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If you have served or have loved ones serving in our military, thank you for your courage and service.

Our freedom is ours because of people like you, your commitment and understanding that freedom does not come without a price.

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 10, 2011 at 10:50:39 pm IBC, 9/11

IBC day One,

Thunderbolt is here,

Aja and Blackmagic are both showing products based around the thunderbolt connector, Offering the desktop level of power for Stereosocpic and Dual Link capture from a laptop, with proper storage, and the others showing the TB logo are Sonnett, G-Tech, Lacie and a new company "mLogic" (from G-Tech founder Roger Mabon).

One quiet movement here is LTFS, a new data file structure for LTO Archiving, supported by HP and Cache-A, that vastly simplifies the process if retrieving data from LTO Archieves.

One interesting Tech that is not being covered in great detail yet is a new workflow to allow for Nvidia Cuda GPU processing to be passed off from your graphics card directly into your video workflow, I will be going into more depth on this after I get back to the US, but this means that your Adobe Cuda workflows will be getting even better in the future.

Avid DNX HD on the KiPro Mini is due before the end of the year, as well as the ability in the original KiPro to keep recording when signal is lost, an update requested by many users.

BMD has introduced a new version of DaVinci Resolve and reduced the price for Linux users.

Arri is showing 120fps capture in ProRes and 60fps Arriraw capture via Codex Onboard, 2 new lightweight Alura Zooms, and working versions of the Alexa M (on a Cameron/Pace sled) and the new Studio Model with a 4:3 sensor ( anamorphic capture) and an optical viewfinder- a sure hit in features production.

So it's early Sat morning, and I am heading off to the show,

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 10, 2011 at 12:30:46 amComments (2) IBC, Thunderbolt

ADOBE Aquires DI leader Iridas

This is a huge annoucement, Iridas has been a leader in the Digital Intermediate & 3D spaces and their Speedgrade Onset tool is considered the standard for Onset Color managment and LUT creation and handling.

My Congrats to all my friends at both companies, This is HUGE!!!

Adobe aquires one of the most advanced DI tools for 3D and what is considered the standard for Onset color managment to add to their impressive suite of tools.

I said this was going to be interesting....

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 7, 2011 at 11:18:02 pmComments (3) Adobe, Iridas

IBC update, from the DGA -Sony announces pricing on F65 Camera system

So there was a Sony camera event at the directors guild offices in LA last night where Sony showed off their new F65 4k Camera system.

Sony F65 Introductory Pack* includes:
       Sony F65 Camera Body with Mechanical Rotary Shutter
       Sony HDVF-C35W Color Viewfinder
        Sony SR-R4 Digital Recorder
        1x Sony 256MB SRMemory Card
        Sony SR-PC4 Data Transfer Unit

At a reported around $85,000 USD, with a fully 4k recording in S-log, this is a real leap for Sony, the bigger question is what will Arri do at IBC?

And when is Red going to step up with a mechanical shutter, as now both Sony and Arri are showing cameras with optical / mechanical shutter assemblies?
you can read more on Jonhns blog at film &digital times

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 6, 2011 at 11:13:52 pm Sony, 4k

Checking in From IBC

So it's a typical rainy day in Amsterdam, but it appears that there will be more than just one or two big announcements coming at this show. Surprises are in store, from updates on a couple of existing products lines to upgrades on some of your favorite software packages and as I predicted at NAB a lot of buzz about Thunderbolt I/O. I expect to see and talk about some of the coolest right here.

First let's not forget that Apple returned FCS3 back on the market last week and that there is a big Apple event tomorrow on the schedule for tomorrow, BMD has started shipping their Thunderbolt Ultra 3D, G-Tech is now partnering with Atto for their high end HBA solutions. So the news is trickling out.

I am also expecting a surprise announcement about DNXHD, looking at Sony's OLED offerings and the first big show for my friends at 3ality Technica, the combination of 3D powerhouses Element Technica and 3ality Digital. I will be manning one of their super compact Epic / Atom 3D Rigs talking about production and post in the Aja booth again this year.

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 6, 2011 at 6:55:56 am IBC, 3D

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 1, 2011 at 4:17:19 pm FCP, FCPX

If FCPX was beta tested like the iPhone

Since Apple seems to be using lost iPhones as part of their beta testing program, I am longing to wonder what would have happened had they lost a beta copy of FCPX in a bar in Hollywood?

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 1, 2011 at 10:25:27 am FCPX, iPhone

IBC is just around the corner...

hey everyone,
I am back from 30 days of restricted access to social media for one client.

IBC, the second major broadcast convention of the year, is starting in barely a week and there should be a number of annoucements to discuss in the comming weeks, and hopefully there will be some new news on the editing fronts that many of us have been waiting for.


Posted by: gary adcock on Aug 31, 2011 at 4:45:40 amComments (7) IBC, FCPX

The realization sets in


When I posted the first comments on FCPX 4 weeks ago, I thought I was going to be strung up and burned at the stake by some of the commentary. Now everyone seems resolute to the fact that FCPX is finally out and it does not do a lot of what its predecessor did.

I am waiting for Lion at this point, since the people I am talking to are waiting for the release also.
There is no guarantee that when Lion ships any of the tools will work there anymore than they do now.

Someone will make it work, there is too much money on the line for any of it to be left on the table, someone will snatch it up if Apple does not want the Pro space.

Avid and Autodesk have made great products for a long time and Premier has come a very long way since some of us used it to join the pre-FCP multi-media revolution.

I just keep thinking, with all of that power underneath FCPX when that epiphany of knowledge the app is mining will make itself aware.

Posted by: gary adcock on Jul 13, 2011 at 5:05:54 amComments (110) FCP, FCPX

From the Editors Guild...

Mitch Jacobsen's Friday evening video chat for the Editors Guild was released over the weekend.

Myself, Scot Simmons, Phillip Hodgetts, Larry Jordan, Steve Hullfish, Angus Mackay and others joined in to talk about the FCPX, Avid and what is comming for the future.

or from the editors guild web site.

Posted by: gary adcock on Jul 10, 2011 at 9:41:48 amComments (2) FCPx, FCP

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