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Wow its Monday, where did IBC go ?

I promised to bring back some info from IBC, however I did not expect the show that I had. The people that know me, I am a pretty busy guy come NAB time, until this year, IBC was much more laid back.
Not this year, IBC was almost as busy an NAB for me, with 3 back to back sessions on Stereographic, (my sincere thanks to Rich Harrington for stepping in for a few minutes when my lunch disagreed with me) in addition to my regular plethora of meetings, and seeing many of my European and American friends that I never get to talk to at NAB. There was also a fair amount of travel between the Aja booth in the back of Hall 7 to the Arri and Element Technica Booths in Hall 11, almost as far as 2 booths can be separated in the RAI convention center.

So back to the goodies at IBC.

Matrox showed off direct to H.264 capture via MXO2 on the PC and featured my friend Tim Dashwood of 3D Toolbox fame was also showing this tools including the 3DA1 Stereo calculator app for the iPhone, designed specifically for Panasonic's 3DA1 camera distance and convergence scales.

Autodesk was showing Smoke on the Mac Stereo production workflow using native R3D workflows
Avid Showed A software only version of DS Nitris

I will do an Arri Alexa update later this week, I still need to process to thru the mass of info and make it a usable instead of a ramble like this one.

My friend, UK DP Geoff Boyle has a page of raw videos shot on a Canon Powershot camera offering;

Marshall showing off a 24' S3D production monitor, dual stream or HDMI
its not yet on their website.

Ted Schilowitz teases everyone with an Epic,

GlueTools and Creative Cow's own Bob Monaghan talking about playing back arriraw direct from the new Codex OnBoard recorder's base station.

Yours truly stumbles thru the Aja hi53D description.

Element Technica's Joey Romero talks about the Neutron and Proton rig designs.

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 20, 2010 at 7:13:30 pm IBC, Stereo

IBC Day One


The IBC show starts today in Amsterdam, its cool and sunny here, but awfully humid. I have been busy setting up and have not had the time to see too many of my friends here but I will let you know what I have seen so far.

TIm Dashwood, designer of the 3D toolbox plugin for FCP, Adobe and Avid is demoing a pre-release of his new Onset 3D tool that is due to ship after the first of the year, Mac based and very flexible for those of us working in 3D, I am planning on doing a full review of 3D toolbox later this year as soon as I can get back to Chicago and get some work done.

Iridas is also showing the updated Stereo Frame Cycler that has a one button convergence adjustment that looks very promising for the future of 3D post.

Arri's booth is already awash with people interested with the Alexa, I spent some time with Marc Dando from the Highend DDR company Codex to see their new Codex Mini recorder and Base Station with the first ArriRaw implementations in Alexa being shown as early beta here at the show. I will be all over this announcement, along with all of the Alexa News in my followups next week.

Since I am working in the Aja booth, I need to also mention 3 new items Aja is showing,

The Hi5-3D, mini-converter sized Stereo display converter- used for muxing the 2 camera signals into one HDMI stream for onset viewing, an update to the Kona 3- now available with 3G connectivity and HDMI in and out, and lastly the KiPro Mini- a smaller,lightweight (20oz) version of the popular ProRes recorder. No Up/Down conversion and only HDSDI and HDMI I/O, but all the flavors of ProRes are recorded to CF cards to allow for ultra portable capture and playback.

here is a photo from my phone showing the KiPro and along side the Mini unit.


More to come later today

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 10, 2010 at 12:32:37 amComments (1) kipro, tim dashwood.

IBC is almost here.

Its time for the Tv and Technology show for the rest of the world to start. IBC, THE TV show for the rest of the world starts later this week, and I am once again in attendance.

If NAB is about the announcements, IBC is about the delivery of those products we have been waiting for since April's big show.

I am here, keeping up with all of the releases and whats new, so stay tuned and I will try to keep everyone updated ever day or so with all of the new toys and announcements from one of the best trade shows I have ever done.

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 7, 2010 at 2:12:34 amComments (1) IBC, NAB

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