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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life: A Path to Success
Jen Grisanti
Divine Arts, Los Angeles, CA, 2013
Highly Recommended

What’s your favorite film? A safe bet it’s an exciting story. You hold your breath, rooting for the hero, following the protagonist through all sorts of tough spots, until finally a breakthrough. The goal is reached.

Author Jen Grisanti argues, why can’t that protagonist be YOU? Reaching your goals both professionally and personally. The message of her new book: “You create your own vision.”

This book clearly has universal application. Grisanti draws parallels between the components of good fiction writing and the application of those same components to a reader’s own life story. Film and writing professionals will profit, recognizing fiction writing tools that will translate to their own work and lives. Any reader will benefit from applying her story tools to their own life.

Grisanti’s Own Story
Grisanti has spent most of her life immersed in story. First working with and mentored by Aaron Spelling, then as a television story executive, and now with her own consultancy teaching story to aspiring writers. Story is her life.

In Change Your Story, Change Your Life, the author reveals a rare personal vulnerability. Obstacles and heartbreaks pepper Grisanti’s life journey. She talks of a heartbreaking betrayal and divorce. She describes the shattering loss of her executive position, and the fear of going out on her own. She writes of her ongoing, hope-filled search for an enduring romantic love. And she accepts that she will most likely never bear a child of her own.

Yes, this characterizes many lives. Everyone suffers. Few, however, can discuss it with genuine sensibility. Or offer practical guidance on how to deal with it. Grisanti’s book embraces recognizing what’s really going on in our lives, both professionally and personally, and moving through it to achieve our goals.

Grisanti believes anyone can re-write their own story and come out a hero.

The key: “You are both the author and the hero of your story. You decide if it’s going to be a story worth telling.”

Change Your Story, Change Your Life provides ten chapters with a carefully laid out map for getting readers through their own life journey.

• Turning points
• Motivation
• Initial goals, new goals
• Dilemmas – how do past wounds influence which choices you make
• Putting your plan into action
• Embracing your turning points and facing your obstacles
• Identifying themes in your life
• “All is lost” moments: how hitting rock bottom can lead you to your goal
• Reaching your goal: you did it before, you can do it again
• Your new story

Each chapter contains an exercise to guide readers through an examination of their own journeys. Along the way, readers develop their own life summary line and story arc.

This book works. I didn’t just read it. I worked through all the exercises. They helped me clarify my thinking about my own experiences, my own goals, my own life. The exercises are not page filler. They invoke thought, introspection, a constructive process, with both professional and personal applications.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life is well worth the read. Grisanti’s inspiring words: “Create the story that you want your life to reflect.”

See Jen Grisanti’s website. See Amazon for the book.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life Republished by Bob Gillen

Posted by: Bob Gillen on Jun 24, 2013 at 5:31:56 pm

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