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Makin' Saturn: Adding a 2.5D Ring

COW Blogs : Graham Quince's Blog : Makin' Saturn: Adding a 2.5D Ring
Here's what I thought would be a challenge, but turned out to be quite straight-forward, (I won't say easy). In this video, I use Video Copilot's Orb plugin to create Saturn with a texture map from Solar System Scope, then I use After Effect's built-in effects to create a ring and have the planet appear inside the ring (with a bit if help from expressions)

Video Copilot's Orb plugin can be downloaded here:

Solar System Scope:

Makin' Mercury using VC Orb:

Makin' Mercury with CC Sphere:

Project file:


Posted by: Graham Quince on Jul 26, 2019 at 4:18:21 pm Video copilot, Orb, expressions, saturn, rings

Here you'll find a bunch of tutorials for using After Effects (mainly). I have a YouTube channel, called ShiveringCactus (long story - not funny anymore) where I post the videos.
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