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Fearless to the end: Remembering Margaret Moth

COW Blogs : Andrew Kimery's Blog : Fearless to the end: Remembering Margaret Moth
Simply put, Margaret Moth made an impression.

Given her jet-black hair, thick black eyeliner, black clothes and combat boots (which she often slept in while on assignment), people didn't always know what to think upon meeting her. She was quirky, the sort who excused herself from a social gathering by saying she had to wash her socks. And she was fearless, the kind of woman who not only kept the camera rolling while under fire, but zoomed in on a soldier who was shooting at her.

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I was not familiar with Margaret Moth until I read about her passing away on today. Before I got the bottom of the article I realized we'd lost a true talent and individual. It's people like Margaret that allow world events to be streamed into our homes and document history in the making for posterity.

Inspirational is an understatement in my opinion.


Posted by: Andrew Kimery on Mar 21, 2010 at 10:47:17 pm cnn, margaret moth, photojournalists

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