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How to Batch Process Photos with the Image Processor

COW Blogs : Richard Harrington's Blog : How to Batch Process Photos with the Image Processor
When working in time-lapse or panoramic photography, chances are that you have a lot of photos to deal with. Maybe its a bunch of Raw files that you want to develop to the same settings, or high resolution images that you want to down sample. The great news is that Photoshop includes a useful script to get more done in less time.

The Image Processor differs from the Batch command in that you don’t have to first create an action. The Image Processor script can be more flexible than the Batch command. The Image Processor can be used for any of the following tasks:
  • To convert a set of files to JPEG, PSD, or TIFF format. You can also convert files simultaneously to all three formats.
  • To process a set of Camera Raw files using the same Camera Raw options.
  • To resize images to fit within a specified pixel dimension.
  • To embed a color profile into images or convert files to sRGB and save them as JPEG images for the Web.
  • To include copyright metadata within the processed images.

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Posted by: Richard Harrington on Jul 7, 2011 at 9:59:55 am AdobePhotography

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