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A Dream Job in Video Production - literally

COW Blogs : Kylee Peña's Blog : A Dream Job in Video Production - literally

In light of the Mars Curiosity landing successfully on the planet after an incredibly ingenious deployment technique, I've been thinking about my dream job. When asked, I know a lot of us editors probably have similar answers to the dream job question: to edit a TV show, to edit features, edit documentaries, edit a meaningful piece about humanity, edit national advertisements. But what's my dream job?

If I were to create a job out of thin air (that may or may not exist, I'm not even sure), I think I'd have to go with Space Videographer/Editor. I would work for NASA or SpaceX or whatever other space exploration firm is out there, producing all their video for broadcast, the web, and whatever else.

My duties as a space video producer? Well, obviously I'd have to go to space every once in a while to do some shooting. That's a given. I don't care if robots and astronauts can do it, I need to go up there and get some shots of my own. The job would be maybe 10-20% "travel" (to space, duh) and the other percentage would be spent on Earth, either documenting the exploration process or in the edit, putting it all together. And these aren't cheesy or dry videos - they're fun, engaging, or inspiring. Did you watch the 7 Minutes of Terror video that was released? They'd be more like that than NASA TV's 4:3 feed of their control room. Powerful, inspiring, and relateable video about SPACE!

Another aspect of my dream job duties would be the ongoing curation of an educational video series for kids to inspire them to pursue learning about space exploration. I love the idea of designing videos that actually engage young minds and deliver the knowledge of the universe. It's also my contribution to erasing the effects of Jersey Shore and the like.

Basically, I would sit down and watch the greatest minds in the world explore space, and figure out how to take the information they give me and produce it in a way that's understandable for the masses, but not in a watered down way. Oh, and also go to space. How great would that be?

Alas, I don't think my dream job exists, so I might have to settle for editing a TV show about space someday. Some edit bays are as cold as the vacuum of space, so I could get pretty close to a simulation.

If you could make up a job out of thin air, even if it's not remotely feasible, what would it be?

Posted by: Kylee Peña on Aug 15, 2012 at 9:52:46 amComments (5) video production, nasa


Re: A Dream Job in Video Production - literally
by Timothy J. Allen
Kylee, I was in Times Square during the Curiosity landing capturing reactions of the crowd, and handing out stickers and pins to spread awareness of the mission. I still feel very lucky to play my small part in it all. I know that many of my colleagues around the agency follow posts and read articles and blogs on Creative COW; it's a vital way to keep our skills sharp! I'll say that by being active in the COW Community, you've taken a great first step to not only being noticed, but demonstrating that you are serious about being good (and staying on the cutting edge) at what you do.

There are 10 NASA Centers around the country, so there are plenty of opportunities to contribute. We also hire freelancers and have interns occasionally for special projects. Who knows? While actually going to space takes quite a bit of training, taping a launch in person or editing an outreach video may not quite be such a giant leap for you. I'll be in touch. :-)

@Timothy J. Allen
by Kylee Peña
Wow, I would have loved to be in Times Square that night. I had to settle for setting my alarm for 1:20AM to wake up long enough to watch the whole thing live. Still pretty awesome.

I'm still hoping for some space tourism to get going since the job outlook is a little doubtful in terms of a moon landing. However, I did shoot a few days in Arkansas last year, and that was pretty much like a different planet.

Please do :)

twitter: @kyl33t
Re: A Dream Job in Video Production - literally
by Mark A. Stuart
An edit-only job with no remote shooting. Don't think those exist in these parts!

Mark A. Stuart
Madison, Wisconsin
Re: A Dream Job in Video Production - literally
by Tim Wilson
Y'know, a lot of that job is actually being done by longtime COW member Timothy Allen. He's now at the National Institute of Aerospace, but for many years was based out of the Johnson Space Center doing a wide variety of educational programming.

From his official NASA bio:

Timothy Allen serves as Marketing Communications Manager for the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). A multiple Telly and regional Emmy award winner, Tim has more than 18 years of experience producing hundreds of broadcast and corporate projects for a wide array of Fortune 500 clients as well as every major broadcast television network. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Tim is also an accomplished studio musician who plays more than a dozen instruments.

Over the past decade, he has produced, directed and/or edited many of NASA's most recognized and award-winning television and multimedia programs, including NASA Brain Bites, Space Flight Awareness Videos, Mission Feature Packages for NASA's Space Shuttle and Space Station programs, NASA Connect, World Space Congress, and Astronaut Recruitment PSAs.

Tim currently produces the Innovation Now radio program as well as NASA 360.

They left out that, before all that, he spent a year as a video editor at NASA's Langley Research Center.

And he owes it all to the COW! Not really. But he's been around here from the very beginning.

Not any space travel for him, alas, but somehow I think that you could find a way to pull it off.

Dream jobs can be a lot closer than you think.

Tim Wilson
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief
Creative COW Magazine
Twitter: timdoubleyou

The typos here are most likely because I'm, a) typing this on my phone; and b) an idiot.
@Tim Wilson
by Kylee Peña
HA! That's awesome! I figured that among all these organizations existed some kinds of in-house media creators, so the space travel part of it is the part that makes it a true dream (and kind of a deal breaker).

I mean, I really need to go to the moon and shoot some stuff. Plus I could produce a series of articles for the COW about how DSLRs function in the vacuum of space. So useful!

twitter: @kyl33t

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