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Clockwork: Procrastination (ironically) pays off ...

COW Blogs : Sterling_76's Blog : Clockwork: Procrastination (ironically) pays off ...

... at least for this project.

While tweaking the markers I had set up in Audition of the demo version of the song, Audition crashed. Like a first-time user, I just glanced at the screen and thought that my changes before the crash were still there and saved the file instead of "Save As...". I was using the Spectral Display in Audition to see where the kick drum hit in the audio since I want to make my animation sync with the music. When I looked at the Spectral Display of the audio, nothing was there. So, I reinstalled Audition to hope that would fix my problem. It didn't. So, I opened the original WAV, and Spectral Display was working fine. I really didn't feel like redoing the marker process for this track (there are over 350 of them).

I called up Victor, the bassist and sound engineer of the band, and asked if I'd be able to get a copy of just the bass guitar WAV and kick drum WAV files in addition to a finalized version of the track. It turns out they are still tweaking things and need to re-record the guitar track tomorrow night, but I'll be able to get everything I want on Saturday.

Why make a video using a demo track?

That's all I've had for the longest time. It wasn't until the last couple weeks that the band, in their infinite wisdom Wink, decided to fine tune a lot of their tracks and press their first CD.

Once I get the new audio, I'll post screenshots of my process of setting everything up in Audition, exporting the markers to CueListTool, and getting the markers set up in After Effects. I'm hoping to have this stuff posted no later than Monday evening before I have to go to work (hooray for third shift!). Depending on whether the band will allow it or not, I will try to post samples of the track in order to give you an idea of the tone of the song. I might even get ambitious enough to post a video of storyboards and audio.

In the meantime, I'm playing around with Google's SketchUp to storyboard the video. I was introduced to this cool little app by Stu Maschwitz's The DV Rebel's Guide. It's a neat book with lots of fun information. And, the cover is laminated, which makes it coffee-resistant. I accidentally tested this undocumented feature.

I've also been playing with Adobe's kuler to help me decide on a color palette for my soon-to-be redesigned, business/client-friendly website. I'm hoping on having a mock-up done by Monday evening as well. *crosses fingers*


I'm a mooch :)
by Sterling_76
I've just been playing with samples that other people have been made and were the highest rated themes in colors that I like. I'll try to make up some samples when I get home and have access to a display that has more accurate colors than the grungy monitor I'm using now at work. I'll check out your swatches then, too.
I'll never get to bed now...
by Jacki Schklar
Playing with that kuler. Just created some themes under my username jschklar. Did not see any under your name.
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