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Thanks to Bram and the team at FSI -

I want to take a minute and publicly thank Bram and the team at Flanders Scientific for the assistance at this NAB. I know that nearly everyone here on the Cow has heard about Walter and Shane’s glowing reviews of the FSI monitors and I now gladly add my name to that list.

I have been carrying a 17’ FSI unit around for about 3 months now and it was an absolute savior at NAB. For the record the last 5 years I have had to drag an entire edit bay to Las Vegas. That includes desktop, Kona 3, 8T raid and until this year I used 2 displays, one for the computer and one to monitor. Well, this year my Cinema display arrived in 3 pieces. In desperation I plugged a DVI cable from my computer into my LM-1760W and low and behold I was able to use the FSI monitor for both the computer and to monitor the HDSDI feed just by pressing the input selection buttons on the front.
When someone tried to check the calibration setting controls and all they succeeding in doing was throwing the units calibration totally out of whack. Bram and Johan were kind enough to recalibrate the unit at the show. While it is not possible for everyone here on the Cow to get that kind of customized service at a trade show, I would not hesitate a millisecond to recommend the FSI displays to anyone, because with people like this behind a company, I know anyone I send their way will get the best service and support possible and I wanted to thank them publicly for saving my butt.


Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 25, 2010 at 6:45:00 am FSI, NAB, monitors

An Open Letter to Ron - I love being on the COW

Dear Ron.

I want to tell you that I love being on the COW. The feeling of community is just astounding and at the big shows like NAB and IBC the Cow leaders like me really start to understand the breadth and reach that we have. We live in an age were people can remain anonymous on the web, yet here on the Cow we all understand that we are part of a larger whole. At one point on the first day of the show the Aja booth had Walter, Shane, Jerry, Tim Kolb, Russ Lasson, Bob, Neil Sadwelkar ( all the way from india), Mitch Ives and a couple of dozen other COW members around me at various times.


That does not include the dozens of lurkers or people that I did not recognize, and the scores of people that came up to me and commented that " YOU'RE Gary Adcock!!!???, OMG I Read everything you write" or to the "fan' of mine that I met at the Maxx Digitial get together that was intoxicated enough when vigorously shaking my hand to leave a thumb shaped bruise on the top of my hand from his enthusiasm (it hurt like a bitch when ever someone shook hands for the rest of the week).

The Cow allows us a voice to be heard and those of you that do not realize it virtually everyone reads theses pages and content regularly.
And I do mean everyone. I talked to people from ABC and Disney, CNN/ Turner, HBO, BBC, NBC, CBS, NFL films(sorry I missed you guys on Monday).

I only offer support or answer questions on Creative COW. I sometimes make comments on other forums outside of the COW, but my main voice is here as a Leader on Creative COW. I host only my only Blog on the Cow.

My Best Friends are from the COW, my home is Creative COW.

Ron- I thank you for building this resource and letting me make it my main home on the web.

gary adcock

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 16, 2010 at 8:35:10 amComments (3) ron, thanks, cow leaders

NAB is on - Adobe, ARRI, RED all see updates

Its NAB time, and there are a number of announcements over the weekend.

Adobe is announcing the Release date for CS5 today and it is down right amazing. The new Roto Tool in AE is worth the price of the entire suite.

ARRI is in Full Court Press with the release of ProRes Recording internally in the Alexa camera at NAB, RED has announced that they will be showing working Epic Models at the Red UserGroup Event on Wed. Mitch Gross from Abel Cinetech showed 2 new cameras yesterday, Aanton's Hybrid Film and HD model and the amazing Phantom Flex that records @ 2560 x 1600
Records up to
2800 fps @1080
6100 fps @ 720

The camera's HQ MODE .eliminates the Need to Black Balance before and after every shot.
1000 ISO
Internal mechanical shutter
444 DL and Smpte TC out from Camera

3D is everywhere just like me.

I am presenting in the Post Pit @ 2pm and will be on the floor at the Aja booth on Tuesday Morning.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 12, 2010 at 7:02:40 am ARRI, RED

Enough said, Arri Launches Alexa with ProRes Recording onboard.

I was lucky enough to be one of the invitees to the Alexa Launch event in Hollywood last night and Arri Auditorium has shown that they are not about to concede the digital high ground any time soon.'

In the Directors Guild auditorium last night, the Hollywood luminati from the Tech side of cinematography including more than a couple of dozen ASC members, in addition to top people from Apple, Panavision, FotoKem, Technicolor and about every high end tech guy in the industry

Alexa is the next generation of digital cinema cameras from the world leader in FILM cameras Arri. This camera is geared for both mainstream production and digital cinema and designed with the elegant hybridization of form and function coupled with excellent look and feel that one expects from a quality german made hardware.

There will be a lot said about this camera but 2 things are a big deal for the Cow and her users. Alexa records internally as Apple ProRes HQ or as ProRes 4444. If ProRes is good enough for Arri, a name that is synonymous with QUALITY, has decided that ProRes was the best available to handle their 13+ stops of tonal range. As part of the DTE (direct to edit) systems, Arri showed content shot just an our earlier live on screen via Final Cut Pro (and a small tech glitch)

So for all of those nay -sayers whining about ProRes not being good enough, wake up.

Also shown were a new partnership with Arri / Fujinon PL mount zoom lenses, good for both PL mount film and Digital cameras in 18-80 and 45-250 MM focal lengths. With pricing of the lenses at 16,000 Euro and 21,000 Euros respectively.

This is the week before NAB 2010 this is going to be some show this year, so join us in the desert for what will be Cinema Tech Heaven for some of us.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 7, 2010 at 7:28:05 amComments (4) arri, alexa, fujinon, asc, prores

Join industry geek Gary Adcock as he explores the world and technology as it relates to Film and Video production. I am also a Glass artist, so I spend my free time creating art from silica and fire when I am not cooking.


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