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Ethernet no longer needs collision insurance....

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I've been living and breathing Ethernet for a long time now. I put in some of the original Ethernet COAX at my first job. One missing terminator and the whole network went down.

Ethernet has come a long way. It's sort of like "The Blob". It absorbs good ideas and grows until it includes them all. Flow Control, Fibre Channel Protocol (as FCoE) and lots of other cool things.

I was very surprised to hear one of the newer FC vendors gave a talk saying that Ethernet was not suitable for editing storage because it was "Collision Based". Indeed. Back when mullets were king and we were invading Iraq for the first time, Ethernet was collision based. Unfortunately for my children, they will never experience the joys of Ethernet hubs and collisions because those devices no longer exist. One cannot purchase a Gigabit hub. Hubs are no longer allowed.

So rejoice all you Ethernet fans!!! The collision is banned and we are switched just like Fibre. You can revel in the fact that your $200 office Netgear switch is saving the day each and every time it queues a packet to avoid two systems stepping on each other. Sleep well....


Posted by: Steve Modica on May 31, 2012 at 1:57:24 pm ethernet, fiibre

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