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Day 1 at Adobe MAX: Things People Said

COW Blogs : Kylee Peña's Blog : Day 1 at Adobe MAX: Things People Said
This is my first MAX, and I naively looked at the map and my schedule and said "ah, this will be easy. It's like a fraction of the size NAB is, so I won't die!"

MAX starts early, ends late, and now 11,000 steps later I feel I did not emotionally prepare.

But don't let me whining fool you: it was the bomb so far. I've got a couple of cool stories in the works and I'll definitely have some fascinating stuff to share later today after MAX Sneaks -- the session where Adobe shows off new tech in progress/shows us resistance is futile -- but for now, I wanted to tell you the best things people said.

Between Adobe Spark and Dimension offering new tools I didn't even know I needed, and the focus on immersive technology and machine learning through Adobe Sensei and the new VR tools in Premiere and After Effects, a lot of the conversation was focused on how to continually remove the technical barriers between humans and machines.

"Artificial intelligence will evolve and learn to harness the entire creative community, anticipating what you want to do so you an have the freedom to focus on creativity....When you put put art and science to work, magic can happen." -Shantanu Narayen, CEO, Adobe

Because of the increased accessibility to tools, "user expectations have changed....We have a generation that has grown up on mobile devices. We're taking into consideration the expanding needs of design." -- Jamie Myrold, VP of Design, Adobe

Adobe Sensei will "amplify human creativity and intelligence." - Bryan Lamkin, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Digital Media, Adobe

"Is VR dead because AR is big? I hope VR is dead because it’s going to kill me." - Matt Lewis, Practical Magic (he was joking)

"I just started doing yoga and part of that is learning how the mind and body are two different entities and being a person is a collaboration of both. When you’re watching a film, you’re usually also kind of thinking about other things while your body is sitting there. In VR, you’re completely involved as a whole person. Because this is all contained in one environment, it becomes the ultimate teaching tool. What you teach is up to your imagination. From there it’s about making sure those tools are accessible, so you can teach many things to different kinds of people." - Olivia Peace, 2017 Sundance Ignite Fellow

"I want the story to connect with other humans. This is taking it to another level. It’s less about interpretation and more about feeling. We want one human to tell a story to another human with no technical barrier." - Stefano Corazza, Sr Director, Engineering, Adobe

Posted by: Kylee Peña on Oct 19, 2017 at 3:54:50 pm adobe max, vr, ar, immersive

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