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The Walking Dead Ep 713 - Review & Recap

COW Blogs : The Harold & Maudecast - Sarah Mason & Jake Essoe : The Walking Dead Ep 713 - Review & Recap
arah Mason and Jake Essoe host "We Talk Dead" for The HMC Network. This week, review and recap of The Walking Dead Episode 713 "Bury Me Here".

Meanwhile back in The Kingdom... We find trouble in Ezekiel's royal garden as an infection threatens to take out all the gardens. Carol's starting to get hip to the fact that something much more serious went down in Alexandria and she confronts Morgan for answers. Benjamin wants Carol to be his sensei after seeing her handily take out 5 Walkers with a sign post. Richard itching to get the fight started, sabotages The Kingdom's weekly drop with The Saviors leading to unintended and unforgivable consequences. Morgan figures it out and spirals out of control -- Uh oh, Clear? Carol to the rescue, for now.

Episode 713 continues where 712 left off in bringing us back to why we love The Walking Dead -- great zombie action, characters and a story we love that's actually getting somewhere. Big shout out to Karl Makinen aka Richard, for is phenomenal performance in this episode. Lennie James is equally amazing, as always.

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