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Sunday Surprises there will be few announcements. and AJA's T-Tap one thing I Must have!


I hope people are following things here, there is way too much info to pass off in the few minutes I have to write.

Canon showed the C-500 and new EOS 1D c, with new PL and EF mount Zooms and Primes - I will have a seperate review of the C500 after the show.

Arri Announced that they are now writing Alexa files as 2K ProRes files incamera- 4:3 Sensor upgrades, new SDK and a bunch of accessories.

AJA- I am at the Aja booth so stop by, KiPro Quad- full 4K ProRes recorder with Thunderbolt pass thru, DNXHD to come later, ability to record and process 4K RAW formats. Shipping when the C-500 does. $3995USD.
KiPro Rack what everyone has been waiting for- 1 RU rack KiPro with Dual Drive Modules, redundant power supplies

Aja's T-Tap Thunderbolt I/O Ok, at $249 Aja has bought Thunderbolt monitoring to the masses. At 1/2 the size of the Aja's current converter line the TTap attached via TB and offers both HDMI ( 1.4a) and HDSDI monitoring in a buss powered connector

Fujinon announced the companion to the Cabio 19-90 PL Zoom, with a range of 83-300 PL Mount with Zoom controls for under $40K USD

The RED announcements include a 4K projector, 6K sensor upgrades and an I/O adaptor and much more.

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 16, 2012 at 7:05:42 amComments (5) Aja, Canon

SInce Rich Harrington was kind enough to share the link---

From my Createasphere Presentation from September 2011 for Aja Video

AJA Intensive Session: File Based Workflows with Gary Adcock

(part 1)

(part 2)

Posted by: gary adcock on Nov 18, 2011 at 2:09:57 pmComments (1) aja, tapeless

Join industry geek Gary Adcock as he explores the world and technology as it relates to Film and Video production. I am also a Glass artist, so I spend my free time creating art from silica and fire when I am not cooking.


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