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Photoshop Layer Styles Shortcuts

COW Blogs : Richard Harrington's Blog : Photoshop Layer Styles Shortcuts
When it comes to Photoshop layer styles, how do you add shortcuts to a technology based on shortcuts?

The designers at Adobe managed to squeeze a few in. Here’s the most useful shortcuts related to layer styles.

  • Double-click on a layer in the layer’s panel (except on the name), and you will be in the Layer Style dialog box.
  • To edit a specific effect, double-click that effect’s name in the Layers panel.
  • Turn effects off temporarily by clicking on the eyeball icon next to it.
  • Copy and paste layer styles by right-clicking on the effect icon in the Layers panel and choose Copy layer style.
  • You can also paste a copied effect to multiple layers that are selected or linked. Just right-click on the Effect icon and select Paste Layer Style.
  • You can move a layer style from one layer to another by dragging it.
  • You can Option + drag (Alt + drag) a layer style from one layer to another to copy it.

Photoshop Layer Styles Shortcuts Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Mar 28, 2011 at 7:32:00 pm Adobe

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