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Become A Premier Pro or AfterEffects Certified Instructor

If you are interested

Adobe is going to be offering certification classes for Premier and After Effects Instructors. This opens up your training market to any of the Adobe Authorized Training Facilites around the world.

Monday, August 13 - Thursday, August 16
9:00am - 5:00pm daily Location:
Los Angeles, CA USA
The venue will be determined based on class size.

Sign up early and get a $250 discount. Early bird registration fee is only $1,500.00 through Friday July 13. Standard registration is $1,750 after July 13. Includes a 12-month membership to Creative Cloud and all training materials.

Light breakfast and lunch provided each day.

Travel & Lodging:
Plan to arrive the evening prior to the start date. The course will last for 4 full days, ending after 5:00 on Thursday. Plan your departure accordingly. Please see the registration site for lodging recommendations.

What¹s covered:
Overview to the new Adobe Certification Program
Classroom set-up strategies
Book methodology with new books supporting the CS6 version
A detailed walk-through of the 101 and 250 Teacher¹s Guides
What Makes a positive classroom experience: Premiere Pro CS6 teaching strategies
Instructor presentations and discussions: Trainers will be required to deliver a unit from each course
Stand-up certification with peer evaluations

In addition, each attendee will receive the following:
A complimentary 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud membership. This membership provides you with a comprehensive set of tools including the full offering of Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop applications, Adobe Touch Apps, services and community features.
Instructor's Kit ($250 value).
We realize this program is outside the traditional Adobe certification. Please note that attendance is mandatory for both certification and re-certification for Premiere Pro CS6.

Register Now

If you unable to make the August date in Los Angeles, please send an email with your name and location to Doug Crookston. Doug will notify you of future sessions.

An additional session is planned for late September in London. Send an email to Doug Crookston to indicate your interest in attending the session in London. You will be notified once our plans are final.

Posted by: gary adcock on Jun 28, 2012 at 9:54:44 amComments (2) PremierPro, AfterEffects

Summer's back, FCPX turns 1, ProFusion2012

Ok, I am back once again.

Those that know me, understand that some of my clients are reticent to having me posting/ blogging while working on their long term projects, so if I periodaclly fall off my blog here on the Cow, know that I am working, not just avoiding all of you.


Last Week I was lucky enough to be brought in as one of the guest speakers at Vistek's ProFusion2012 Event. < >
Billed as the largest Tv Technology show in Canada, to my eyes it was, not to mention it is one of the better mid sized trade shows I have been to. ProFusion2012 seems a little odd, covering both the still and video marketplace, when it shows what a vibrant cross over market Toronto has and how the world of imaging for still and video has dramatically changed while preserving the need for both disciplines.
It was also good to see Alex Buono from SNL, Jeff Schewe, Dougas Spotted-Eagle, and to meet Greg Gorman in addition to talking with friends from Sim Video, TheCameraDept, Arri, Dashwood 3D, ToolsonAir, Fujinon and others.

FCPX celebrates one year.

Wow, it's only been a year since FCPX came out, and I still hear the vitriol spewing out at Apple. Get Over It people, either use FCPX or choose one of the alternatives. I had to switch to Premier Pro just because I was just starting work on 2 year project that required workflows and tools that FCP lacked.

Adobe's CS6 was just into early beta at that point, and with their help I was able to create a solid workflow for that project, even though 3D was not technically a full part of the CS6 release. Adobe is going out of their way to make contact and examine every possible senario for the Premier editors, and from my perspective doing an excellent job of it. While I admit that I set my PPro to look and act like FCP, I have been slowly changing back to the PPro defaults as a work on newer segments of that project.

However, for the Record, I still use the FCPX / Compressor workflow for certain things i work on, most of all transcoding.
I have a workflow set up to take Alexa 4444 ProRes files and with a couple of clicks, add a LUT, drop on a Timecode reader and then burn them to h.264 for iPad dailies. When I add a Matrox Compress HD card hiding out in an M-Logic TB Chassis to the mix and this laptop based setup allows me to do "faster than realtime" conversions for a dailies workflow.

More to come.

Posted by: gary adcock on Jun 25, 2012 at 8:38:26 amComments (3) FCPX, Premier CS6

Join industry geek Gary Adcock as he explores the world and technology as it relates to Film and Video production. I am also a Glass artist, so I spend my free time creating art from silica and fire when I am not cooking.


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