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My World Cup Passive 3D nightmare

I have been into 3D for awhile now, so I like many others jumped at the chance to watch ESPN"s 3D coverage of the FIFA world cup games.

What I found out stunned me. It is virtually impossible to watch the world cup broadcast on a 3D TV using Passive (circular polarized) content, WHAT?? It seems that the initial 3D broadcasts are only being geared towards the lower cost active displays made by Sony, Samsung and Panasonic.

It seems that the 3D content sent by DirectTV is 720p60 in a signal called "checkerboard" for those of us that actually work in 3D that translated to "interlace".
Great I get that, however the problem I ran into is 2 fold. I tried connecting with with 2 different displays, both leaders in the field for passive technology. JVC's GD-463d10 display is one of the best out there, in spite of the nearly $10,000 USD price tag and a Hyundai model that cost over $5000. Damned if I could get either of these sets to work, and both for different reasons.
Those that keep up with my diatribes know that I dearly love the JVC display and it was everywhere at this past NAB, the one issue with this set is well one of those things that is more annoying than I ever imagined. It does not accept a 720p signal, that's right JVC's cameras shoot mostly 720p but the stereo display they designed cannot see the signal from there cameras, and because the HDMI broadcast signal uses HDCP I could not use the trick I used at NAB- passing the 720p signal thru a KiPro to cross-convert the signal to 1080. The HDCP protocol limits the devices that process the HDMI ( no aja device allows you to violate the HDMI hardware restraints).

So I moved on the the Hyundai display, I have used these onset, and while the set allows the 720p signal - low and behold- the Hyundai display does not support the "checkerboard" signal being sent by DirectTV.


Let me say that I was not brought in to assist with the issue until someone at the facility had spent more than 15 hrs trying to fix this issue first, I spent another 5 hrs,before I had tried all of the available options ( including one from Hyundai that called for using a $129 Geffen box to modify the HDMI signal.

Oh well back to 2D

Posted by: gary adcock on Jun 22, 2010 at 7:01:31 amComments (1) Stereoscopic 3d, Direct TV, World Cup 3D

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