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Plans for Today

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Mornin' Cows,

That was a much needed mental health day! I need to take more of those regularly.

Starting to work on the college show today. I have a load of video samples to look at and come up with an overall look for the show. I do have the first segment basically done, but might add a lower third banner and alter some graphics later.

Got a DVD of the home improvement show to make for a rep today as they are starting to sell a fall edition. So, at least one more show after this recent string, probably more.

Also, going to finally catch up on Mike Cohen's blog!

That's what I'm up to today.

Have a happy and creative day,


Posted by: Mark A. Stuart on Jun 21, 2011 at 7:40:10 am musings, chat

Cows! Yes, I'm still alive! Not sure this blog is, however. Can't even seem to find it now. I suppose it's been that long since I've blogged here, but looks like I'm still towards the top bloggers here at the COW too. Told you when I started this a few years ago I usually start them and blog for awhile, then drift away! Currently considering starting my own off my personal website, but we'll see. Life here in broadcast land has been very busy, but who's not very busy? Remember my post about "Meatball Production"? That has come to a whole new level with me currently cutting SIX half hour shows single handed EVERY WEEK. I must say, though, especially considering those deadlines, I'm pretty happy with the way they look. Lots of changes here at the barn since I last spoke to you. New boss, mostly same equipment (still broadcasting in SD here!) and the same prod. van that's falling apart by the day. Well, new gear is coming soon, and we did replace the very much needed lav mics recently. Night and day difference there. Overall, things here are OK, just different. I'm prodding along in Prod as always, but still loving the editing life, it's a good place to be. Special shout out to Mike C.: I haven't forgotten you, buddy. I'll catch up with your blog soon! Your fellow farmer, Mark


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