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The Coolest New Toy I found out about


If you are like me, you carry your iPad onset for everything, from camera and 3D rig manuals, ordering lunch, reading the script to using the damn thing as a slate when needed, and for the last usage the people over at Pomfort had come up with one of the coolest ideas,(though kind of expensive) but here it is, the iPad Slate.

This is a hard shell that goes over the your iPad or iPad2 to give you that full Slate experience when using a digital slate app like Movie✶Slate

iPad case with mechanical clapper sticks
Closing magnet: Loud and clear clap sound
Houses both iPad and iPad2
All controls and interfaces of iPad are accessible
Robust design, high quality materials
Numbered edition, manufactured and assembled in Germany
Integrates with Movie★Slate iPad app (sold separately)

Go take a look here

Posted by: gary adcock on Oct 5, 2011 at 6:43:26 amComments (7) ipad, Slates

HBOGo , could be one of the best apps on the iPad,

So I had a day off over the weekend, and I was lucky enough to have an advance warning that the new HBOGO, iPad app was going to be available.

As an existing HBO customer, one of the things I hate is not being able to access shows like TrueBlood, Big Love, or the new Game of Thornes HBO series on the road without having to pay iTunes for the privilege. The newly released HBOGo app allows HBO subscribers to via there HBO content anywhere, over either wifi or 3G!

My home office has a hellva a pipe in it (20mbps up/ 50mbps down) so my biggest issues wi file downloads are the intermediate servers, not the pipe itself, I have to say having access to the entire HBO library is freakin' awesome!!!!!! All of the HBO content is there, even HBO's Late Night fare of Taxicab Confessions and Real Sex, along with every series HBO has a had on the air in the last 10 years, so even shows like DEADWOOD are available for streaming download

I will state that you will need to ID your cable service (my cable email login sufficed) to make sure you are a customer, bypassing any of the legal issues for delivery since you are already a paying HBO customer. I have to say the more and more of the iPad apps that allow for me to maintain my viewing habits but get me away from the set-top are getting better and better, with this offering from HBO by far the best personal viewing product I have had since the first video iPods.

Thanks Apple and HBO

Posted by: gary adcock on May 3, 2011 at 7:38:24 amComments (3) iPad, HBO

Macworld Day One - Take 2 OMFG!!!

to all of the nay sayers, this Macworld, while with a smaller number of vendors than the early years is a hit. The show floor is absolutely packed with people, to the point where I decided to step back and take a look as some of the cool things I have already seen amid the chaos.

One thing to the iApps developers- get off your butts and talk to people, I walked thru the area just prior to the shows "official" start time and of the 60 or so developers only 2 responded to my inquiries So here we go on the cool stuff to see.

First on my list -, for those of us that live and work in places that require that you wear gloves( or if you are stranded in the mid-atlantic states) this very cool product is literally a pair of gloves that allow you to manipulate any touch sensitive device without removing your gloves and for $15 USD a very very cool product.

TypeDNA- for the people that have a bunch of Fonts but are tired of dealing with the WYSIWYG menus, TypeDNA a plugin for Photoshop, AI and Indesign, that allows you to easily search between style or groups, down to the level to of " what goes with Zapf dingbats" and a selection appears within the Plugin Panel.- very cool

CarMD an electronic tool that plugs in to your cars diagnostic port and gives analysis of what / how your engine / electronics are running.

iBone- (stop laughing) the first interactive Trombone app, Ok for those of you that like Ocarina, iBone is a totally interactive teaching and training tool for aspiring trombone players- very cool and only 2.99 at the iTunes store

Posted by: gary adcock on Feb 11, 2010 at 1:14:43 pm macworld, iphone, ipad

Heading to Macworld Slowly.


this looks like its going to be my last MWSF. As a member of the working press (I write for Macworld LLC and Creative Cow), 90% of the advance PR info I have received has been ipod or iphone related. While not bad, not really worth my time to spend a week in SF looking for something to talk about. I am however looking forward to a hands on with an iPad.

It will be good to catch up with the few of you that will be at Moscone, if you see me say Hi.

Otherwise I will send snippets from the show while I am there.


Posted by: gary adcock on Feb 9, 2010 at 7:59:16 amComments (2) macworld, gary, iphone, ipad

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