film takes color to new depths with Adobe SpeedGrade CC
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 11, 2013 at 11:18:26 am

Adobe Creative Cloud drives editing and color grading workflow The human ear is precise, but the eye is subjective. This means that color grading is much an art as it is a science. SILBERSALZ Film is a studio that focuses on the subtle color adjustments that give commercials and films a distinctive look to please even the most discerning viewer. Founded by Thomas Bergmann, Kyrill Ahlvers, and Willem Bramsche, the studio is highly regarded for the quality of its post-production and finishing, as well as its production and set expertise. We sat down with Thomas Bergmann to learn more about...


G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt: Evolutionary High Speed Storage for the Digital World
By: Gary Bettan on Dec 10, 2013 at 10:37:40 am

If you are like me, you have stacks of memory cards filled with video and photos from your camcorder, DSLR, GoPro and every other device you use to capture images. One of the biggest challenges facing content creators today is how do you quickly and efficiently get all this digital data, all these bits and bytes into your computer so you can begin working on them. Over the years not only have I accumulated drawers filled with media cards, I've got closet shelves filled with G-Technology external drives; mainly G-RAIDs, but a few G-DRIVES, G-DRIVE Mobiles and a pair of...


All My Adorama Videos in One Post
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 9, 2013 at 8:21:26 pm

A lot of you may have missed the free training I've produced for Adorama — A great camera store out of New York where I do most of my shopping. You can see the whole series in this playlist. To get every video, be sure to subscribe for free. All My Adorama Videos in One Post Republished by Richard Harrington...

Rams Broadcasting Network creates winning entertainment
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 9, 2013 at 1:52:05 pm

Small team produces hours of professional football content each week using Adobe Creative Cloud The St. Louis Rams have celebrated victories and suffered losses during the 2013 football season thus far—however, videos produced by the Rams Broadcasting Network are always a big win. The network creates everything from videos introducing cheerleaders and players, game-winning plays, interviews with coaches, and more entertaining content that make it fun to be a fan. Video Manager Chris Slepokura sat down to tell us more about the Rams’ content strategy and how the videos are produced for broadcast, online, and mobile delivery using Adobe Creative...

Creative Cloud

Prepare for a multi-camera shoot: DSLR Video Tips
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 9, 2013 at 6:10:00 am

With the price of cameras dropping lower and lower, using multiple cameras at the same time is a popular production trend. Whether you’re shooting a concert, performance, or how-to video, capturing multiple angles of a shot in perfect sync makes the whole project better. But multi-camera shoots are tricky. In this week’s DSLR Video Tips , Robbie and Rich show you how to plan for a multi-camera shoot. Director of Photography Jim Ball offers additional insight from his experience with multi-camera shoots. This week we cover Preparing for a Multiple DSLR Camera Shoot: Learn what to think about before you...

Don't Miss the Next Photofocus Hangout About Photoshop
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 8, 2013 at 5:55:16 am

An Insiders’ Look at Photoshop and the Future of Imaging Friday, December 20, 2013 1:00 PM EST - 2:30 PM EST Melissa Niu and Rich Harrington from Photofocus host two of the top experts in digital imaging. We've got Bryan O'Neil Hughes who's the Senior Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop and Howard Pinsky a Photoshop Guru of Iceflow Studios. You can sign up for the hangout here — authkey=CKTmhZqum73CjQE Don't Miss the Next Photofocus Hangout About Photoshop Republished by Richard Harrington...

Movie Set Job Description - Camera Department
By: Peter John Ross on Dec 7, 2013 at 8:35:16 pm


My Favorite New iPad Air Case and Screen Cover
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 7, 2013 at 7:38:00 am

Like many I bought a new iPad Air. Thanks to Apple's secrecy, finding a decent case has proven pretty much impossible. This is because the exact shape and position of buttons was a secret. Want a case that loosely fits or covers your buttons... no problem. It's also easy to find one that doesn't shut the device off when you close the lid. But I like my gear to last and look professional. After a lot of searching, I'm very happy with the results. The Perfect Case for iPad Air I ended up choosing the Bear Motion Case ® For...


Phishing Email scam underway using your Apple account as bait
By: walter biscardi on Dec 7, 2013 at 6:49:50 am

If you have an Apple Account (iTunes, iPad, iPhone) there is a Phishing email scam going on. Here's an email I received, note that the return email address is fake. Looks real though, pass this along and if you receive the email do not reply to it or click the link....


Keynote tutorial: Assembling a Layered Graphic File in Keynote
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 6, 2013 at 8:18:00 am

Keynote integrates well with Photoshop, which means you can easily import PNG files for use in your presentations. In this tutorial, find out how to assemble a layered file in Keynote, and get some expert tips for building presentations based on Photoshop images, such as making your PNGs all the same dimension. Watch more at .   Keynote tutorial: Assembling a Layered Graphic File in Keynote Republished by Richard Harrington...


Adobe employee’s clever music videos get over one million views on YouTube
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 5, 2013 at 1:54:35 pm

Extraneous Lyrics 2012 leveraged integrated Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects workflow Creativity is the name of the game at Adobe, so it’s no surprise that many of Adobe’s own employees are creative types themselves. Dave Werner is one example. By day, Dave is a senior experience designer, using video and animation to help design new Adobe products. In his free time, he turns his attention to personal projects that leverage the same creative tools. Dave’s popular Extraneous Lyrics videos are verbose versions of pop songs from the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber, Gotye, One Direction, and Taylor...

Premiere Pro

Long Exposure Time-lapse Essentials
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 5, 2013 at 6:00:00 am

In order to capture a moving street shot, I turned to long exposure. To really see the lights and energy of the scene, I wanted to elongate the action. Here’s the logic I applied to the shot. First I set the camera to manual mode to avoid any significant settings changes from shot to shot. With timelapse, you want to see variation over time, so the last thing you want is an aperture or shutter changing. Next I stopped the camera all the way down and shot ƒ/22. This let the least amount of light into the sensor. I set...

AdobeDSLR VideoVideo

Get Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 a Month
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 4, 2013 at 6:00:00 am

Adobe recently unveiled its Photoshop Photography Program which let Photoshop CS3 (or newer) customers get Photoshop CC and Lightroom for US $9.99 a month. Many of you were upset that Creative Suite owners and Lightroom customers couldn’t participate. We told you to be patient. The time has arrived (but the window of opportunity is short). Starting today, the Photoshop Photography Program is available to anyone who wants to participate ( but only until December 8, 2013 ). That means you’ve got just under two weeks to decide if you want to participate. The Photoshop Photography Program includes the following for...

Using Shy Layers in After Effects
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 3, 2013 at 1:25:59 pm

Making a layer "shy" hides it from view, allowing you to work with a clean and organized Timeline. In this tutorial, find out how to use shy layers in After Effects and explore some of their advantages. Watch more at . This tutorial is a single movie from the After Effects Guru: Mastering the Timeline course presented by author Rich Harrington. The complete course is 1 hour and 8 minutes and reveals time-saving features for navigating to specific timecodes, adjusting keyframes, changing layer behavior, and other tips for mastering the Timeline panel in After Effects. Using Shy Layers...

Scruffy.TV transforms workflow with Adobe Creative Cloud
By: Adam Spiel on Dec 3, 2013 at 9:45:09 am

Distributed team relies on Adobe video tools for latest parody, Flight Club Ambitiously aiming to lead the media revolution, Scruffy.TV creates custom content and is building a full, online network that is hosting all-original content. Kanen Flowers is the creative director behind the initiative, which includes That Post Show , Scruffy Thinking , Scruffy Shows , and HERO PUNK . Other team members include Kristin Martin, Ryan Jacobi, and Weston Woodbury. We sat down with these multitalented creatives and talked about why they decided to move to an all Adobe workflow based on Adobe Creative Cloud with an emphasis on...

Creative Cloud

The Production Process Part 1: Pre-Production
By: walter biscardi on Dec 2, 2013 at 7:35:58 pm

Sister company Biscardi Creative Media launched its first Google Hangout today which is a lot of fun. Essentially a live podcast that is instantly converted over to a YouTube video when completed with the ability to edit the video on YouTube when its completed. The main focus on the BCM Hangouts will be educating clients and potential clients on all aspects of the production process and how we work. However there is cross-over and in the first set of Hangouts we’ll be discussing the four steps of the Production Process. The goal of this series is to demystify what it...

Production Planning

Using a Click Track to Create a Music Video
By: Richard Harrington on Dec 2, 2013 at 1:44:00 pm

When you’re working on a music video and need to record a commercial or promo that’s tightly tied to a music track, it’s important to think ahead for post-production. Recording with a click track gives you the ability to sync multiple cameras and multiple takes across several locations. Using consistent, sequential audio cues, known as a click track, will help you sync your visuals in post. On this week’s show, Robbie and Rich walk you through the benefits of using a click track when recording a musical performance. This week we cover • Using a click track: Learn how to...

DSLR VideoVideo

How to develop and Act In a Web Series
By: Bob Gillen on Dec 2, 2013 at 12:26:00 pm

Creating Story continues its focus on web series, with LA-based actor and acting coach Claire Winters sharing comments on developing and acting in a web series. Classically trained, Winters’ many roles include the bipolar disabled daughter of Philip Seymour Hoffman in the HBO mini series Empire Falls, and a wealthy uber-feminist film student in the comedy feature Filmic Achievement. Film professor Mildred Lewis has said of web series, “(Viewers) can watch legacy media or take advantage of virtually unlimited, less well-known content.” The question for Claire Winters: in an open environment such as a web series, do actors need to...

Use Brainstorm in After Effects
By: Richard Harrington on Nov 30, 2013 at 1:23:00 pm

With the Brainstorm tool, you can create new, randomly generated effects for use in your After Effects projects. Find out how to use this tool and experiment with your own effects in this tutorial. Watch more at imeline/144848-2.html?utm_campaign=hHYAqr6sOhs utm_medium=viral utm_source=youtube. This tutorial is a single movie from the After Effects Guru: Mastering the Timeline course presented by author Rich Harrington. Use Brainstorm in After Effects Republished by Richard Harrington...

AdobeMotion Graphics

An Odd Delight: A Corporate Editor's Leap Into Broadcast
By: Kylee Peña on Nov 29, 2013 at 5:18:10 pm

Seeing a stack of tapes labeled and ready to gather dust on a shelf is a feeling of accomplishment I've never had before last week. A full season of This American Land, in glorious HDCAM Not because I've never really had physical copies of any of my work (although outside of a DVD or two, that's definitely true), but because this was my first time cutting for broadcast and I'm pleased to announce I didn't screw any of it up. Before this show, I only occasionally had to worry about title safe lower thirds or broadcast safe colors -- when...


Fixing the Exposure Triangle Beyond Camera Settings
By: Richard Harrington on Nov 29, 2013 at 2:48:00 pm

Throughout the past month , we’ve tackled the exposure triangle —the critical way to get properly exposed photos and videos. Remember your camera and lens have three essential controls that affect how much light comes into the camera: the aperture or opening of the lens, the shutter speed (how long the shutter opens), and the ISO (the sensitivity of your sensor). But a problem as tough as exposure can still be hard to crack. What happens when you can’t get more light into the camera and the shot is dark? How about when you want shallow depth of field and...

DSLR VideoVideo

Keynote Tutorial: Animating images
By: Richard Harrington on Nov 22, 2013 at 1:41:00 pm

It can be hard to keep your audience engaged during a presentation, but don't worry; Keynote offers you a way to spice things up: animating your images. Find out how to animate images in Keynote in this tutorial. Watch more at . This tutorial is a single movie from the Keynote: From Outline to Presentation course presented by author Rich Harrington. The complete course is 2 hours and 10 minutes and shows how to build and deliver a great Keynote presentation. Keynote Tutorial: Animating images Republished by Richard Harrington...


USC graduate students embrace Adobe Creative Cloud to edit thesis film
By: Adam Spiel on Nov 21, 2013 at 3:04:37 pm

USC filmmakers break new ground with Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Premiere Pro CC Filmmaker Christopher Guerrero—soon to graduate—and Maury Shessel—already on his career path—both attended The University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts (SCA). Both video pros have tried various software programs and suites to edit and post-produce projects and they agree: Adobe Creative Cloud with an emphasis on Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing gives them everything they need to create a box-office hit. They decided to edit Chris’s graduate thesis film, Mike Garcia and The Cruz , using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and shared their...

Creative Cloud

First Look: FSI CM250 OLED Reference Monitor
By: walter biscardi on Nov 21, 2013 at 1:34:56 pm

“First Look” at the new FSI CM250 OLED Reference monitor from Flanders Scientific. I sat down with FSI's Bram Desmet to check out this new monitor and instead of blogging about it, we broke out the camera and decided to show you down below what this incredible monitor is all about. In a nutshell it’s a plasma screen type viewing environment but with the same exacting color quality the FSI brand is known for. Designed to work either alone or alongside existing FSI monitors, the CM250 would be a welcome addition to any Post facility, home based edit suite or...


Joseph Kosinski’s film “Oblivion” showcases elegant effects created with Adobe After Effects
By: Adam Spiel on Nov 21, 2013 at 9:33:15 am

World‐class user interface designers, graphic artists, and animators create crisp, timeless visual elements for sci-fi film When you want great visual effects for your latest futuristic film, you need to hire a great team. That’s exactly what Joseph Kosinski did for his latest film, Oblivion , starring Tom Cruise as a drone repairman working on an uninhabitable future Earth. Kosinski turned to Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK), who he’d previously worked with on Tron Legacy . As lead interface graphic designer, GMUNK then pulled a team together that included Interface Graphic Designers Joseph Chan (Chanimal) and Jake Sargeant, and Interface Animators...

After Effects

DSLR tutorial: The Exposure Triangle
By: Richard Harrington on Nov 20, 2013 at 1:33:00 pm

When shooting video, exposure requires an almost scientific understanding of light. In this tutorial, explore a straightforward way to get strong, well-exposed shots with your DSLR. Watch more at . DSLR tutorial: The Exposure Triangle Republished by Richard Harrington...

DSLR Video

Upping the HUD ante with Adobe After Effects
By: Adam Spiel on Nov 20, 2013 at 1:06:30 pm

Cantina Creative creates next-generation heads-up display effects for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Stephen Lawes, creative director and co-owner of Cantina Creative and Cantina VFX Supervisor Venti Hristova raised the bar once again on the heads-up displays (HUDs) for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 , which premiered in May and released on DVD in September. The film features Robert Downey Jr. as superhero Tony Stark, along with Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and other top stars in supporting roles. Lawes and Hristova’s primary task was the creation of 100 HUD-only shots in the film, used with multiple versions of Iron Man and other...

After Effects

VFX and motion graphics experts use Adobe After Effects on “Star Trek Into Darkness”
By: Adam Spiel on Nov 19, 2013 at 11:10:30 am

Andrew Kramer focused on movie titles while OOOii team created stunning graphics and heads-up displays for blockbuster film Resurrecting the classic science fiction franchise of Star Trek is certainly a challenge that any motion graphics and VFX artists would gladly accept. For the latest installment, Star Trek Into Darkness , Andrew Kramer of Bad Robot and author/owner of the site Video Copilot was the lucky one tapped to create more than 30 title sequences for the movie. Production studio OOOii eagerly took on the job of designing all user interfaces and future technologies within the movie. Kramer, OOOii CEO Kent...

After Effects

Keynote Tutorial: Adding a Photo to a Drop Zone
By: Richard Harrington on Nov 18, 2013 at 1:40:00 pm

Keynote's themes often include drop zones--areas where you can drop several photos of different sizes and have them formatted consistently, which will save you time when building your presentations. Find out how to add a photo to a drop zone in this tutorial. Watch more at . This tutorial is a single movie from the Keynote: From Outline to Presentation course presented by author Rich Harrington. The complete course is 2 hours and 10 minutes and shows how to build and deliver a great Keynote presentation. Keynote Tutorial: Adding a Photo to a Drop Zone Republished by Richard...


Videoguys November 2013 Update
By: Gary Bettan on Nov 17, 2013 at 4:08:36 pm

Videoguys November 2013 Update We've been adding a bunch of new articles, products and promotions over at With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to let our customers know that I have re-activated our INSIDER5 coupon which gives you 5% off on any order you place between now and Nov 22nd. ----------------------------------------------------- Videoguys DIY 10 - Our wait for Thunderbolt is over! I know it has been a LONG time since we first introduced our DIY 9 build and even our DIY 9.5 updates are over a year old. Every day we get calls and emails from...


Seasoned film editor takes Adobe Premiere Pro CC for a spin
By: Adam Spiel on Nov 14, 2013 at 10:03:58 am

Customizable interface, visual effects integration, and fast rendering time impressed long-time Avid editor Born in Rome, raised in Switzerland, and son of director Andre de Toth, Nicolas de Toth is a second generation film maker. After studying acting for six years Nick worked in production, occupying various positions, from gaffer and grip to production manager. His editing career started as an assistant editor, working with Academy Award-winning editor Neil Travis for eight years. He’s now been editing on his own for 10 years, with film credits including Stoker, This Means War, and Wolverine: X-Men Origins. The windows of time between...

Premiere Pro

Understanding GoPro Bodies
By: Richard Harrington on Nov 12, 2013 at 1:35:00 pm

GoPro cameras are great for time-lapse, underwater, and aerial photography. This tutorial takes a detailed look at GoPro cameras. Watch more at . Understanding GoPro Bodies Republished by Richard Harrington...

DSLR VideoVideo

Cutting‐edge post production house switches to Adobe Creative Cloud video workflow
By: Adam Spiel on Nov 12, 2013 at 8:50:46 am

Senior Post chooses Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing for web, broadcast, film, and music video content Josh Senior founded Senior Post in September of 2012 on the principle that at the heart of every project is great storytelling—that makes clients look good. That was nearly a year ago, and Josh still has the napkin he used to sketch out his initial ideas. He has lots of napkins, but that one is special. The company focuses 75% of its time on video editing and 25% on motion graphics work—100% storytelling all the time. We talked with Josh about how his...

Premiere Pro

Creating Books I Want to Read Myself
By: Bob Gillen on Nov 12, 2013 at 12:16:05 am

UK-based writer Joanna Penn and I connected through email to talk about her creative writing. Penn describes herself as a writer-entrepreneur. Her body of work includes fiction and nonfiction. “I write thrillers under J.F. Penn and non-fiction under Joanna Penn.” Penn’s three-book thriller series centers on psychologist and ARKANE agent Morgan Sierra. “Set against a backdrop of early Christian history, archeology and psychology,” says Penn, “the fast-paced ARKANE thrillers weave together historical artifacts, secret societies, global locations, violence, a kick-ass protagonist and a hint of the supernatural.” READ MORE... Creating Books I Want to Read Myself Republished by Bob Gillen...

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Mike Cohen (227)
Adam Kranitz (132)
Peter John Ross (119)
gary adcock (117)
Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe (104)
Bob Gillen (87)
Tim Wilson (86)
Adam Spiel (80)
Mark A. Stuart (78)
Kylee Peña (78)
Shane Ross (66)
Steve Modica (54)
Ronald Lindeboom (43)
Paolo Ciccone (40)
Chris Blair (39)
Gary Bettan (32)
Arthur Aldrich (28)
Ross Daly (26)
Chris Martin (22)
Jiggy Gaton (22)
Lucy Moon (21)
Julia Camenisch (17)
The New Merry Pranksters (17)


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