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Now on VOD - Star Trek Beyond - Now Streaming Review 8.5/10

This week on the Harold & Maudecast's Now Streaming Reviews, STAR TREK BEYOND! It premiered at Comic Con in July 2016 and has just been released on DVD and is Now Streaming on Amazon and other VOD services.

This time around, James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew of the enterprise head into uncharted space on a rescue mission to help an alien ship that has been attacked by an unknown foe. After discovering there is no ship to rescue, they quickly find themselves under attack by a new enemy, Krall (Idris Elba) and his army who capture the crew, destroy the ship, and leave Jim and the gang dispersed and defenseless on an alien planet. As Jim tries to save his crew members, Krall plots to destroy the Federation. It's up to our heroes to stop him.

START TREK BEYOND, is an action packed, visually exciting, fun thrill ride. All the returning Enterprise crew members are back including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Jon Cho and Anton Yelchin. New to space in addition to Idris Elba brilliantly playing bad guy Krall is Sofia Boutella (KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE) as alien baddass, Jaylah. Sweet tributes to Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy who both passed in 2016. Much justice for STAR TREK BEYOND. This 3rd installment of the JJ Abrahams reboot is helmed by Justin Lin (Fast Furious franchise) and written by Simon Pegg (aka Scotty) and Doug Jung (CONFIDENCE). The new direction and writing makes an enormous impact on the blueprint of the film, sending us into uncharted territory with this franchise. Witty, fresh, and captivating from beginning to end, STAR TREK BEYOND is definitely worth the Stream. 8.5/10

Posted by: Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe on Dec 16, 2016 at 3:43:08 pm movie reviews, star trek, Star Trek Beyond

HMC's Walking Dead Midseason Finale Review "Boots on the Ground"

In this week's episode of The Harold & Maudecast's We Talk Dead, a review of The Walking Dead midseason finale, Episode 708 "Hearts Still Beating".

Happy now TWD Fans? We told you to look on the bright side cause things always get better. There's a lot to talk about in the midseason finale of The Walking Dead; Rick and Aaron go kayaking with Walkers, Carl and Olivia sit down to spaghetti dinner with Negan, Spencer plays pool with Negan (spoiler alert, Negan wins), Michonne discovers the scope of the Saviors lair, The Kingdom's Richard tries to recruit Morgan and Carol to strike first at the Saviors, Maggie tells Gregory what's up, Rosita and Eugene find out how useless that single bullet was and we are introduced to the mysterious character "Boots on the Ground. In the end, sadness, yes, but also hope and hugs. It's a good one.

Bonus! We Harold & Maudecast it up with a recap of the Smash Brothers tournament & some upcoming December movie previews!

Take a listen and visit for more episodes of We Talk Dead recaps & reviews, game reviews, movie reviews and lots more fun stuff for fans.

HMC Ep 285 - Westworld Season Finale Review

Hello Fans! This week on The Harold & Maudecast Weekly we review the season finale of HBO's Westworld -- all has been revealed, and we are even more confused than ever before. Never fear! We are here to help you pull out all the tangles in the ever-evolving timeline of Westworld.

Also this week on Now Streaming Reviews, STAR TREK BEYOND! It premiered at Comic Con in July 2016 and has just been released on DVD and is Now Streaming on Amazon and other VOD services. Much justice for STAR TREK BEYOND. Listen to our review to find out why, and how much!

For more reviews and podcasts go to

Posted by: Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe on Dec 16, 2016 at 3:38:39 pm tv reviews, westworld, hbo

The Walking Dead Ep 707 "Sing Me a Song" Review

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead on the HMC we review The Walking Dead Season 7, Ep 707 "Sing Me a Song".

After Jesus tucks and rolls out of the moving truck, Carl stays on board to venture behind enemy lines into the Saviors compound. After some some savior ass kicking, he is greeted by his ol pal Negan. Unfortunately the giant factory he's about to tour ain't Wonkaland and he gets a lot more than he bargained for -- and we get a song (thanks Carl, you are our Sunshine too). Meanwhile back at Alexandria, Rick and Aaron have gone out foraging for Negan's tribute, Rosita browbeats Eugene into making her a single bullet, Gabriel shows his loyalty to Rick as Spencer tries to recruit him for a coup and Michonne is busy building a walker road block to trap a savior. Lots going on to the lead up of the midseason finale including getting to see Carl's empty eye socket and Negan cradle Judith on the porch. Will Rick and the Gang ever be able to beat Negan? Will we ever get to see that cool tiger again? Will the gang ever be back together!? Listen up and stay tuned for our midseason finale coverage.

For more episodes of We Talk Dead and other podcasts visit

the walking deadep 707sing me a songcarlneganthe saviorswalking dead season 7
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'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham

This episode of Confessions of a Basement Dweller hosted by Jake Essoe, 'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham.

In Episode 4, Penguin has taken control of Wayne Enterprises, and the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane has a new guest - you - Bruce Wayne. With the Batman removed from the streets of Gotham City, Harvey Dent's forces and the Children of Arkham are at war, with innocent citizens caught in the crossfire. To escape the 'comforts' of your padded cell, you must choose allies to aid in your escape, even if they aren't the sort to put a smile on your face. How far are you willing to go for justice? For vengeance? What now, Dark Knight?

BATMAN - The Telltale Series Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham is rated M (Mature) for Violence, Blood and Gore, Language, and Use of Drugs by the ESRB. The series is published by Telltale Games in partnership with Warner Bros.

Visit for more Game Reviews, Movie Reviews, and Entertainment podcasts

telltalebatmanguardian of gothamtelltale batman ep game reviewssony playstationps4

Jackie - Movie Review

ACKIE is an immersive and intimate portrait of the immediate aftermath following the assassination of JFK as seen through the eyes of First Lady, Jackie Kennedy. The film stars NATALIE PORTMAN in the title role, PETER SARSGAARD as Bobby Kennedy, GRETA GERWIG as Nancy Tuckerman who was the Social Security to the Kennedy White House, Billy Crudup as The Journalist and John Hurt as The Priest.

The film is Directed by Pablo LARRAÍN, Written by Noah Oppenheim and Produced by Juan de Dios LARRAÍN, Darren ARONOFSKY, Mickey LIDDELL, Scott FRANKLIN, Ari HANDEL. Distributed by Fox Searchlight.

JACKIE hits theaters December 2, 2016.

You can read Sarah Mason's full review of JACKIE at

MOANA - Movie Review

This week on The HMC's Now Playing Reviews, MOANA, the latest animated film from Disney Pixar studios, is set in Ancient Polynesia where a young girl, Moana (Auli'i Cravalho) embarks on a great quest to return a stone, The Heart of the Ocean, to its rightful owner restoring life to the island where her people live. Aiding her on her quest, Maui (Dwayne Johnson), a demo-God who thrust them into this fine mess by stealing The Heart of the Ocean, must recover his mystical hook to regain his shape shifting powers and redeem himself.

The cast is rounded out by some veteran New Zealand actors including Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and the amazing Rachel House (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) as Gramma Tala.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) co-wrote the original songs along with Opetaia Foa'i, original score and songs by Mark Mancina.

Despite the films stunning visuals and many fun moments (Look for Jemaine as a giant singing crab), the story itself has a dragging second act and too many unexplained anecdotes--Most notably; when Moana and Maui are attacked by a giant ship filled with coconut pirates who also want to recover The Heart of the Ocean in Moana's possession. It's one of the coolest sequences in the film from a visual perspective, but completely out of left field and these coconut pirates, though super fun, are never given an origin story or explanation as to why they too our pursuing the stone.

Though it may not secure its position in the Pixar hall of fame, by our measure, MOANA is fun and entertaining and visually fantastic. And bonus! The Rock sings, can this guy do literally everything???

Justice for MOANA, it gets a 8.3/10 on the Justice & Doom Movie Meter 8.3/10

The Walking Dead Ep 706 "Swear" Review

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead from The HMC, we recap The Walking Dead, Ep 706 "Swear". Tara is back, and so is Heath, we hope. We find Tara passed out on the shoreline of Paradise Island Zombie Apocalypse style, where she is semi-rescued by a mysterious colony of women who have been hoarding lots of guns, camo-wear and secrets. Will Tara stay and learn to love fish? Will she tell their secrets? Will we ever find out what happened to Heath? All in good time fans. Take a listen to our review as we break down the episode.

Visit for more We Talk Dead episodes, movie reviews and more podcasts.

The Walking Dead Ep 705 "Go Getters" Review

On this week's episode of We Talk Dead, we recap The Walking Dead, Ep 705 "Go Getters". Maggie is alive and well at The Hilltop along with Sasha and Jesus is there! Gregory makes nice nice with the Saviors even after they unleash a Walker party on them. Carl and Enid go rollerskating - cause it's a sunshine day. And... a case of really nice scotch ends up on its way to Negan, along with a couple stow aways.

Westworld Episode 9 Review

This week on The Harold & Maudecast we review HBO's sci-fi/western/drama, Westworld Ep 9, Season 1. Much is revealed in this lead up to next Sunday's Season 1 Finale. We find out who Arnold really is, Maeve struts her muscle, Ford, is he the great and powerful that he thinks he is? Deloros finds her way home, the Man in Black finds his way closer to the maze, and Teddy dies again. Poor Teddy.

Posted by: Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe on Nov 28, 2016 at 3:11:44 pm westworld, hbo, tv reviews

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