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Busy busy busy

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When I used to work at SGI, I would often wonder what "C" level officers did. I once got to ask Ed McCracken what he spent most of his time doing day-to-day. At the time, he was CEO of SGI.

His answer was that he was currently spending a lot of time talking to Congressmen trying to convince them to stop propping up Cray as a national asset. In hindsight, perhaps buying Cray was not the best idea.

As the Chief Technical Officer of Small Tree, which is a much smaller company, I have to wear a lot more hats. I thought I might include a list of the things I've been up to over the last month.

Deer hunting (actually, just watching this year)
Grocery shopping
Evaluating Titanium follow on chassis designs
Helping select next generation Software Defined Radio development platforms for the Army
Working on Adobe performance issues
Evaluating a new Avid sharing product (that works great!) called Strawberry
Evaluating a new Digital Asset Manager (that also works great) called Axle
Discussing our new high performance iSCSI products with partners
Fixing the phone system
Testing Thursby's Dave software with Avid
Helping customers with Small Tree products
Running barefoot (I run barefoot and in Vibrams.... a lot)
Working on a new voice router design for the US Rangers
Helping my kids with math homework
Processing firewood for the winter
Breaking up the recyclable cardboard boxes
Writing up an NAB presentation proposal
Prepping for a visit from the Soldier Warrior team of the US Army
Small Tree Board of Directors meeting
Christmas shopping

There’s never a dull moment.

Posted by: Steve Modica on Dec 3, 2012 at 9:48:38 amComments (1) storage, networking


Re: Blog: Busy busy busy
by Bob Zelin
after spending a day shoveling snow in Orlando, FL. and chopping wood for the fireplace, I like to sit down a read a good book like this one -

or this one -

helps me play my favorite game "keeping up with the Jones".

Bob Zelin

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