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NAB 2016: KeyFlow Pro, affordable asset management

Keyflow Pro is one of those obvious piece of software you wish always existed. It's seems so obvious and easy to use that you feels like you've been using it forever.

Keyflow Pro is a personnal asset manager with great scalability. It's interface looks like a mix between iTunes and Final Cut Pro X. It enables anybody with access to a media pool to import, classify, annotate, export and share media assets. It can manage video, images, PDF or any documents.

It can open anything accessible through AV Foundation, FFMPEG and RED plugins. It can also export quickly to easily accessible proxy media.

KeyFlow can also export FCP7, FCPX and Premiere Pro projects/XML. Other user can also benefit from it CSV export capabilities.

Since it's available in the App Store, it's available to any number of employees using the company's Apple ID. Theyr can then create independant libraries and albums that they can share through KeyFLow's own user system.

It is now available for 199$ for a limited time (299$ after NAB)

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Posted by: Mathieu Marano on Apr 25, 2016 at 1:43:27 pmComments (1) asset management, keyflow

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