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Totally Rad sneak peek of P2 metadata editor. Yes, I said it. Rad!

COW Blogs : Jeremy Garchow's CowBloggie : Totally Rad sneak peek of P2 metadata editor. Yes, I said it. Rad!
Andreas Kiel of Spherico Film Tools and Björn Adamski of MXF4mac have been cooking up a totally awesome P2 metadata editor called P2 Flow that will now send all kinds of useful information to FCP. I have been fortunate enough to see a sneak peek of it in action and I got permission to show you all as well. I hope you are as excited about it as I am. Some caveats, this is a work in progress, some features you see may or may not make it in to the final version, this is meant as a proof of concept. This will work with the MXF Import component, or can be used independently with the 'offline' feature to which you would then use the log and transfer option, WITH ALL METADATA! That means you can now send an XML or project along with the wrapped Quicktime media to any system on or off your network and have the metadata follow the clips, and you won't need a QT Import component on all of your machines as the media will be QT movies. This also opens up a lot of possibility for us AVC-Intra users as our metadata can now be usable, transferred and updated to FCP. We can use the Log and Transfer function to transcode the AVC-I to ProRes or HQ. This is a big step forward with AVC-I and metadata in FCP. I have been constantly impressed with the work these are guys are doing to unleash the power of a truly tapeless workflow from within FCP.

If you have any questions or comments, or perhaps you have some ideas about development, you can contact Andreas (, Björn ( or myself (www.YouKnowWhereToFindMe.AtLeastYouShould). Unfortunately, I don't know price, release date, or any of that pertinent info, I was just so excited about the looks of this that I had to pass it on. What I do know is Andreas and Björn are working very hard on this.



P.S. there is no audio to this sneak peek.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on May 7, 2009 at 12:41:24 pmComments (2) panasonic p2, metadata, editing, fcp, mxf4mac, spherico, avci, dvcpro hd


Re: Totally Rad sneak peek of P2 metadata editor. Yes, I said it. Rad!
by Jeremy Garchow
Hey Jan.

Here's a small move I made for another post. It doesn't go in to much detail, but you might get the idea. Please feel free to ask more questions:

Yes, P2 Flow along with MXF Import is the way to go. Export is if you need export back to an MXf file, and there's P2 Export as well which writes back to a P2 Card.

Atomic Fusion is free and fires over MXF files to FCP, but without metadata.

Re: Totally Rad sneak peek of P2 metadata editor. Yes, I said it. Rad!
by Jan Fedorenko
Would love to take a look at the silent movie, but appears the link is no longer there somewhere I can view?

Looking at mxf4mac I find all the various offerings/components a bit confusing...for example,we purchased mfx4mac import & export only to find that we now need...or should only have purchased p2 flow....then there's "atomic fusion"....

Thanks for any guidance here on help in using mfx4mac software to it's potential

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