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Mastering exposure: DSLR Video Tips

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When it comes to capturing great images, exposure is critical. Under- or overexpose your shot and you lose precious details. But setting the proper exposure isn’t easy; your light may move behind a cloud, or change over time. When shooting video, exposure requires an almost scientific understanding of light.

In this week’s
DSLR Video Tips, we’ll show you a straightforward way to get strong, well-exposed shots. You’ll learn about

  • Exposing for video — What is the desired goal when exposing for video and when does it look “right”?
  • Balancing the exposure triangle – Learn how to balance the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture of the camera. It’s critical to get the right mix for both technical and artistic reasons.
  • Evaluating the settings – We’ll look through several shots, and break down what worked—and what didn’t
Check out both the sample video above and this week’s complete episode on and learn to take better shots right away!

Mastering exposure: DSLR Video Tips Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Sep 27, 2013 at 9:42:00 am DSLR Video

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