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My Relationship With After Effects Getting More Intimate All The Time

COW Blogs : I'm Still Alive! : My Relationship With After Effects Getting More Intimate All The Time
Hmmm... maybe a common new year's resolution for fellow creative ppl. is blogging! Nice to see so many entries lately...

I'm still quite busy at the ranch. Among many other things, just did a major (to me) "fix it in post" exercise. I had some footage of a realtor on camera who looked at everything but the camera. I won't go into why the footage is this way (it's an ugly story), but it was in my and our department's best interest to try and make at least a few seconds of it usable.

I first tried to motion track a shot of his eyes looking at the camera in Avid, but wasn't too happy with the results. I then took it into After Effects, but still wasn't quite right. Had to make this believable so Average Joe viewer would never be the wiser. Even tried importing the footage into our expanded version of Photoshop and do some frame by frame stamping/painting, but that looked really weird. Then, went back into AE for another try with a static shot of his eyes looking at the camera and tried to motion track a couple times, and then... whola!

Here's the before shot:

eyes/After Effects fix

Here's my after (effects) shot:

eyes after After Effects motion tracking

I haven't done much motion tracking before, and this was by far the most complex one I've done so far. I learned it makes a huge difference on what you track on. It also makes a difference where you are tracking-it worked better going a bit beyond the eyes and masking on the forehead with a feathered edge.

Once again, After Effects proves to be my friend!

Posted by: Mark A. Stuart on Jan 13, 2011 at 6:37:29 pmComments (1) After Effects


Re: My Relationship With After Effects Getting More Intimate All The Time
by Leda Flores
nice job Mark, well done..

Leda Flores | After Effects Marketplace Team

Cows! Yes, I'm still alive! Not sure this blog is, however. Can't even seem to find it now. I suppose it's been that long since I've blogged here, but looks like I'm still towards the top bloggers here at the COW too. Told you when I started this a few years ago I usually start them and blog for awhile, then drift away! Currently considering starting my own off my personal website, but we'll see. Life here in broadcast land has been very busy, but who's not very busy? Remember my post about "Meatball Production"? That has come to a whole new level with me currently cutting SIX half hour shows single handed EVERY WEEK. I must say, though, especially considering those deadlines, I'm pretty happy with the way they look. Lots of changes here at the barn since I last spoke to you. New boss, mostly same equipment (still broadcasting in SD here!) and the same prod. van that's falling apart by the day. Well, new gear is coming soon, and we did replace the very much needed lav mics recently. Night and day difference there. Overall, things here are OK, just different. I'm prodding along in Prod as always, but still loving the editing life, it's a good place to be. Special shout out to Mike C.: I haven't forgotten you, buddy. I'll catch up with your blog soon! Your fellow farmer, Mark


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