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Was it Tiger Woods returning or a Toyota Prius not stopping that was the hottest news for us TV folk? Nope, it was a firmware update to a camera!


Never has there been so much anticipation for an event. No, not any of the above, early this morning UK time, Canon released the long awaited, trailed, debated and analysed firmware update for the Canon 5DmkII. The servers at Twitter must have only just cooled down from the endless tweets from people posting the news.

Canon Firmware Update 2.0.3

Lack of 29.97, 25 and 24 FPS was the big argument from people who were uncomfortable/stubborn/afraid of the idea of shooting HD on something so small and cheap. No manual adjustment of audio was also stopping some. The new firmware now allows all these rates and manual adjustment of audio with a few other new things thrown in too.

So where am I going with this post? Well I'd like to make two points.

1) DSLR's shooting HD is here to stay, like it or not and some people really do not like them. These cameras can only get better and better

2) The Scarlet from RED faces an huge uphill struggle selling against cameras like the 5D. Have they lost the race already? Is every 5D owner a potential Scarlet sale missed? VHS verses Beta again?

I am really looking forward to looking backwards in ten years time to see if this set of cameras by Canon (and Nikon) really did revolutionise the television industry.


Posted by: Peter Wiggins on Mar 16, 2010 at 10:57:22 amComments (2) canon 5d mkii, dslr, fcp, 5d camera, hddslr, 1080p

Confirmed, broadcasting as we know it is dying.


I think we have all known for a while that broadcasting as we know it is dying. People now have many ways to access media these days, catch-up on demand services, streaming on websites etc etc. However for me last night this was well and truly proved when I was watching an instructional video on YouTube on how to do complicated things on YouTube.

What was so earth shattering about that I hear you say?

It was written, presented & uploaded by an eight year old.


Posted by: Peter Wiggins on Mar 15, 2010 at 10:15:51 amComments (1) youtube, video, social media, broadcast

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