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XSAN & Final Cut Server Update

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I can't believe this much time has passed since my last blog entry here. But no one has bugged me about it for a while either, so the old adage rings true - out of sight, out of mind. That said, production has slowed up a bit so I'm back to working on our Final Cut Server implementation.

Our network engineer and I have been working to get our SAN running properly before adding Final Cut Server to the mix. He set up a test bed and was hard at work for about six weeks working out the kinks in our system. He was able to consolidate six volumes into three and make them much faster and more reliable.

With that in check, we're moving onto our next phase of a four year project. I have a boatload of notes, notecards and books. Just today, I received the new Final Cut Server 1.5 book by Drew Tucker. It came in a bit lighter than had been sold by Peachpit Press. So, I'm a bit disappointed in that aspect. It was sold as 360 pages, but weighs in at 271 pages including the index. I was really hoping for something comprehensive. As I go through the book, I hope it will help me to bring together all of my sources including notes from my class.

One curveball I hadn't expected was my findings after using Telestream Episode. I find it far faster than Compressor - even in a cluster environment as we've used for a while. This recent discovery could have me re-thinking one of our main purposes for FCServer - creating proxy files and distributable media assets. I think I can get around that with some creative watch folder actions. The problem will be in keeping the FCServer database up to date. Once I get the workflow redesigned in OmniGraffle, I'm sure the solution will become more clear.

I'm thinking of creating some screen captures as I go through this process. We'll see how that goes and I'll have to perhaps create a walkthrough for our internal training here. If I can get authorization, I might be able to release those to the public should there be any interest.

I'm starting on the book tonight with Lesson 1: Overview and Installation. Although I've already gone through these steps, I want to see if Drew has included something I might have missed. Ciao for now.

Posted by: Jeff Handy on Aug 16, 2010 at 10:56:08 amComments (2) Final Cut Server, Final Cut Pro


Re: Blog: XSAN & Final Cut Server Update
by Mathieu Xavier
The new book is very much what we've been waiting for --there's lots of good material in there. That being said, we're always for the next one that would go deeper into FCSvr and perhaps give some more recipes.
Re: XSAN & Final Cut Server Update
by Deyson Ortiz
Very nice, I am very interested to see your results.

Best of luck!

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