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My phoneless iPad makes better calls than my iPhone

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Yes, my iPad makes MUCH better calls and is a FAR more pleasant experience, than trying to use my iPhone for calling. Not only is the clarity much better but the volume (when needed in louder situations) is much better and has greater "presence," as well.

While talking with Tim Wilson on the phone the other day, we began talking about Skype and wondered if there was a Skype app that would work on an iPad. So while on the phone talking with Tim, I went to the iTunes Store and downloaded the Skype app. Within a minute or two, we were talking via the iPad.

I didn't wait for the 3G iPad. I didn't want one. I sometimes joke that "I already have one more AT&T account than I want." The only thing I truly hate about the iPhone is that it is on AT&T. I never knew what a dropped call was until I got onto AT&T. But talking across a WiFi connection, using Skype on the iPad, is quite a nice experience.

And once the soon-to-ship iPhone OS 4 is delivered to users this Summer (up here in the northern half of the planet), multi-tasking comes to both iPhones and iPads and then the fun really starts.

That Apple sold so many of these things so fast that they had to delay their introduction of the iPad in other countries around the world, is no surprise to those of us who use them now. It's a remarkable invention and for use around the office and the home, I prefer to route my calls to the iPad and let my iPhone sit ready for road trips.

Wait, I use GM's OnStar hands-free calling in my car when I'm on the road. I guess that leaves AT&T to fill in those rare moments when nothing else is available or better. And seeing as how there's little that isn't better than AT&T, that doesn't leave the iPhone used for much.

Posted by: Ronald Lindeboom on May 8, 2010 at 6:18:18 amComments (2) apple ipad, apple iphone, skype


Re: My phoneless iPad makes better calls than my iPhone
by Tim Wilson
My favorite "alternative" use of the iPad, courtesy of Huffington Post.

This one is an actually INTENDED use, based on the Magic Piano app:

Man oh man, can't wait!

Re: My phoneless iPad makes better calls than my iPhone
by Mike Cohen
My mom and dad called me via skype from Venice last year, on the iPhone using their hotel's wifi. I am surprised that AT+T and others have not gotten more involved in selling wifi services to hotels and other public spaces, as a way to capture some lost revenue. Maybe they think VOIP is just a fad.
If the iPhone was available for Verizon I would be first in line.
The iPad hype has been beyond crazy - I only have met one person so far to buy one - a doctor - who remarked that it is the only way he will ever read a book again and when will my company's books be available. I told him just as soon as more than one guy comes looking for them. I think the iPad has great potential. Perhaps the best thing that will happen is that other manufacturers will invent similar devices.

We are getting closer to this:

And I think we have surpassed this:

But I am holding out for a communicator that also tests midichlorian levels and give you a clean shave:


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