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20 Big Ones!

COW Blogs : I'm Still Alive! : 20 Big Ones!
Dear Cows,

Forgive my absence, once again. I am actually doing much better at this blogging thing here, and this is the longest one I've ever had now, anyway.

Been meaning to speak to you, but in the past 2 weeks, I've literally been editing so much that I could hardly look up from the dual screened Avid. This is good and bad...

I must say, the Avid experience has been going very well lately. Did some "awesome" colour correcting where I was working on a night club with a daytime dining/bar, and I shot in the bar in the middle of the afternoon, and the client wanted that scene (and a few others) to look like night/a night club feel, and it didn't take too much effort to accomplish this. Darkening the overall shot plus adding some "night club" color, it blended right in to the dancing-type night shots. To me, the colour correction capabilities on Avid systems are among the strongest features. I don't have it here at home, but might upload this shot here sometime for you to watch.

The workload's been basically ridiculous at the ranch. Of course, blogging from home on the weekend today with all the steady activity at work recently. How ridiculous? How about THREE half hour shows that aired each weekend for THREE consecutive weeks! This makes a lowly editor's life stressful when he works for a company that doesn't allow paid overtime.

But, as usual, I got 'er done! This last week's show was about 90-some% all my production, and I have it playing in the background live on the air as I write this! (Exhale major sigh of relief with me here). Although I didn't keep track of time too closely, I edited 13 minutes of host segments for the recent show in 12 hours. These are full segments with video, music, graphics, and lots of audio sweetening as a few segments contained mixed audio sections from the previous year.

Just a couple thoughts (musings) about this recent heavy activity-two things that really helped me a lot was first and foremost simply being extremely organized. I kept track of everything I needed to do, get done, notes, etc. on good old fashioned letter sized paper (yes, that stuff made from real wood!). Every project/section/segment of the show/task got its own sheet helping me keep track of everything and keeping the completed tasks in my ever growing done pile.

The other thing that helped, and always does, is not getting "too close" nor too "personal" with the project. Although my title is Producer/Director/Editor, when it comes to projects like this, I'm more an editor/shooter... with some writing too. However, the rep is really the producer who calls the shots, has the vision, etc. This particular one has a good eye for video and graphics layout, so the final product looks real good. At the same time, I'm careful to let her be the producer as there's always going to be times when there's a difference of opinion on a shot, etc., but I've learned to let the rep be the producer if they want to be. Not all reps are that way, but the ones that are, it's best to let them. They are those that sold it to the client to begin with so without them there'd be no client, without any client, there'd be no work, without any work, there'd be no job, and yours truly wouldn't be employed, and we don't want that! There wasn't much at all of any differences of opinion on this project anyway, and seeing it on the air just now, I think looks really good. Everything's very crisp, clean and colour balanced well.

Actually TWO of my produced shows are on the air this morning back to back! How many people can say their work is broadcast all over the southern half of the state? Only in broadcasting, right?

These shows are OK to work on. They just take a really, really, really looooonng time!

So, what am I doing today away from the ranch besides blogging? Editing! Working on some music and also a video on my own. Don't worry, going to also cut the grass later, so I'm not "that" obsessed!

The big news is that on May 28th I hit my 20 years of working at the ranch! Got a nice cake, pizza voucher and nice card everybody wrote in.

So, it was all worth it!

Have a happy and creative day (even if you're not at work),


Posted by: Mark A. Stuart on Jun 11, 2011 at 9:14:23 am conversation chatting update musing

Cows! Yes, I'm still alive! Not sure this blog is, however. Can't even seem to find it now. I suppose it's been that long since I've blogged here, but looks like I'm still towards the top bloggers here at the COW too. Told you when I started this a few years ago I usually start them and blog for awhile, then drift away! Currently considering starting my own off my personal website, but we'll see. Life here in broadcast land has been very busy, but who's not very busy? Remember my post about "Meatball Production"? That has come to a whole new level with me currently cutting SIX half hour shows single handed EVERY WEEK. I must say, though, especially considering those deadlines, I'm pretty happy with the way they look. Lots of changes here at the barn since I last spoke to you. New boss, mostly same equipment (still broadcasting in SD here!) and the same prod. van that's falling apart by the day. Well, new gear is coming soon, and we did replace the very much needed lav mics recently. Night and day difference there. Overall, things here are OK, just different. I'm prodding along in Prod as always, but still loving the editing life, it's a good place to be. Special shout out to Mike C.: I haven't forgotten you, buddy. I'll catch up with your blog soon! Your fellow farmer, Mark


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