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Biscardi Creative to help launch new Science Series

Biscardi Creative Media has been selected to provide all Post Production services for a new series revolving around Science. The first run will be 15 weeks with an additional 35 weeks possible for 2009 and further expansion in 2010.

More details soon.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Mar 31, 2009 at 4:23:17 am television, editing, final cut pro

New Television Pilot Completed

Editorial has been completed on the new business television pilot developed by Biscardi Creative Media, ideaWercs and Arriving with BB Webb. BCM Principal Walter Biscardi, Jr. served as Director, Editor and Post Production Supervisor on this project.

Additional credits include Brian Mead for logo design, Aaron R. Stewart for graphics design and Brian Little for opening title design. The episode was produced in 720p HD. More details will be provided as the series moves towards full production of Season One.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Nov 28, 2008 at 4:14:31 am hd, television, entertainment, apple, final cut pro

Walter Biscardi, Jr. Directing new Television Pilot

Biscardi Creative Media principal, Walter Biscardi, Jr., will be Directing the Pilot episode of a new business television series. Being developed jointly by BCM, ideaWercs and Arriving with BB Webb, the series will feature success stories and inspiration from women in the business world.

"I'm honored to be launching this new series as the Director and have always believed that editors make great directors," notes Biscardi. "As an editor you know what you want to see and what you wish you had when cutting the show together. Knowing what will make the show better in Post helps me in making sure we get everything we need, and then some, in the studio and on location."

Production is scheduled for late October, 2008 with all editorial scheduled to be completed by early December, 2008. The series is tentatively scheduled to go into production by the 2nd quarter of 2009.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Oct 15, 2008 at 4:26:03 amComments (1) editing, television, entertainment, apple, final cut pro

Biscardi Creative Media creating original television programming

Biscardi Creative Media is creating an original lifestyle television series. Developed by BCM principal, Walter Biscardi, Jr. the series will be presented to major U.S. networks by a production partner.

The series re-unites Biscardi with actress Cynthia Evans who played the lead role in BCM's "The Rough Cut" short film, and Producer Sharon Collins who worked with Walter in the Environment Unit at CNN. The Pilot is scheduled for production in mid October 2008 with editorial slated for completion by late November 2008.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Oct 15, 2008 at 4:24:32 amComments (1) editing, television, apple, final cut pro

Wireless HD to your TV

Sony and Samsung announce a wireless HD signal that would send HD signals to multiple TV's in your home from a single box. But Sony is also involved in another effort to achieve the same goal. Wonder if the signals will ever been good enough for smaller Post houses like mine to send signals wirelessly to our production monitors. that would be pretty cool actually!

Posted by: walter biscardi on Jul 23, 2008 at 8:10:27 am hd, television, entertainment, technology

Biscardi NAB 2007 Diary - 4/13/07 4:30pm

We've arrived in Sunny Las Vegas! Checked in to the fabulous Flamingo hotel which we really used to enjoy for the penquins in the outdoor habitat, but they checked out last year so it's not quite the same. Still gotta love staying in the "original" strip hotel that started it all.

As you can see from the photo we're staying in the top of the line penthouse suite with a classic Strip view, only the best for Cow members! Laughing

Tonight will be a little rest and relaxation as we'll be taking in the Jay Leno show at the Mirage and then tomorrow it's straight over to North Hall to get my Speaker Badge.

I'm really looking forward to this show to see what Apple really has to announce for us on Sunday and then see how that stacks up with Adobe's impressive return to the Mac platform. Some things I'm most interested in this year for myself are storage, color correction and special effects / plug-ins. Though I'm going to be quite busy working this year, I hope to be able to at least get out and see what everybody is offering in these areas.

I'll give you guys daily updates (hopefully multiple updates per day) and be sure to watch out for my inaugural "All Things Apple" Podcast on Sunday shortly after Apple's event!

Ta ta for now!


Ok, it's NAB time and I've been receiving quite a few of those "MUST SEE" emails touting everything from Apple to Avid to everything in between. Today I received what has to be the dumbest PR I've ever gotten from someone who teaches Avid. I'm guessing this person doubles as a Porn Spammer on the side because it has all the qualities of the endless junk email I receive. Well, here, you can judge for yourself.

I guess Avid is going all out this year to woo Final Cut Pro users, I wonder what the "private session" will be like. Swedish massage? Body oils? Lap Dance? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my Numero Uno for worst NAB PR, and the award goes to Avid!

Posted by: walter biscardi on Mar 30, 2007 at 2:55:54 pmComments (18) avid, television, apple, nab, technology, final cut pro

Yes, this is the Animation Process

So as many of you know, in addition to being an editor and owner of Biscardi Creative Media, I'm also the animator for the Food Network's Good Eats. As such, most of our animations are based on food or food history. Now generally I rely on clip art / artwork books, websites like and along with my own photographs of headshots and hands to pull together the necessary elements for the script. But there are times when you just have to take matters into your own hands.

Take our latest animation for example, it referenced a very specific cake, one I had never heard of before and of course I could find no royalty free images of this thing. All the cakes baked for the episode had been devoured already (of course nobody called me for a taste!) so I couldn't get a photo of one of those. So what do you do? You get the researcher to send the recipe, take some pans and flour and get baking! Well, ok, what I really did was ask my wife if she would take out some pans and flour and get baking because I was snowed under with deadlines. My wife is wonderful and agreed to make this sinfully delicious cake.

After a night in the fridge, I was able to assist (and very ably mind you) with the frosting which was the sweetest, most delicious frosting I have ever tasted. Sugar, Heavy Cream and Vanilla. Wooooo, heaven! So for all of you considering a career in graphic design and / or animation, be sure to include some culinary classes as part of your training. You never know what skills you'll need to complete your projects!

Note the style and grace in how I apply the frosting. 4 years of college and 17 years of production experience paying off BIG TIME!

The finished product ready for its close-up which you'll see in an upcoming Good Eats episode about Milk.

Posted by: walter biscardi on Mar 28, 2007 at 7:53:16 pmComments (3) after effects, hd, television, entertainment, apple

Ready for my "Good Eats" closeup

At long last, my Creative Genius will be unleased on national television. I will be appearing as the Negative Guy in a scene to be shot Friday, March 8, 2007 for an uncoming episode of Good Eats on the Food Network. The scene will actually be a family affair as my mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law are all in the scene with me along with my current edit assistant, Aaron.

It should be a lot of fun and hopefully I'll have some photos to post in the next few days. Can't tell you the episode details yet, but as soon as I'm permitted, I'll fill you all in!

Posted by: walter biscardi on Mar 9, 2007 at 6:21:49 amComments (7) hd, television, entertainment, family

Professional Video Editor, Producer, Creative Director, Director since 1990.

Credits include multiple Emmys, Tellys, Aurora and CableAce Awards.

Creative Director for Georgia-Pacific and GP Studios, Atlanta. Former Owner / Operator of Biscardi Creative Media. The show you knew us best for was "Good Eats" on the Food Network. I developed the HD Post workflow and we also created all the animations for the series.

Favorite pastime is cooking with pizza on the grill one of my specialties. Each Christmas Eve we serve the Feast of the Seven Fishes, a traditional Italian seafood meal with approx. 30 items on the menu.

If I wasn't in video production I would either own a restaurant or a movie theater.



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