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NAB's PreRelease announcments continue/ Sony4K , BandPro EVF, Thunderbolt Test gear.


So many new toys out already and it is still more than a week away from the Big Show.

Sony announced on April 1st that they were releasing the next gen NEX-FS700, with up to 120 fps for Highspeed / slomo acquisition at 1080p and a 4K size sensor with 3G HDSDI (so 444 or Dual Link workflows).

Band Pro annouces a new EVF for Sony Cameras and a commitment to supporting Alexa, RED and other camera models in the future. For many of you, having the luxury of replacing your EVF is not an option, but to some of us, the ability to have higher rez or better refresh rates outweigh the cost and added weight.

Thunderbolt tools are arriving ElGato is now shipping a TB bus powered SSD module in 120 and 240G models. These are the first of the TB generation that support TB power and do not require an external power supply. and now that Tektronics has started shipping TB occilscopes and test gear, there should be many more TB solutions to come

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 3, 2012 at 7:35:15 amComments (2) Sony, Thunderbolt

IBC update, from the DGA -Sony announces pricing on F65 Camera system

So there was a Sony camera event at the directors guild offices in LA last night where Sony showed off their new F65 4k Camera system.

Sony F65 Introductory Pack* includes:
       Sony F65 Camera Body with Mechanical Rotary Shutter
       Sony HDVF-C35W Color Viewfinder
        Sony SR-R4 Digital Recorder
        1x Sony 256MB SRMemory Card
        Sony SR-PC4 Data Transfer Unit

At a reported around $85,000 USD, with a fully 4k recording in S-log, this is a real leap for Sony, the bigger question is what will Arri do at IBC?

And when is Red going to step up with a mechanical shutter, as now both Sony and Arri are showing cameras with optical / mechanical shutter assemblies?
you can read more on Jonhns blog at film &digital times

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 6, 2011 at 11:13:52 pm Sony, 4k

Sony Announces PL mount member of the XDCamEX family.

Yesterday Sony announced the PDW F3K camera, a new PL mount member of the EX camera line.

Initially the camera looks interesting, $16K without lenses, Super 35MM sensor, w/ HDSDI, genlock, even dual link outputs( future upgrade) that shoots to the Ex formated SxS cards. frame rates for 1-30 in 1080 and up to 60fps in 720 mode.

The PDW-F3K camera

Read about it here on the Sony UK web site.

I will be recieving one of these for testing prior to release, so hold on for a real challenge in the mid level camera competition, not the top of the line and not the bottom- these are promising for S3D acquisition.

Posted by: gary adcock on Nov 9, 2010 at 6:23:09 amComments (7) SONY, EX

OLED displays to be shown by SONY at NAB 2010

Since I only post on a couple of sites other than the Cow, I thought I would share this little piece of info with my Bovine Friends.

It's NAB Time and I got a chance to spend 2 days onset with one of the yet to be released Sony OLED (PVM740) displays while working some of my NAB Prep and I have to say that it is a pretty damned nice little unit. Rugged and compact, though a little thicker (about .75" or 2cm) around the middle than my usual Panasonic 8" LCD, it was a tad lighter overall. It had all of the usual tool set but a few things stuck out at me.

First and foremost was the onscreen Waveform display is set on a transparent background, so finally an affordable monitor that does not take away a huge chunk of the the corner of my rather small screen by blacking out the area behind the Waveform. Secondly, its 10bit, able to handle images that my 8bit panel could not. It's about time that even the smallest displays start conforming to the 10bit future. Though 10bit not really needed when used on-camera or on set, that would allow for low profile racks to have 10bit in the truck on at the DIT station. Even though component has been let off the unit, it does have 3G SDI, Composite and now HDMI connections, so that is will be usable from f35's all the way down to the new gen of DSLR shooters. Is HDMI possibly a hint at a change in philosophy about Sony using HDMI instead of HDSDI for future versions of on-camera or control room monitoring ?

a closer look at the Sony PVM740

Lastly was the Brightness. I worked both indoors and out in full sun with nothing more than some black wrap shielding direct light and it handled beautifully. It's OLED display has a rated 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio that offers better blacks than I have ever seen onset and it even though ships with an plastic protective screen cover screwed to the front of the unit, I could actually see through that cover outdoors because of the enhanced contrast levels possible when there is no backlight common to LCD panels. It was nice to see that compact a camera display that did not appear any less in quality than the Cine-Tal B.230 I normally use onset.

My main concern is that some people may not want a native 960x540 display in a 1080 world. The display offers standard, overscan and pixel to pixel operational viewing modes to compensate. However there is no onscreen indicator that you are in the Pixel to Pixel or "Native" viewing mode when you have the OSD indicators on the display turned off (or I could not find the setting). Other than that issue I found this display to be a worthy addition to my camera kit. With "street" pricing excepted to be right around $3K US this monitor will be popping up more and more in the our "greener" environmentally aware future.

Thanks to Gary Mandle for shipping this to NAB via Chicago so I could get a peek at it.

Posted by: gary adcock on Mar 30, 2010 at 12:22:01 pm sony, oled, cinetal, nab, 10bit

BandPro's Michael Bravin departs to join ARRI USA

While not big news for most people, I would like to take a second and talk about a really big change in our industry.

Michael Bravin, an all around HD geek and good friend, has left his long time position at BandPro to join ARRI USA as the as man when it comes to the new Alexa series of cameras. Michael has been a major player in the camera community, having guided education and assisted in the development at BandPro starting with Sony's first 1035 cameras thru the f900s, then later with the f23& f35 camera systems.

While Michael will be missed at BandPro, his knowledge and enthusiasm will be welcomed at ARRI USA and I hope they use his skills to the fullest to help in creating a truly masterful workhorse system with Alexa.

Posted by: gary adcock on Jan 11, 2010 at 9:55:58 am arri, sony, bandpro, alexa

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