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Full screen video game via split screen and passive 3D glasses

Taking a break from the rhetoric, I thought this was kind of fun:


Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Jul 17, 2011 at 1:36:41 pm 3D, VideoGames

Are you ready for some 8K?

Sharp and the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation are:

Broadcasting scheduled for the year 2020.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on May 23, 2011 at 10:29:04 amComments (4) HD, Displays

A few words of warning for the EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro users.


It has now come up a few times on the FCP forum here at the cow, that the E1 Log and Transfer plug in is a bit faulty when it comes time to restore or move a Canon project to different machines and hard drives.

Cow user Jesse Hicks pointed it out and Ken Lowrie posted a potential work around here:

Basically, the log and transfer plug in will not restore a project if the file path has changed from the point of the original log and transfer. The E1 plugin can't recognize the clip and volume names through log and transfer, especially if you have renamed/logged the clips in the L&T window to something useful. Upon trying to restore the project, you will get a warning like this:

No amount of adding the volumes, searching for media or anything will allow the L&T plug in to recognize the media if it has moved. Only the original file path will allow to restore a connection to the original Canon media. For those of you who work on one hard drive and one computer all the time, then you have nothing to fear, carry on. But for those us who work on multiple machines/hard drives, multiple locations and generally move things around, please read forward. Here's some potential situations where this might come to bite you:

-If you need to move your Canon DSLR project to another machine and you don't want to move all of the resulting ProRes files, you will not be able to relog and transfer the footage. That is to say, if you start the log and transfer process in the field on one computer or hard drive, then send it to another machine back in the studio to another hard drive, you will not be able to relog and transfer the logged footage from the original project.

-If you have already finished and archived a project, and need to go back to it (and you didn't save the log and transferred ProRes files in your archive) you won't be able to relog and transfer the footage and reconnect to the original project.

-If you were planning on doing an offline/online with your DSLR footage, this is now not possible with the Log and Transfer plugin and different machines. For example, if you off-lined in ProRes Proxy and want to online in whatever flavor of ProRes on another machine with a different hard drive structure, you won't be able to.

If you notice Ken Lowrie's instructions from the post I linked to earlier, he had to rename the volume on which the DSLR footage is sitting. While for some this might be possible, but for others this is entirely impossible. Imagine trying to relog and transfer to a SAN and had to rename the SAN! Yikes.

Another potential work around would be to use VIdeo Tool Shed's, FcpReconnect ( Using this method, you could relog and transfer the footage with default file names and be able to reconnect to whatever version you need. The trick here is that the original files and the newly log and transferred files must have same tc and reel name. The "TC" and reel names get assigned as part of the Log and Transfer process in FCP from the E1 plugin. As we all should know, Canon DSLR footage has no assigned tc when you shoot it but rather the tc is created form the date/time stamp in the THM file. Reel names are created from the folder that the original footage resides in.

I have included a picture of the bin that shows this method will work if you have not renamed the original folder structure of the Canon DSLR files:

If you have renamed the folders (which is now the reel name), you will have to rename the current folder to the one that was originally assigned upon the very first log and transfer. OR if you don't want to rename the reel to match, you could use another Video Tool Shed product called QtChange to add reel names after the log and transfer but before using FcpReconnect. After the reel and tc match between the two file sets, FcpReconnect will be able to reconnect the footage to the newly logged and transferred files regardless of the names of the files in the Finder.

Hopefully, an update to the E1 plugin will fix all of this because as of right now, it's a royal pain.

A little update for you on 1/31/2011

FcpReconnect works great (with a quick update from Bouke to get 720p59.94 working).

I had to re log and transfer a project from a coworker and the only thing available was the original project, and the camera original media in the proper file structure. The project was originally logged and transferred from a drive that was with my coworker who was on the road.

What I had to do was Log and Transfer all the footage in it's entirety with the default file names. You then export a batch list of all the offline clips in the project. FcpReconnect then analyzes the batch list and the recently logged and transferred clips. At that point you have the option to rename the media (to match the logged information) or move it and rename it. I simply renamed it. You then return to FCP and run the reconnect process. Since the names (and reels) now match, FCP connects with no issue. Pretty handy and saved a lot of manual "match by hand" work. Thank you VideoToolShed!

Another update on 2/1/2011

In one of the comments I suggested trying to use QtChange in the h264 files first. Unfortunately, this causes L&T to crash so I cannot recommend this. FcpReconnect is the way to go for restoring your offline DSLR projects that weren't coming from disk images. You can use QT change to add TC from the THM files from transcoding applications that don't support THM files. For example, if you use MPEG Streamclip to transcode your h264 files to ProRes with original file names, you can tell QtChange to use the information from the THM files to add tc. You can then use FcpReconnect provided you have entered the proper reel names for the clips. It's tough, I know, but the tools listed do work!


Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Jan 17, 2011 at 9:49:04 amComments (24) Canon DSLR, Log and Transfer

Want to see something cool?

Play with an Arri Alexa. Virtually!

Haven't had a chance to see this camera in person yet, but this little webapp will make me a bit more comfortble when I see one for the first time.

Can be used offline with an iPad as well!

Enjoy and Happy Belated New Year.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Jan 11, 2011 at 5:54:45 pm Cameras, WebApps

It's on like Tron!

December? Man, that's a long time. After coming out of a brutal Chicago Winter, I am almost ready to give up the most needed Chicago Summer of all time, if I could just see this earlier:

Already looking forward to the holidays...!

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Mar 10, 2010 at 10:45:51 am tron legacy

There are days I feel like I am running around like a monkey...

...swinging from vine to vine, and now there's TV to illustrate these feelings. There's a little snippet of many production crew jobs in the preview clip. See if you can spot yourself, a rigger, and the producer, not necessarily in the same shot. :)

Wonder what species did the editing?

Follow the following link:

Engaging and poignant, check it out if you've ever been on a shoot.

In the meantime, as the very human and wise Curtis Mayfield tells us, keep on keepin' on.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Jan 27, 2010 at 7:34:54 amComments (1) crew of monkeys

How awesome is Red Giant's Primatte Keyer Pro?

Totally awesome. Just picked up this software that runs as an fx plug but gets installed across the entire FCP suite and AE, and also can get installed for Avid if you need it. I prefer to use the AE version as the interface is a bit easier, but it works across all three none-the-less (and Premiere if you use it). Not only does it work very well, but it's actually kind of fun to use. If you are interested, you can check out a demo here:

Haven't had this much fun keying in a long time.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Jan 23, 2010 at 10:28:10 am green screen keying matte

POLL: If you had to reload your system right now. Leopard or Snow Leopard? (Now with update!)

It's getting high time that I need to start from scratch and reload my system. Things are going a bit nutty, nothing catastrophic, but it's time. It's been through 7 OS dot updates, many FCP updates, many CS 2,3, and 4 updates. Some beta stuff, some not so beta stuff, and I feel like it's just that time. Start new and do it right.

Now, we are going to get two new systems in the near future those of course will both be Snow Leopard so I feel like I should just move on up to Snow on my main machine as I will have to do this whole process again in the next month or so.

The other part of me says to stick with Leopard and wait.

What would you do?


So after Santa brought us another computer, we now had three new computers that came with Snow Leopard and one older MacPro that was on Leopard. The logical choice was to just go full bore in to the Snow. So far so good and I knock on wood a lot. Reinstalling and updating 4 computers has been tricky, but the worst is over (disk images are a true help when installing large software packages).

The new Nehalem MacPros with Snow Leopard are FAST! Check out this screen shot from some logging and transferring I was doing earlier today. Sweet.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Dec 11, 2009 at 11:46:22 amComments (12) snow leopard, update, knock on wood

Totally Rad sneak peek of P2 metadata editor. Yes, I said it. Rad!

Andreas Kiel of Spherico Film Tools and Björn Adamski of MXF4mac have been cooking up a totally awesome P2 metadata editor called P2 Flow that will now send all kinds of useful information to FCP. I have been fortunate enough to see a sneak peek of it in action and I got permission to show you all as well. I hope you are as excited about it as I am. Some caveats, this is a work in progress, some features you see may or may not make it in to the final version, this is meant as a proof of concept. This will work with the MXF Import component, or can be used independently with the 'offline' feature to which you would then use the log and transfer option, WITH ALL METADATA! That means you can now send an XML or project along with the wrapped Quicktime media to any system on or off your network and have the metadata follow the clips, and you won't need a QT Import component on all of your machines as the media will be QT movies. This also opens up a lot of possibility for us AVC-Intra users as our metadata can now be usable, transferred and updated to FCP. We can use the Log and Transfer function to transcode the AVC-I to ProRes or HQ. This is a big step forward with AVC-I and metadata in FCP. I have been constantly impressed with the work these are guys are doing to unleash the power of a truly tapeless workflow from within FCP.

If you have any questions or comments, or perhaps you have some ideas about development, you can contact Andreas (, Björn ( or myself (www.YouKnowWhereToFindMe.AtLeastYouShould). Unfortunately, I don't know price, release date, or any of that pertinent info, I was just so excited about the looks of this that I had to pass it on. What I do know is Andreas and Björn are working very hard on this.



P.S. there is no audio to this sneak peek.

Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on May 7, 2009 at 12:41:24 pmComments (2) panasonic p2, metadata, editing, fcp, mxf4mac, spherico, avci, dvcpro hd

I have never been so frustrated with FCP

...and it pains me to say it. But it is the truth and I have to call it like I see it.

The past three days I have been trying to restore an old project. It's a decently complex project with green screen, tons of cuts, P2 footage and tape footage. I have not been able to get FCP to reconnect to anything properly wihtout going through file by file. This process should have taken a day at most with the recaptures and p2 reimport, instead I am on day 3.

I usually have excellent luck with Media Manager and XMLs, but this project is truly testing my patience. Also, i am totally bummed out by it all.

All the plugins are old and I have new versions of the fxplugs now which don't translate, the P2 media is giving me fits (it comes in fine, but won't reconnect to the timeline) and the things that do relink are relinking to wrong items sometimes-but-not-all-of-the-time. ALso, there were some rendered materials that I have as self contained movies, and they are playing back improperly in FCP now. It's just a low down dirty mess.

In all fairness, this project was started two OSs ago, FCP Gods only know how many verisons of QUicktime ago, and several iterations of FCP ago. Still, i have to believe that if FCP had a better database tracking system, all I would have to do is update some plugins which I would expect and wouldn't be all that bad.

For now I suffer.

Sorry for the downer, but I had to put this down in a place where someone might relate.

Looking forward to the future.


Posted by: Jeremy Garchow on Apr 3, 2008 at 11:14:34 amComments (7) technology, final cut pro, future the

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