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Biscardi Creative Upgrade!

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Very recently, Small Tree had the opportunity to go down to Atlanta and visit Walter Biscardi and upgrade his data center and edit suites. In conjunction with this trip, we also did a presentation on the upgrade for the Atlanta Cutters and showed off a new SSD based Titanium shared storage system we put together. This new Titanium SSD was able to move 1.2GB/sec of *realtime* video to Adobe Premiere with no dropped frames. This is faster than you can go with 8Gb Fibre Channel and the fastest realtime video I've ever seen displayed live without a net!

The upgrade involved pulling out Walter's existing SFP+ 10Gb switch, which had a mix of Gigabit SFP modules for his suites and 10Gb SFP+ modules for his server, and replacing it with a 10GbaseT switch from Small Tree that had 4 SFP+ ports (for the server) and 24 10GbaseT ports for the new Titanium and some of his edit suites.

Before we dived right into putting in the new switch and adding the Titanium 8, we spent a lot of time talking about power. Walter didn't want to spend $1000 for an expensive UPS, but he wanted a good UPS that could handle the new load and not break the bank. We settled on an Ultra Xfinity that offered 1200W of load. This allowed for plenty of overhead for the 660W titanium and kept the loading on the UPS to well under the recommended 80%.

After installing the new switch, we moved all the cables over. One of the wonderful aspects of 10GbaseT is that we didn't have to do anything special when replacing ports that used to be Gigabit. 10GbaseT clocks down to Gigabit and even 100Mbit. So there was no trouble with legacy equipment or special adapters.

Once the switch was in, we turned to the Titanium 8. We installed it and plugged it into its new UPS and cabled it into the switch. We bonded the two 10GbaseT ports coming from the Titanium so it would load balance all the incoming clients.

Once that was done, it was time to upgrade some of the more important edit suites to 10GbaseT. What good is having all that 10Gb goodness in the lab when you can't feel the power all the way to the desktop? We upgraded both of Walter's iMac systems to 10Gb (via ThunderNET boxes) and added another 10Gb card to his fastest Mac Pro in Suite 1.

The result was a cool 300MB/sec writing from his iMac and 600MB/sec reading using the Aja System test. As I tell people, this isn't the best way to measure NAS bandwidth because applications like Final Cut and Adobe use different APIs to read their media files.

With the NAB Show approaching, I hope many of you that are planning to attend will be able to swing by Small Tree’s booth (SL6005) to learn more about this recent install directly from Walter, as he’ll be on-hand. While you’re there, feel free to ask about the SSD based Titanium shared storage solution we’re “going plaid” with.

If you’d rather not wait until NAB to learn more, contact me at modica at

Posted by: Steve Modica on Mar 4, 2013 at 4:19:18 pm networking, storage

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