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iSCSI madness

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Next week we start testing 10Gb (10GbaseT) iSCSI attached to new imacs with Thunderbolt using MPIO to hit 30Gbits/sec back to storage. It's going to be AAAAAWesome. What's really cool is that the iSCSI driver enables Xsan, so it's all compatible.
Previous testing with a single 10GbaseT port showed we could go faster than Fibre Channel. I expect 3 10GbaseT ports will go much much faster!

Posted by: Steve Modica on Oct 19, 2012 at 1:10:48 pmComments (3) thunderbolt, xsan


Re: iSCSI madness
by Steve Modica
It means imacs can be assembled into fast Xsan clusters using 10GbaseT and iSCSI rather than Fibre Channel. They will perform better and have fault tolerance.
We've been working on this a long time but it required several things to come together. We needed imacs with fast CPUS and 2 thunderbolt ports. We needed MPIO to be supported for iSCSI (it didn't used to be) and we needed inexpensive 10GbaseT cards and switches. With all that available, it's now possible.

Steve Modica
CTO, Small Tree Communications
Re: iSCSI madness
by Christian Fitzpatrick
Because if it does, that sounds awesome!
Re: iSCSI madness
by Christian Fitzpatrick
Steve, what does this mean? That we will see specc'd i7 iMac's become suitable SAN servers?
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