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#MCS EP06: QNAP affordable shared storage for FCPX, Premiere and Resolve

COW Blogs : My Canadian Studio : #MCS EP06: QNAP affordable shared storage for FCPX, Premiere and Resolve
QNAP announced a new NAS that has two Thunderbolt 2 ports in addition to the 10GigE and Ethernet ports we are used to. This makes it a very fast and cost effective solution for anybody who need to share media and projects between editing stations. The 8-bay RAID 5 is fast enough to playback 4K footage to many MAC and PC. it can also be used has an FTP server, a media player and a compression server.

In the 6th episode of My Canadian Studio, Mathieu Marano shows how to use the TVS-871T in a post-production environment.

Thanks to Dominic Bourget at DXM Technologies for providing us with this unit. For more info on this product please contact him at

#MCS EP06: Shared storage with Thunderbolt 2 by QNAP from Mon Studio Au Canada on Vimeo.

Host: Mathieu Marano
Camera: Franck Le Coadou
Switcher: Ingrid Schwietzer
Editing: François Dumoulin
Music: Olivier Biron
Studio: Coup Monté

Posted by: Mathieu Marano on Mar 6, 2016 at 5:42:49 pmComments (4) qnap, Thunderbolt


Re: #MCS EP06: QNAP affordable shared storage for FCPX, Premiere and Resolve
by Mathieu Marano
Hi Bob, I Did use the two Thunderbolt ports. Each one hosting a Mac. Both had access to the same partitions. That's how I did the two previous episodes on remote renders and collaborative workflow in Resolve. If you say it's not possible but it worked pretty well. If you say it's not reliable, maybe, I haven't tested on week long connections.

Mathieu Marano
Colorist and technical director

Administrator of the Montreal Creative Front
Re: #MCS EP06: QNAP affordable shared storage for FCPX, Premiere and Resolve
by Glenn Sakatch
Would there be a scenario where you could plug a computer into an existing promise raid thunderbolt 2, daisy to the qnap, and then Ethernet the qunap to a second computer. Would that give you both storage devices on both computers with any kind of reliability?

Re: #MCS EP06: QNAP affordable shared storage for FCPX, Premiere and Resolve
by Bob Zelin
Hi Glenn -
nope -- this does not work. But don't believe me - try it. If you have an R8, daisy chain 2 computers and try it - but try editing - try playing back video on both systems.

Mathieu said that it works on the QNAP, but I have tried it, and it does not work. The QNAP looping thunderbolt ports are no different than any other thunderbolt product on the market - like the Promise drive - it's a loop to have a total of 7 thunderbolt devices on the buss (the computer, and 6 accessories, or one drive array and 6 computers). But the networking part, or sharing the drive at the same time does not work.
It mounts, but you get wild terrible speeds when you try to work.

This is why I don't know how Mathieu says he got it to work. Everyone wants this type of simple solution - just plug it in, and BOOM, it connects and works. Well, currently it does not work. I speak with Intel at the trade shows all the time. It does not work - at least not as of March 2016. Maybe in 2017 with Thunderbolt 3 - I will certainly ask at NAB 2016.

But this whole conversation is completely ridiculous, and I simply do not understand why people get so freaked out over this. the QNAP 871T gives you two 10G ethernet ports and four 1G ethernet ports. Simply plug in the ethernet cable from your Mac into a separate port on the 871T, configure the IP address, and BOOM, you have shared storage. Even if Thunderbolt networking worked, you would still have to use the same knowledge to configure the IP addresses and subnets of the ports. And for those that say "why can't it just plug in and work" - my only response to you is TOO BAD BUDDY - read some stuff on the internet. This aint brain surgery.

What is it with everyone and the demand for thunderbolt networking, when QNAP (and others) gives you everything you need, and all you need is a cheap Cat 6 cable.

bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.
Re: Blog: #MCS EP06: QNAP affordable shared storage for FCPX, Premiere and Resolve
by Bob Zelin
Hi -
you are in fact very correct - the QNAP TVS-871T is a wonderful product, that is capable of being used by a small workgroup without a switch, or with a mid size company with a 10GbE switch, so that everyone can have very fast access to the shared media files.

I have been using both the TVS-871T and the larger series - the TVS-EC1680-SAS (uses SAS expanders, instead of thunderbolt), and the performance rivals any of the expensive solutions out there.

I watched the video and found one "issue" that I disagree with. You are giving the impression that this product supports Thunderbolt networking. The Thunderbolt port supports thunderbolt looping. This means that you can add the QNAP TX800P thunderbolt expander (5 or 6 additional expansion chassis), which is the main application of this port, or plug a Thunderbolt based computer directly into it, to use this as DAS - direct attached storage. What it CANNOT DO (which you stated in your video) is that you CANNOT plug in TWO computers with thunderbolt to the two thunderbolt ports, and expect to do real editing. Thunderbolt networking does not currently work with thunderbolt 2. While you can plug in 2 computers, and they both show up, what you will find, is identical what you find when looping any thunderbolt computers on the same buss with a single storage array. Once you actually start to play video or edit, the data rates vary wildly, and you will get spinning beach balls almost instantly. This article and video gives the impression that if you had two thunderbolt computers, and wanted to have two computers share the TVS-871T, this box will do this. THIS IS INCORRECT, and it will not work (I have done it - it does not work reliably). However, what you can do, if you have no money, is to plug in ONE computer to the thunderbolt buss, and another computer to one of the four 1G Ethernet ports, and THAT WILL WORK. As a matter fact, you can have SEVEN computers plug into this (one thunderbolt, 4 1G, and 2 10G), and they can all share with no switch.

IF you simply buy a Sonnet Twin 10G or a Promise SanLink2 for around $500, you can plug this into the thunderbolt port of one of your two Mac computers, and plug in ONE computer to the thunderbolt port, and ONE computer into the 10G ethenret port on the QNAP's built in 10G card, and now you will have wonderful fast performance.

What you CANNOT DO, is to plug in two thunderbolt cables, and have it work reliably. Thunderbolt 2 networking may work in theory, but not in real life.
Wait for Thunderbolt 3 - MAYBE that will work.

Either way, the 871T is a great product.

Bob Zelin

Bob Zelin
Rescue 1, Inc.

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