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Videoguys' Guide to the Avid 25th Anniversary Crossgrade and Upgrade promotions

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We've put together this little FAQ to help you better understand Avid's professional editing software, the promotions being offered by Avid, and the amazing bundle specials available now until December 14, 2012.

- FCP owners can crossgrade to Avid Media Composer for $979
- Avid editors can upgrade to Avid Symphony for $979, or upgrade to Symphony Nitris DX for $4,999

Before we get into the promotions I wanted to take some time to congratulate Avid on 25 years and highlight this amazing accomplishment! Twenty Five years as a technology leader is an awesome accomplishment and something that should be celebrated. Before Avid, you couldn't cut movies or video digitally. It was all done mechanically by cutting and splicing film together. Now, all you have to do is drag and drop the files into our computer, edit them, add special effects, filters, titles, graphics, just about anything you can imagine, you can create. None of this would be possible if it had not been for Avid, and nothing works better for today's workflows then Avid Media Composer and Symphony!

Today we have a new generation of HD cameras that shoot 2K & 4K video approaching the quality of film. We have small digital HD cameras like the GoPro Hero and Contour HD. W, we have new tapeless workflows and other advancements that have all revolutionized video editing. Avid is committed as ever to professional workflows and the needs of post production facilities, broadcast and cable television stations, independent film makers, and anyone trying to make a living editing and producing content. It all started with Avid. Many of you started with Avid. It's time to come back home.

Videoguys has been around for over 25 years as well, and we've been an Avid partner since 2000 when we met with Alan from Avid at the DV Magazine Expo in Pasadena. We spoke with Alan about a new product Avid was working on called Avid Xpress DV. We loved it and we knew we could sell a bunch of it (which we did ;-). Then, as they say, the rest is history...

[h3]Avid's Special 25th Anniversary Promotions EXPIRE DECEMBER 14TH!! We've got the answers to your questions so you can order TODAY![/h3]

Follow this link for the Avid Promo FAQ


Posted by: Gary Bettan on Dec 4, 2012 at 11:03:24 am Avid, FCP

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