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The Obligation of Being a Professional Communicator

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I don’t usually do this on my blog, but I am stepping onto my soapbox. I am not going to talk about the causes of violence, constitutional amendments or civil rights. I have my feelings about all of those, but this is not the place.

What I am going to talk about is the obligation that I share with many others... that of being a professional communicator. I studied journalism and worked in the field for many years. I left in part because I became frustrated with the path that it was on (and have since become even more frustrated). Journalism is about reporting and discovering the truth, not spewing opinions and repeating the same images repeatedly until they imprint upon the brain.

Many of you reading my blog have the knowledge to create. Perhaps it’s graphics, photos, or videos. You know how to tell a story and show meaning. I challenge you to do so for something that matters.

Right now we have a world that is racing towards ignorance. In the last few weeks I have seen the following acts occur.
  • A sensationalized story milking an act of random kindness between a homeless man and a police officer. Where is the social justice of staffing and supporting shelters for those who’ve lost the path to self-sufficiency?
  • A newspaper running a photo and story of a man pushed to his death on a train platform. Nothing was to be gained by running the photo except pure profit.
  • Politically chest puffing over a country that continues to plummet towards greater financial instability.
  • The refusal to pass a UN proclamation protecting the rights of those with disabilities.
  • A rush to dissect and blame the horrible deaths of school children and teachers. Everyone offered up solutions and things to blame. So few mourned or took time to experience grief.

Here is my challenge to you. Start showing the world what type of place it can be. Document the good works that happen in your world. Showcase the causes and people that need volunteers and money. Give of your time to help others, but most importantly your talents. Help spread the word through the power of photos, videos, writing, and viviid imagery.

You have talent.... Please start making a difference with it. Choose clients wisely, donate your time and skill where you can. Think before you repost something rooted in hate. The ability for humans to show kindness and compassion still exists.

I know we can be better... I know I can be better.

Please let’s start working together to make the world better.

Use the comments below to offer stories you know of or causes that can use help.

Here are a few groups that I’ve interacted with that make a difference. You can get involved with them or another.

If you need to find other causes, this site is good at understanding charities and their efficiency in getting their work done.

The Obligation of Being a Professional Communicator Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Dec 16, 2012 at 7:27:19 amComments (5) Personal


Re: The Obligation of Being a Professional Communicator
by Jordan Schevene
Agreed. As journalist we need to ask why we do what we do. There is a place for journalism which is different than the place for marketing, and sensationalism.

Jordan Schevené
Boulder Productions
Accelerating innovative business through film
Re: The Obligation of Being a Professional Communicator
by Mike Cohen
and here it is:

We said goodbye to our 16 year old tabby cat Tigger earlier this year. A few months later we adopted a 3 month old named Alfie Mittens from this no-kill shelter in Middletown, CT. They operate on a shoe-string and seemed to need all the help they could get. While I don't have bags of money to donate to causes, I do have video and photography skills, and they were happy to have the help.
@Mike Cohen
by Richard Harrington
Well done... if only more donated their time.
Re: The Obligation of Being a Professional Communicator
by Richard Harrington
Tha'ts exactly what I mean Mike. Small happiness makes the difference
Re: The Obligation of Being a Professional Communicator
by Mike Cohen
Nicely written Richard.
Earlier this year I donated my talents to our local cat shelter making some videos to help them with fundraising. The videos were shown at their annual spaghetti dinner for about 100 people. It was very gratifying.
Mike Cohen
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