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Post NAB wrapup coming

Its been over a week since NAB ended and I have to tell you I am still digging out from the show.

I am finishing my NAB wrapup for here on the Cow, while it was a big show, I did not really see a huge amount of what I would call compelling, at this year's show. Also missing were the large number of DP's that attended the show in 2010. I hope that is a sign that people are once again working in Hollywood.

Interesting also was list of companies that only updated exisiting product lines or the trend this year of openly showing prototypes of thunderbolt and other technologies under development rather than keeping those under wraps. I am working on securing permisson to talk about some of the items that were not on the show floor that really are changing the future of our business.


Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 25, 2011 at 6:47:09 am NAB, DP

NAB notes and the 2011

It truly has been a 3D show, with a stereo rig in every booth. 3D glasses are the new black so this was what I saw yesterday.

a shoulder mount for your iPad that allows you to use your iPad2 camera with the display being the monitor.

RealD glasses from Polaroid.

Sleep is overrated.

Tim Dashwood's update to 3D toolbox and the new Dashwood 3D chart from DSC LABs that will also allow users access to lower cost diagnotic tools for S3D production and camera alignment looks to be a home run for indie 3D.

I talked about some new software from apple here on

There are at least 6 new ProRes or uncompressed disc recorders here, a couple of them sound good on paper, but I do not think some of the units would not survive a single day on set, i cannot imagine a couple of them being functional after a fall from a tripod.

Dan May from BMD bailed me out big time last weekend and I wanted to correct the Blackmagic showed off ultra scope for Mac at $99 comment below which was an error on my part and I apologize. The acutal price is $695 same as the windows version.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 14, 2011 at 7:19:47 am 3D tools, final cut x

NAB notes and the 2011 DP Conference Day 3

Yesterday's Sesssions started with Dave Stump ASC, and members of his team talking about the updated 2D-3D conversion process, Mitch Gross from AbelCine on the updated Phantom Cameras and the new Zepar 3D system that uses a Phantom 65 Golf to capture both left and right eyes simultanously on the 65mm Sensor, which is large enough to accomdate both Super 35 frames at once.

If you are at the show you MUST go see the 3aility Demo area, it is really amazing to see the power of what 3D can be.

Blackmagic showed off ultra scope for Mac at $99, Baselight is offering a FCP Plugin that allows Baselightproject files to be modified.

I finally get to the show floor today I will be at the Aja booth every morning for the rest of the show talking 3D.

Lastly, I have to once again thank Barco and RealD for the DP Conference Projection System, with Dual HDSDI to Barco 2K DI projector and RealD certified projection to the a 30ft silver screen. The 3D was some of the best of the show, so I was lucky enought to have my own personal DI suite for 3Days.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 12, 2011 at 6:51:45 amComments (1) NAB, REAL D

NAB notes and the 2011 DP Conference Day 2

The show kicks off today and there is so much stuff here I am just going to list some of the cool things

Canon PL Mount Lenses
Arri Alexa M - block camera for 3D applications
Arri Alexa Studio camera with Optical Viewfinder

Assimilate Scratch is now on MAC!!

Aja's Free 4K update for the Kona3G card and the "riker" prototype.
Aja's Thunderbolt Io.

Sony's 3D EX with shoulder mount ( I have not heard what the release model is called)
Sony's 3D NX prosumer camera is one of the smallest 3D cameras out there.
Sony's F65 4K Raw Camera

3D is everywhere, my friends at 3ailty have basketball court in their booth and are producing a Live 3D broadcast 3 or 4 times a day, and portends to be one of the most interesting places to be, not to mention it is immedately adjacent to the new NAB Beer Garden.

Adobe CS 5.5 has been released.

something from apple comes tomorrow,

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 11, 2011 at 6:29:39 am nab, Arri

NAB notes and the 2011 DP Conference Day 1

So with NAB already in full swing off in spite of the show floor still under construction, the overall feeling in Vegas is almost electric in the air. There is discussions of technology, tools and who is going to be at the show. Guest speakers like Douglas Trumball, James Cameron and now that Kevin Smith's presentation is scheduled for the Show floor, everyone already here excited about what will be shown on the floor.

Saturdays sessions ran the gamut from Gary Mandle, Sony Sr. Product Manager for display tech, kicked us off with a very technical program on the how and why of displays, focusing on the new OLED and the return of the Trimaster Line of Professional displays.

I followed with a closeup look at the new Sony PMWF3 (my review will be in a future Cow Magazine article, but let me say I love it), then Arri's Marc Shipman-Muller brought us up to speed about the latest developments on the Alexa front including the annoucement of the "Studio" version of Alexa and a couple of other surprises (I am embargoed from talking until Monday from saying more). Ending with Robin Berg, a producer and cinematographer for the Savage Wild TV series, talking about the difficulties of shooting one of the most dangerous TV shows that I have ever seen, showing behind the scences footage of working in the Florida Everglades swimming and exploring underway with alligators, and another clip the host of the show being attacked and gouged by a wild boar on camera.

Sunday kicks off with Cinematogrphers Roberto Schaefer ASC, Geoff Boyle, Art Adams, along with Michael Bravin and myself talking about the state of the industry.


Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 10, 2011 at 6:23:29 am nab, Cow

NAB2011 and Director of Photography Conference

I have been negligent in posting some of what I am doing for this years DP Conference at NAB so here is a schedule and links to some of the speakers and topics being covered.

I am very thankful for the Technical assistance from Barco Inc and RealD for our VIewing Needs.

---Saturday April 9th Starting at Noon.

Sony's Gary Mandle on Display Technologies
Gary Adcock on the Sony PMWF3
Arri's Alexa update with Marc Shipman-Mueller
Shooting in "the Wild" with Robin Berg.

---Sunday April 10th

Breakfast with Roberto Schafer A.S.C and CML's Geoff Boyle with special guests Art Adams and Michael Bravin
Understanding Perception in 3D with Chris Mayhew
Digital Deliverables with Tom Vice from FOTOKEM (and a peak at their NextLAB data system)
Working in 3D - a Panel discussion on 3D hosted by 3aility's Lucas Wilson
Epic in 3D- Ted Schilowitz of RED and Michael Cioni of LightIron show off the Epic / Element Techinca Atom Rig

--- Monday April 11th

3D -VFX with Dave Stump A.S.C. (focusing on 2D-3D conversion)
Working With Log and LUT's - Bob Monaghan and Gary Adcock
Inside 3aility Live- Lucas Wilson- this is a behind the scenes at a Live 3D broadcast.
3D Tech- Rigs, Techs and the Technology
Phantom Technologies with AbelCine's Mitch Gross

This is just part of the 5 days of content being put on at the show that are included in Post and Production World Conference Pass.

I will be at the show at or around the AJA booth and my fellow bovine's can look for me at many of the events for Adobe, AJA and at the Supermeet.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 6, 2011 at 8:37:07 am NAB, DP

NAB is around the corner, is it interesting enough for you yet?


So NAB 2011 starts this coming Saturday.

Last week Adobe showed a fully featured version of Photoshop running on an iPad, Sony announced that they will be showing their 4K camera system on the show flow and privately announced a couple of other new cameras, a message that that was buried behind all of the Tsunami and earthquake news from that ravaged country. The people behind the GoPro camera bought up Cineform, just as 3D was getting off the ground on the NLE front.

Be it known there will be some very cool stuff at the show, one of the must see stops for me will be the 3ality area, outside near the "new" NAB Beer Garden, will; be showing some of the coolest 3D integration toolsets at the show.

Element Technica is showing the newest Atom Rig with a couple of surprises,RED actually has a booth once again this NAB, so there will not be a REDUG meeting as there has been for the last couple of years. The SuperMeet is scheduled for Tuesday night and this year I might just make it.

There has even been some speculation on the internet about a new version of FCP.

So Strap yourself in, NAB is about to begin.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 3, 2011 at 3:00:53 pmComments (3) NAB, Vegas

More on Thunderbolt it seems that it has 2 sets of specs-

So it's been a busy couple of weeks for me leading into NAB, but I wanted to post a bit more about THUNDERBOLT.

To say the confusion about this new technology is amazing, even I had been given conflicting information, mostly because of the differences between the Copper and later Fibre versions of this technology, mainly about what can and can't be done.

I posted what I had been given as specs for Thunderbolt and mine are correct, as far as they go. You see there is a big difference between the first gen of the release that uses Copper backbone and the FULL theoretic specs that cover the release of the optical fiber versions,in which the limits are listed as the specs.

So the theoretical limits of Thunderbolt do actually mean that, in the future, we will be handling data at 10Gbps via 2- bi directional channels, or as Jeremy G first posted, a total maximum aggregate throughput total of 40Gbps. The issue is (according to my source) that we are at least a year or 2 away access to that level of the pipe, the release of the fiber compatible backplane and those of us with the just released first released generation of the thunderbolt chipset will most likely not ever be able to handle the maximum pipe.

As with all technology, the theoretical is always better than the actual.


Posted by: gary adcock on Mar 9, 2011 at 6:53:30 amComments (7) thunderbolt, storage

Thunderbolt, connections for the future

Let’s talk about Thunderbolt ( and why wasn’t the name LightPeak good enough)

The Thunderbolt technology offers users a 10 Gbps - that is roughly 1028 MB {1+ GIgbytes} per second data transfer as a Dual Channel, bi-directional, multi protocol connection, that also allows power over the cable a la FW.

On a laptop.

OK, as someone that has constantly pushed the bounds of working on location, this is finally the real deal, at that max data level, we are talking about viewing 4K (theoretically) in realtime, however for the near future we are really talking about only about ½ of that sustained date rate, being limited in the beginning by copper only cabling and a minimal driver set.

Yet that will change. As with many other Apple hardware technologies, Mac users are often first to the gate, albeit, stalled at the starting line, but Macophiles need not worry. This is a harbinger of things to come, without the ongoing hassles left behind by the exclusion of legacy Floppy discs, a PCMCIA slot, FW 400, Express card, then DVD’s on some models.

The design of ThunderBolt (TB for short, since I do not have a lightening bolt symbol on my keyboard) allows for manufacturers to design around existing and future connectivity all within the TB design structure as long as the developer works with the native driver tools as supplied by Intel and Apple.

Think about what this kind of tech means, even the “slow” initial release will still be able to process content at over 400 MBps with TB native drive arrays. That is enough to handle 2 full rez streams of uncompressed 10bit, 1080 HD content in real time, while also delivering an image to a display.{ For the record, UC footage is easier to playback than lower data rate compressed codecs as there is no compression/ de-compression load on the CPU or need for GPU processing)
As news warrants here I will be updating everyone here on the Cow on the advances on the Storage and display fronts, but for now, the new Apple MacBooks are enabled for the future, I expect to start seeing any number of devices starting next month at NAB.

Next week I will touch on the Sony 8K camera and imager announcements.


Posted by: gary adcock on Mar 2, 2011 at 8:42:38 amComments (7) apple, Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt, rumors of a new version of Final Cut Pro, but I start with the first editing Oscar for Final Cut Pro.

Congrats to Kirk and Angus for recieving the Editing Oscar statuette for their work on The Social Network.

Shot with MX Reds, edited on FInal Cut Pro, the norm for Angus for the last few years, with DI by Michael Cioni at LightIron digital. This proves that FCP is no longer relegated to second class status. Yes, I know that Avid has ruled here, but it was nice to finally see a member of the FCP community on the Oscar stage,

on Wednesday, I will cover some of the ins and outs on the New Thunderbolt Technology that Intel and Apple have been working on for the last 3 years. This 10Gbps connection is set to forever change portable editing and onset data management.

Posted by: gary adcock on Feb 28, 2011 at 5:00:25 amComments (17) Oscar, Red

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