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FCPX: Let me Count the Ways to Organize your Media in Final Cut Pro X

This is meant as a simple guide to the some of the media handling commands in FCPX.

I have augmented the Apple menu items with some of my own experiences and concepts. Your experience will vary but this is to give you a running start on how to keep things organized.

The project is the movie you create using clips from your Events and media. Its was considered a Sequence, Events can have multiple project files, I treat them like I would treat Sequences in FCP7

An Event is like a folder that contains all the media recorded on a certain date. It’s a more sophisticated version of a Bin, but it nothing more than a virtual repository for your media. You never want to mess with your Events folders, that is where the media storage itself is.

You can add media to it by dragging or by ingesting it to this location. Events allow you to re-create a folder within a folder level hierarchy in the Event Library to your projects.

Deleting media from an Event will delete that media completely from your project and place it in the trash. If you empty the trash, you will be discarding that media from your project, and it will not be recoverable.

Moving Events
The easiest way to move the Event is to just drag the icon to a new Disk in the Event Library, This also allows the user to re-define the location of the media and all related files.

Delete a project or project folder
Deleting a project folder deletes the folder and all of the projects it contains. Your media is not deleted because media is stored in Event, however all of your edits and adjustment stay within the Project file.

Duplicate Project- functions much like media manager did simple selections for Project only, Project & all References or Project with just used media.

Duplicate Project Only: Duplicates files specific to the project you selected, best if multiple projects use the same media

Duplicate Project and Referenced Events: Duplicates the project and any Events referred to by the project. This will include all media associated with your project and it includes all unused materials ingested.

Duplicate Project + Used Clips Only: Duplicates the project and the media for any clips used in the project, but none of the render files, this is the best for archive of a single project.

There is also an include Render files check box at the bottom of this dialog box that will include and re-link renders in the project you are duplicating.

Move Project- Move all media and associated items to new volume. | used this for uploading an on location edit to a desktop system. It too can move just project or project and all referenced media again with or without renders.

You can also move projects by clicking and dragging the Project icon to another hard disk in the Event Library. Apple mentions to use CMD + Drag of Project icon to the new disk, but I can see no difference between using or not using the CMD key while dragging the file.

Merge Events- can combine 2 copies of the same project into a single Project file, say to bring last nights changes you did on the train into your desktop at the office

Consolidate media- This is the clean up your desk command.

Copy Referenced Events: Duplicates the referenced Events (and all the clips in those Events) to the location of your project.

Move Referenced Events: Moves all the referenced Events to the location of your project. Do not use if other projects use some of the same media- media will not be available to other projects.

Copy Used Clips Only: Duplicates only those media files used in the project. This option gives you only the media used in the project

New Event Name field: If you select Copy Used Clips Only, you can create a new Event to hold the consolidated media.

Organize Project is the consolidate media for your scratch disk only moving all of the related renders and data files to your scratch disk location. This is used when you have not been working with all of your media on a single volume.

People do not realize that having media on multiple drives will slow the ability for the media to properly handle your audio and video files in realtime. Using the Organize Project is useful to gather all of your project files to a single scratch volume.

A note about available disks / disk storage with FCPX:
I have had no issues with FW, USB, eSata or Fibre attached storage volumes on my test systems. There are currently a number of reported issues with devices that rely on ethernet for connectivity.

I hope this helps alleviate some of the stress more to come later this week.


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