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Wow, were did Tuesday go?

This has been one crazy show, I have counted more that 500 products that I have found interesting, inbetween working at the Aja booth and running / speaking at the Director of Photography Conference at Post Production World. I understand that some of my comments have been short but I will be filing a full report on technology and trends later this week. Unfortunately running on 4 hours of sleep a night do wear on your ability to communicate in a coherent fashion.

Cool things this time.

Promise Technologies has a 100M Optical Thunderbolt cable on display in their Booth,

Charlie Kendall of SPYDER Support Systems is showing a $400 mounting plate to allow you do shoot Green Screen footage at the highest possible rez by setting your camera on it's side! It works with ENG style camera all the way down to prosummer versions, any type baseplate, any mounting screw position.

3aility Technica is showing some great stuff this year, but I loved the cheeseplate "armor" for using an F3 in the TS rigs.

Not to be outdone Cameron Pace Group is also outside between buildings showing next gen versions of their "Shadow" rig technology but the Smart Slate they are showing is by far the most advanced that I have seen, as alll of this metadata is being caputured along with the images.

Lastly, because food is a big deal in Vegas (and for me) this was what we started dinner with last night - Iberico ham from Spain at Jaleo

Posted by: gary adcock on Apr 18, 2012 at 9:31:31 amComments (3) NAB Show, 3D

CES News from around the industry

Well CES is in full swing. Not being there this year, I find the news and PR feeds from the show very interesting, here are some of the tibbits I have found.

Nikon's new flagship DSLR camera, 16.2MP, Live HDMI output while recording ( hopefully that 1080p signal is recorded as something other than the Mpeg it was the worst of the recorded signals in the zacuto shoot out)

Polaroid anounces new 3D eyeware for Theatrical and Gameing use.

Samsung and LG both announce jumbo sized 55"+ OLED TVs that are an astonsihingly 4mm thin. I saw a Sony OLED Prototype at NAB that fit these parameters and it was both amazing looking and had an outstanding picture

And Toshiba introdues a 55" autostereoscopic display (glasses free 3D)

Still working on someother information to come, but for now enjoy.

Posted by: gary adcock on Jan 11, 2012 at 7:10:29 amComments (4) CES, 3D

Checking in From IBC

So it's a typical rainy day in Amsterdam, but it appears that there will be more than just one or two big announcements coming at this show. Surprises are in store, from updates on a couple of existing products lines to upgrades on some of your favorite software packages and as I predicted at NAB a lot of buzz about Thunderbolt I/O. I expect to see and talk about some of the coolest right here.

First let's not forget that Apple returned FCS3 back on the market last week and that there is a big Apple event tomorrow on the schedule for tomorrow, BMD has started shipping their Thunderbolt Ultra 3D, G-Tech is now partnering with Atto for their high end HBA solutions. So the news is trickling out.

I am also expecting a surprise announcement about DNXHD, looking at Sony's OLED offerings and the first big show for my friends at 3ality Technica, the combination of 3D powerhouses Element Technica and 3ality Digital. I will be manning one of their super compact Epic / Atom 3D Rigs talking about production and post in the Aja booth again this year.

Posted by: gary adcock on Sep 6, 2011 at 6:55:56 am IBC, 3D

Happy New Year - I'm Back

First off Happy New Year- its already happened in Australia and parts of Asia as I type, but I still I wish everyone the most Joyous and Prosperous of New Years to all.

So I promised everyone I was going to be diligent about maintaining my Cow Blog. The last 5 months have been a whirlwind for me, I have been working and traveling almost non-stop since August. So here goes.

It's going to be a 3D world, and soon.

Since February of 2010, I have delved headfirst into 3D, and now have touched more than 50 projects so far, so I guess that I will be doing this for awhile longer. I have spoke on 3D at IBC, done a full day of 3D orientation for Local 600, in Chicago, spoke at the Sports Video Group's 3D Summit and done a full day of teaching 3D courtesy of Steve, Alan, and Kevin at the Studio - B&H.

I am lucky enough to working with the companies that are building the future of 3D, so look forward to info and updates on Element Technica, Cineform, 3D- Toolbox, Aja, 3ality, Angenieux, FujiOptics, Iridas and a bunch on the display side also.
I hope to share some of my upcoming testing with the new F3 camera from Sony and hands on with an EPIC in early January.

So Stay tuned, this is going to be a huge year for all of us.

Best wishes


Posted by: gary adcock on Dec 31, 2010 at 8:00:54 amComments (10) 3D, 3D tools

You know I am busy when I am not posting,

So it's been almost a month since I last posted in the blog, sorry about that but really have been busier than normal.

So a couple of updates

Right after IBC I went directly to NYC and while checking into my hotel room found out that my corporate credit card number been absconded with and some one used it to buy 3800€ of petrol in Moscow, I voided the cards, but that saga will go on for a month or more.

Then I spent 3 days in Pasadena teaching cinematography and 3D, I had a great time, met some cool people and landed in LA on the day that a new record high temperature of 113* at LAX was recorded.

This past week I have been the student, taking the Element Technica Advanced 3D Rig Tech class. This was 5 days of hands-on with the complete functionality, maintenance and repair of Element Technica's Quasar broadcast and cinema 3D chassis. 3D is the next shiny new toy on my radar and I have a number of opportunities coming up to not only shoot more 3D (I am already working as a Stereographer) but also to offer up some customized stereoscopic training for my clients.

With the boom in broadcasting of 3D content I fully believe that 3D is here to stay and guys like me have a 2-3 year window until consumer grade tools reach the quality of the Panasonic 3DAG1 at 1/3 of he cost. For now I need professional tools that do not limit my creative license but allow me full access to the complete 3D environment,


Posted by: gary adcock on Oct 16, 2010 at 10:28:05 am 3D, Element Technica

3D in the here and now.

So just in case anyone out there is thinking that 3D is just a fad, hold on. NAB is going to be 2X as much fun as before, its going to be stereo here and stereo there.

This image of me with Element Technica's Quasar Rig, 2 M-X Red's from OffHollywood Digital and prototype lenses from Vision 3 attached to a 50ft Technocrane that shot last week on location in Washington DC.

More to come at NAB.

Posted by: gary adcock on Mar 22, 2010 at 2:18:39 pm element technica, offhollywood, v3, stereo, 3d

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