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New FCP plugin for canon 7d / 5d / 60d / 1d /

Canon recently updated their eos plugin for final cut pro to give it much better metadata reading capabilities. Now you have access to the Av, Tv, ISO, Lens, Focal Length, Camera Model name Camera Serial Number, and it give REAL timecode based off the cameras internal clock.
They also say that it should be much faster on multi-core Macs! The one weird thing is that they haven’t mentioned anything about it being usable with the lower end cameras such as the t2i, but if you have one you can always follow this link to enable the plugin to work with your camera.

To get the new EOS Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro click here.

Posted by: Ross Daly on Nov 10, 2010 at 5:55:02 pm final cut pro, dslr

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