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FCP X BG Downloadable Effects Archive

Here is a collection of custom FcpX effects that I have created.

I hope to keep this blog up-to-date with all the current versions of each preset. Thanks to Jeremy Garchow for the suggestion of using a blog page so I can keep it all better organised..


BG PIP(e)Dream
BG Colour Grading Tools V2 >> UPDATED to Fix Lion issues
BG Custom Angle Wipes
BG Editors Bag of Tricks
BG Pixel Blaster
BG On the Straight and Narrow
BG you into Lace? (deinterlace filter)
BG A little mood Lighting please?
BG At the Movies
BG You're on the Panel
BG Out of the Archives
BG The Sky's the Limit
BG Flicker not Flickr
BG I've got the Power...Window
BG All Washed Up
BG Shady Beginnings
BG Identidy Crisis
BG Basic Picture Zoomer
BG Simple Vignette
BG Old School TV Scanline Effect

Adjustment Layers:

BG What's in the Broadcast Safe? >> NEW
BG I don't get the Point
BG Pane in the Arts
BG The Diffuser
BG Global Domination
BG You gotta Flare for it
BG Design Lines
BG Best Laid Plans
BG Simple Widescreen Mask


BG Textual Healing
BG The Tab stops here


BG Fash Dance
BG You've been Spiked
BG Twist and Shout
BG In the Blink of an Eye
BG Just Push It


BG Frame of Thought
BG Just Strobe it!
BG Just go with the Flow
BG Left feeling Boxed in?
BG 3D or not 3D That is the Question
BG Basic Subtitle Tool

Color Board Grading Presets:

BG Color Board Preset Pack 3: End of a Golden Era? >> NEW
BG Color Board Preset Pack 2: Singing the (NLE) Blues
BG Color Board Preset Pack 1

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