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FINALLY, a reason to use a quicktime reference movie!

I’ve known about reference movies for a long time, but I have never had the opportunity to use one before today. I am working on a project that is roughly 2k x 1k and uses a still sequence from cinema 4d. Final cut doesn’t really play very well with image sequences, so I used quicktime 7 to import the image sequence and export a reference movie. I saved a TON of disk space, and a fair bit of image quality as well, seeing as it doesn’t have any additional compression on it.

For the unaquainted: reference movies are basically a pointer that tells quicktime “hey go play from this file to this file” without actually copying the original source. If I were to share the ref movie without the source, then it would be useless. That is the reason why I have never wound a use for them before – they are easy to break, and it is usually much easier to just use the actual files.

Posted by: Ross Daly on Feb 24, 2012 at 12:16:15 pm FCPfinal cut pro
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top 4 points about the new final cut pro announcement

1) price: $299

2) release date: June

3) no interruption for rendering. everything (including transcoding) is done in the background.

4) sample level precision for audio (FINALLY!)

for more insights, check out the logs of @fcpsupermeet as he was live tweeting (via text) better than even a teenage girl during the announcement, or just look anywhere on the internet. It may just end up being big news…

Posted by: Ross Daly on Apr 12, 2011 at 8:08:21 pm FCPfinal cut pro
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Hello all, this is my little corner of "the cow"! I'm a vfx artist and I work in final cut, nuke and after effects. I love finding workflow hacks, and I'm always looking for a new keyboard shortcut! For more posts check out You Down With FCP
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