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The Importance Of Youtube For Online Marketers

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With the continuous advancement of telecommunication, internet is really changing the way we do things. The field of business has been the largest beneficiaries of this development and especially in the marketing strategies. YouTube has proven to be the best online marketing tool. It is the most effective online platform for online marketing. You Tube brings plenty of opportunities and benefits to the online marketers. Here are the some of the benefits that online marketers get from using this tool of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Of all the searches that are made on all the Search engines, the highest percentage of the results will be of the videos. Top results of any organic searches will be of video adverts and this means that Video adverts will always rank high in the search engines. Therefore, there is a possibility of your video being viewed by many people as it keeps on popping up in many searches. This will definitely increase the traffic on your site and there is a huge probability of improving the sales.

Clear demonstration
It is only through YouTube or online video marketing that the marketer will be able give a demonstration to the customers how the product works. A video clip will give to the finest detail the qualities of the product that is being marketed. This is likely to create a very huge impact on the buyers and the chances of convincing them to buy the item are very high.

Unlike other forms of advertisements, YouTube marketing is very cost effective. All you need to do is to take some time and do a quality video production about the product. After you have been satisfied that the quality of the video is top notch and you feel that it will make a huge and positive impact on your business and then upload it. The cost in terms of money and time is far much below the other marketing mediums.

Capturing global market
If you can put in place the correct techniques like the proper application of the keywords and be creative, then your video will definitely capture the global market. The video will be shared among friends worldwide and this will boost the campaign significantly. So the online marketers are likely to expand their market globally by use of YouTube.

YouTube provides the best platform where the marketer can evaluate how the video is doing online. They can easily track how many views a video is receiving and gauge the success of the video. YouTube also provides room for the viewers to leave comments and this will give the marketer an idea on what the market thinks of the product.

Viral Video
YouTube is the only platform that can make the go video viral. This will impact positively on your campaign as many people will have more information about your product may be by sharing through social sites. An increase in traffic on the marketer’s site will definitely increase the sales of that product.

These are just some of the benefits or importance of YouTube to online marketers. By use of other social sites like the Facebook, Twitter and others to direct consumers to the YouTube video, their campaign’s results are just incredible.

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Posted by: Eddie Justo on Oct 20, 2014 at 6:35:36 amComments (1) youtube, marketing


Re: The Importance Of Youtube For Online Marketers
by William McQueen
I'm an older editor and have just become engaged in the social media, well let's put it this way, I volunteered at a charitable organization and they wanted to put out a video about their work. So, I said yes, but while the edit with smoothly enough, matching up the specs has been another thing. I know you posted this info a couple of years ago, but it has been helpful to get a sense of what to do in terms of approaches, but although I got some "specs" from YouTube I don't seem to be able to get the video to play smoothly and avoid stutter. So, I am a bit forlorn because I haven't been able to fulfill my promise and don't know where to get some authentic technical information in making the 3 minutes work well.
So, just on the off hand chance I thought you might be
able to make some suggestions where to go. I use an older version of Premier Pro CS4, but as far as editing goes, it still works okay. It's just playing the timeline out to MP4 in h264 that's got me stumped.
If you find a spare minute, I'd appreciate your reply with thanks,
Bill in Toronto

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