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The NAB News Onslaught Continues - More TB news, Adobe shows us some more


I am going to start off with the good stuff.

Adobe has released "sneak peak video" at the CS6 announcement that is obviously eminent I am supprised that you have to log into facebook to see them, but information is where you find it now adays.

Post Mag is saying that Sonnett will be showing the "Rogue" DIT station
I quote the PR release

"The Rogue integrates Sonnet's Echo Express Pro Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for PCIe Cards with a Red Rocket transcoding and playout card (or popular video I/O cards). These devices are connected to an enclosed 13-inch MacBook Pro platform, with full RAID storage provided by Sonnet's rugged and vibration-isolated Fusion F3 storage system. Also included is Sonnet's Echo ExpressCard Thunderbolt adapter to ingest files from SxS cards and readers for CompactFlash cards and Redmag 1.8-inch SSD "

Add to all of this that Google has showing the first concepts of their "augemented reality" glasses, , and me thinks that it will not be long before that product shows up on something like "keeping up with the kardashians", but hopefully it will make it to "big bang theory" first

its going to be a very interesting NAB Show This year.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 5, 2012 at 8:39:30 am Adobe CS6, Thunderbolt

NAB's PreRelease announcments continue/ Sony4K , BandPro EVF, Thunderbolt Test gear.


So many new toys out already and it is still more than a week away from the Big Show.

Sony announced on April 1st that they were releasing the next gen NEX-FS700, with up to 120 fps for Highspeed / slomo acquisition at 1080p and a 4K size sensor with 3G HDSDI (so 444 or Dual Link workflows).

Band Pro annouces a new EVF for Sony Cameras and a commitment to supporting Alexa, RED and other camera models in the future. For many of you, having the luxury of replacing your EVF is not an option, but to some of us, the ability to have higher rez or better refresh rates outweigh the cost and added weight.

Thunderbolt tools are arriving ElGato is now shipping a TB bus powered SSD module in 120 and 240G models. These are the first of the TB generation that support TB power and do not require an external power supply. and now that Tektronics has started shipping TB occilscopes and test gear, there should be many more TB solutions to come

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 3, 2012 at 7:35:15 amComments (2) Sony, Thunderbolt

IBC day One,

Thunderbolt is here,

Aja and Blackmagic are both showing products based around the thunderbolt connector, Offering the desktop level of power for Stereosocpic and Dual Link capture from a laptop, with proper storage, and the others showing the TB logo are Sonnett, G-Tech, Lacie and a new company "mLogic" (from G-Tech founder Roger Mabon).

One quiet movement here is LTFS, a new data file structure for LTO Archiving, supported by HP and Cache-A, that vastly simplifies the process if retrieving data from LTO Archieves.

One interesting Tech that is not being covered in great detail yet is a new workflow to allow for Nvidia Cuda GPU processing to be passed off from your graphics card directly into your video workflow, I will be going into more depth on this after I get back to the US, but this means that your Adobe Cuda workflows will be getting even better in the future.

Avid DNX HD on the KiPro Mini is due before the end of the year, as well as the ability in the original KiPro to keep recording when signal is lost, an update requested by many users.

BMD has introduced a new version of DaVinci Resolve and reduced the price for Linux users.

Arri is showing 120fps capture in ProRes and 60fps Arriraw capture via Codex Onboard, 2 new lightweight Alura Zooms, and working versions of the Alexa M (on a Cameron/Pace sled) and the new Studio Model with a 4:3 sensor ( anamorphic capture) and an optical viewfinder- a sure hit in features production.

So it's early Sat morning, and I am heading off to the show,

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 10, 2011 at 12:30:46 amComments (2) IBC, Thunderbolt

More on Thunderbolt it seems that it has 2 sets of specs-

So it's been a busy couple of weeks for me leading into NAB, but I wanted to post a bit more about THUNDERBOLT.

To say the confusion about this new technology is amazing, even I had been given conflicting information, mostly because of the differences between the Copper and later Fibre versions of this technology, mainly about what can and can't be done.

I posted what I had been given as specs for Thunderbolt and mine are correct, as far as they go. You see there is a big difference between the first gen of the release that uses Copper backbone and the FULL theoretic specs that cover the release of the optical fiber versions,in which the limits are listed as the specs.

So the theoretical limits of Thunderbolt do actually mean that, in the future, we will be handling data at 10Gbps via 2- bi directional channels, or as Jeremy G first posted, a total maximum aggregate throughput total of 40Gbps. The issue is (according to my source) that we are at least a year or 2 away access to that level of the pipe, the release of the fiber compatible backplane and those of us with the just released first released generation of the thunderbolt chipset will most likely not ever be able to handle the maximum pipe.

As with all technology, the theoretical is always better than the actual.


Posted by: gary adcock on Mar 9, 2011 at 6:53:30 amComments (7) thunderbolt, storage

Thunderbolt, connections for the future

Let’s talk about Thunderbolt ( and why wasn’t the name LightPeak good enough)

The Thunderbolt technology offers users a 10 Gbps - that is roughly 1028 MB {1+ GIgbytes} per second data transfer as a Dual Channel, bi-directional, multi protocol connection, that also allows power over the cable a la FW.

On a laptop.

OK, as someone that has constantly pushed the bounds of working on location, this is finally the real deal, at that max data level, we are talking about viewing 4K (theoretically) in realtime, however for the near future we are really talking about only about ½ of that sustained date rate, being limited in the beginning by copper only cabling and a minimal driver set.

Yet that will change. As with many other Apple hardware technologies, Mac users are often first to the gate, albeit, stalled at the starting line, but Macophiles need not worry. This is a harbinger of things to come, without the ongoing hassles left behind by the exclusion of legacy Floppy discs, a PCMCIA slot, FW 400, Express card, then DVD’s on some models.

The design of ThunderBolt (TB for short, since I do not have a lightening bolt symbol on my keyboard) allows for manufacturers to design around existing and future connectivity all within the TB design structure as long as the developer works with the native driver tools as supplied by Intel and Apple.

Think about what this kind of tech means, even the “slow” initial release will still be able to process content at over 400 MBps with TB native drive arrays. That is enough to handle 2 full rez streams of uncompressed 10bit, 1080 HD content in real time, while also delivering an image to a display.{ For the record, UC footage is easier to playback than lower data rate compressed codecs as there is no compression/ de-compression load on the CPU or need for GPU processing)
As news warrants here I will be updating everyone here on the Cow on the advances on the Storage and display fronts, but for now, the new Apple MacBooks are enabled for the future, I expect to start seeing any number of devices starting next month at NAB.

Next week I will touch on the Sony 8K camera and imager announcements.


Posted by: gary adcock on Mar 2, 2011 at 8:42:38 amComments (7) apple, Thunderbolt

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