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Familiarity: Breeds Contempt or Comfort?

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Happy Monday Cows,

I don't know if any of you do this, but I also edit at home out of pleasure (obsession?) I basically have an older version of Vegas (6) and an even older Premiere. I find this plenty for my friend's weddings, dog videos, comedic videos for You Tube, etc.

Earlier this year, I got a nice Sony still cam, the dsc-w350, with video capabilities. No, nothing elaborate at all, just a basic and small (which was the idea) personal camera for easy use, quick, quality photos of things like friend's weddings, our dog, comedic photos, etc.

The plan was to get something that could do both (photos and video) decently enough. I tried the Kodak "flip" cam (I know Flip is another brand) and didn't like it. The video was fine if I was in the bright outdoors but sucked inside as did the photos. So, I buys this latest gizmo early this year, and for what it is and the price, it's a real good deal. I even shot some of my purgers videos with this. (

The big draw back is the auto focus. It just can't handle a lot of movement as it refocuses on that or any quick camera moves. So, I use it for video quite sparingly (again, just for my little home for fun productions, nothing pro).

The other phenomenon is something that we've all been "enjoying" lately and that's formats. It shoots mp4 and while my Vegas actually imports it, it crashes like a test dummy with these files. My Premiere won't touch them. So, for the 2nd or 3rd time now, this weekend I went on line looking for a mp4 native editor. What a mess! I tried several, and all, to put it in a nutshell, sucked royally. I found it's much better to just go ahead and convert everything to .mov before editing, which I can easily do with a nice, non-sucking program I found on line (don't know the name just now).

Seeing I've already shared more detail here than intended, let's just say my home system wasn't feeling too good yesterday, and things were slow and had plenty of crashes, etc.

Here at the ranch, I fired up our Avid and got busy. Got my color correcting and graphics done in 1 1/2 hours this AM on the next college segment, and all went pretty smoothly. I'm starting the 3rd segment now that has lots of on camera testimonials (talking heads). I have the footage in a networked drive and all of it loaded in the Premiere here (CS3) and the testimonial parts also in Avid. There's a lot to cut during these and while I was planning on doing this segment in Premiere, I decided to cut at least the testimonials in Avid.

It just seems like I can cut audio/on camera talking heads quicker in Avid, I think because of the rendering scheme in Adobe vs. Avid. I've already cut down the foreign student in much less time than expected. I think a lot of this is simply because I can edit the fastest on Avid because I've been cutting on that consistently since 1999.

So, maybe in our tools preferences, part of it is just familiarity and what we're comfortable with.

This whole FCPX makes for very interesting study and thoughts about possible future tools at home.

Have a happy and creative day,


Posted by: Mark A. Stuart on Jun 27, 2011 at 8:41:10 am musings, stories

Cows! Yes, I'm still alive! Not sure this blog is, however. Can't even seem to find it now. I suppose it's been that long since I've blogged here, but looks like I'm still towards the top bloggers here at the COW too. Told you when I started this a few years ago I usually start them and blog for awhile, then drift away! Currently considering starting my own off my personal website, but we'll see. Life here in broadcast land has been very busy, but who's not very busy? Remember my post about "Meatball Production"? That has come to a whole new level with me currently cutting SIX half hour shows single handed EVERY WEEK. I must say, though, especially considering those deadlines, I'm pretty happy with the way they look. Lots of changes here at the barn since I last spoke to you. New boss, mostly same equipment (still broadcasting in SD here!) and the same prod. van that's falling apart by the day. Well, new gear is coming soon, and we did replace the very much needed lav mics recently. Night and day difference there. Overall, things here are OK, just different. I'm prodding along in Prod as always, but still loving the editing life, it's a good place to be. Special shout out to Mike C.: I haven't forgotten you, buddy. I'll catch up with your blog soon! Your fellow farmer, Mark


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