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The Walking Dead Ep 715 "Something They Need" - Review

This is We Talk Dead from The HMC! Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe review The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 715 "Something They Need".

The season 7 finale of The Walking Dead is quickly upon us - No! This week in Ep 715 "Something they Need", Tara leads the Rick and the gang to the Ocean to meet the ladies with all the guns and we also meet some of the coolest Walkers ever - Barnacle Beach Walkers! Gregory proves even more useless than we thought when he can't manage to kill a Walker and must be saved by pregnant Maggie (#maggie2020). But it doesn't look like he's gonna take her help so graciously, plots of betrayal are hatched. Over at the Savior's compound we find Sasha locked up in Daryl's "Easy Street" cell about to be raped when she is saved by Negan - what! Not so fast, he has plans for her. It seems Eugene also has plans, to stay a total coward.

Listen up for all our thoughts and predications for the finale. And as always, visit for more episodes of We Talk Dead, movie reviews, Game reviews and more.

The Walking Dead Ep 712 "Say Yes" - Review

Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe review The Walking Dead Episode 712 "Say Yes" for the HMC's weekly We Talk Dead podcast.

Rick and Michonne go on a vacation in search of batteries, guns and sex. On their extended travels they discover an old carnival stock full of supplies and soldiers, for some unexplained reason. Those Walker soldiers have the guns they need however they have to get to them first. But this is no problem for our heroes, right? They seem to think so taking a momentary respite from the pain and suffering of their reality, the two flirt it up like a couple on their honeymoon. Of course, that doesn't last long. In true Walking Dead style, they face some close calls that lead to a moment of panic wondering if Rick has finally been defeated. They can't kill Rick, right?

Justice for this episode as it delivers on some great zombie action reminding us why started watching The Walking Dead in the first place.

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The Walking Dead Ep 711 "Calamities and Hostiles" - Review

This week on The Harold & Maudecast's weekly podcast, We Talk Dead, Sarah and Jake review and recap of The Walking Dead episode 711 "Hostiles and Calamities".

Leaving off where Daryl escaped from the Saviors compound, Eugene is welcomed to his new home by Negan and quickly finds a way to utilize his smarty pants. We meet some more of Negan's wives who learn how to play Yar's Revenge -- who knew the zombie apocalypse had Atari! We also dive into Dwight's past and find out that Negan, brutal and handsome he may be, not so smart as he throws away the compounds only healthcare option.

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Walking Dead Ep 710 "New Best Friends" Review

We Talk Dead
Hosted by Sarah Mason & Jake Essoe
Review - The Walking Dead Episode 710 "New Best Friends"

This week on We Talk Dead, a review and recap of The Walking Dead ep 710 "New Best Friends". Is this the Walking Dead or Resident Evil? Is this the Walking Dead or Road Warrior? Yeah, we're asking the same questions. Rick and the gang find themselves in a landfill with some new best friends and Wilson, the spiked up, armored Walker that Rick is forced to fight. Meanwhile back in The Kingdom, Daryl defends Carol, then reunites with his pal, Morgan loses his big stick, and Gabriel finds his balls - who knew he had them!

Visit for more We Talk Dead episodes, videos, podcasts, con coverage & more.

The Walking Dead Ep 709 "Rock in the Road" - Review

The Walking Dead is back! So is The HMC with our weekly series, We Talk Dead. This week we review the midseason premiere, Episode 9, Rock in the Road.

Rick and the gang are back and they are recruiting! It's gonna take more than just the gang at Alexandria to take on Negan and the Saviors. Roll call, Alexandria, Hilltop, maybe/hopefully The Kingdom, and it looks like a brand new group based on the "You've got to be effin kidding me" look on Rick's face at the end of this episode when they're surrounded by a new group. No sign of Negan, part from a radio appearance, but buckle up folks, we are in for a rocky and drawn out finale to Season 7.

Visit for more We Talk Dead, tv, movie reviews, videos and more cool stuff.

HMC's Walking Dead Midseason Finale Review "Boots on the Ground"

In this week's episode of The Harold & Maudecast's We Talk Dead, a review of The Walking Dead midseason finale, Episode 708 "Hearts Still Beating".

Happy now TWD Fans? We told you to look on the bright side cause things always get better. There's a lot to talk about in the midseason finale of The Walking Dead; Rick and Aaron go kayaking with Walkers, Carl and Olivia sit down to spaghetti dinner with Negan, Spencer plays pool with Negan (spoiler alert, Negan wins), Michonne discovers the scope of the Saviors lair, The Kingdom's Richard tries to recruit Morgan and Carol to strike first at the Saviors, Maggie tells Gregory what's up, Rosita and Eugene find out how useless that single bullet was and we are introduced to the mysterious character "Boots on the Ground. In the end, sadness, yes, but also hope and hugs. It's a good one.

Bonus! We Harold & Maudecast it up with a recap of the Smash Brothers tournament & some upcoming December movie previews!

Take a listen and visit for more episodes of We Talk Dead recaps & reviews, game reviews, movie reviews and lots more fun stuff for fans.

The Walking Dead Ep 706 "Swear" Review

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead from The HMC, we recap The Walking Dead, Ep 706 "Swear". Tara is back, and so is Heath, we hope. We find Tara passed out on the shoreline of Paradise Island Zombie Apocalypse style, where she is semi-rescued by a mysterious colony of women who have been hoarding lots of guns, camo-wear and secrets. Will Tara stay and learn to love fish? Will she tell their secrets? Will we ever find out what happened to Heath? All in good time fans. Take a listen to our review as we break down the episode.

Visit for more We Talk Dead episodes, movie reviews and more podcasts.

The Walking Dead Ep 705 "Go Getters" Review

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead, we recap The Walking Dead, Ep 705 "Go Getters". Maggie is alive and well at The Hilltop along with Sasha and Jesus is there! Gregory makes nice nice with the Saviors even after they unleash a Walker party on them. Carl and Enid go rollerskating - cause it's a sunshine day. And... a case of really nice scotch ends up on its way to Negan, along with a couple stow aways.

The Walking Dead Ep 704 "Service" Review

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead, The Harold & Maudecast's weekly The Walking Dead recap, we discuss Ep 704 "Service". Began pays a visit to Alexandria and it is AWKWARD. Rick and the gang are grappling with their new reality under the new regime of Negan's World. Rick and Daryl are reunited briefly, but it's not all xoxo's. Michonne works on her sharp shooter skills, or lack thereof, and Carl unleashes his anti establishment protest sentiments to the saviors.
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The Walking Dead Ep 701 "The Well" Review

The HMC's We Talk Dead recap's The Walking Dead, Ep 702 "The Well".
Introducing...King Ezekiel and Shiva! At long last we meet the King and see his Kingdom. Morgan and Carol find their way around in their very different styles; Morgan, becoming Mr. Miyagi to a young would be Staff Master, Carol, pretending to bake sunshine cookies whilst snarking on everyone behind their back and plotting her exit plan.

We find out that The Kingdom has encountered Negan's crew and that King Ezekiel has a secret back story he shares only with Carol.

Take a listen to our full review & recap! Visit for more great podcasts and fan favorite fodder!

Posted by: Sarah Mason on Nov 28, 2016 at 3:07:09 pm the walking dead, tv reviews, walking dead ep 702, twd

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Review

So who did Negan kill? If you've seen the episode, or been online, you probably know. "We Talk Dead" from The HMC returns with The Walking Dead Season 7 weekly reviews and recaps to help you process and work through the pain.

Greg Nicotero, Special Effects genius and exec producer, The Walking Dead, Directs this episode which takes us on a brutal and emotionally draining ride that surpasses all the pain and gore that's gone before--Oh yes, it can get worse. We discuss and give our critical analysis of The Walking Dead, Ep 701 "The Day Will Come When You Won' t Be".

Follow us at for more episodes of The Harold & Maudecast and We Talk Dead and more.

We're on Easy Street - TWD Recap Ep 703 "The Cell"

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead, we recap The Walking Dead, Season 7, Ep 703 "The Cell".

If you think Daryl's on Easy Street, listen to that song 50 more times and eat dog food while crouched naked in a dark cell by yourself. Oh yeah. We find our beloved Daryl Dixon at Negan's compound at the mercy of Dwight, who is tasked with breaking him into a loyal Negan warrior. He's got three options, 1) Work for Negan as a Walker fenced in on a spike, 2) Work for points wrangling walkers 3) Bend the knee and lose his identity but gain a warm bed, clothes and human food. What shall he choose? It is Daryl #neverbroken

We get into Dwight's back story in this episode and also see the dynamic between him and Negan--looks like a potential rebellion is brewing. Dwight and Daryl 2020 ?

Listen up for our full recap. And visit for more episodes of We Talk Dead and all our podcasts and cool stuff.

A Town Called Malice
by The Jam
Released 29 January 1982
Recorded 1981
Label Polydor (UK)[1]
Writer(s) Paul Weller[1]
Producer(s) Peter Wilson and The Jam[2]

Easy Street
by The Collapsable Hearts Club ft. Jim Biano & Petra Haden

Posted by: Sarah Mason on Nov 28, 2016 at 3:04:03 pm the walking dead, tv reviews, walking dead ep 703

EP 263: PeePee City

Recovered from the Season 6 Finale of The Walking Dead yet? Didn't think so. We share your need for continuing therapy, stayin up nights thinking of ways Superman or other members of the Justice League could have swooped in and taken care of Negan for us all. Oh well #multiverse.

We recap the episode, talk season 7 and bonus - our quickie review of The Green Inferno.

Posted by: Sarah Mason on Apr 9, 2016 at 9:45:03 am The Walking Dead, Negan, Green Inferno

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