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FRESH Files & Cold BEER

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Not often you find a useful app that becomes one you can’t live without for just 9 bucks, but with FRESH from Ironic Software Inc (a software company of two guys who have been writing mac software for over 20 years) you get just that. This app does for you what you have to do at the start of every in-progress job: finds the files that you need to get going.

We all have our own workflow when it comes to picking up where you left off last Tuesday. Some of us just know where we put the files needed and efficiently navigate using Finder to get started, some of us click upper right on the spotlight hourglass to run a search, and others open up an app and look to “Open Recent.” Then there are the few, like myself, that has to grab a beer and contemplate the situation: “WTF did I do with those files!?@#%?”

Someone once said the hardest part of doing anything is to start, and this is certainly true for me. So FRESH uses a metaphor that I can relate too: a cooler. After I get a brewsky from the beverage cooler, I just click on the FRESH widget on the desktop and go to the file cooler for my last job.

The interface that comes up elegant, and a blast for eyeballs...the “chilling” files are displayed in a large-in-your-face way that’s great for eyes going blind from spending too much time in spotlight, or searching through tiny-type Finder lists. FRESH is fun and functional.

Well, it only takes a moment to learn and to try, so I’ll leave this review at that. Check out what Ted and Tom are doing at Ironic here:

Ps.For you tagging freaks, which I have just become, try out LEAP, which is a great improvement over the Spotlight interface:)

Posted by: Jiggy Gaton on Mar 27, 2010 at 8:58:52 pm finder, fresh, ironic software, cheap, beer

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